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The Next Attack by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 12 : Tuesday
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Chapter 12

Mrs Lang’s home for girls was a very gloomy place, it was right on the sea front and a harsh wind whipped round it, threatening to drag it down the Cliffside into the sea. Mad-eye, Remus and Harry, apparated 500 yards down the road from the front door.

“Isn’t this a bit close?” asked Harry

“No, it’s not a private residence so you don’t need to distance yourself too far from it when apparating to it.” Said Remus matter-of-factly.

“Shall we go then?” growled Mad-eye

They walked down the deserted street, and up the pathway to the front door of the Wizarding orphanage. At a gesture from Mad-eye, Harry knocked on the door, and a short blonde girl who looked to be about fifteen soon answered it.

“Can I help?” she asked curiously

“I need to speak to someone, I’m inquiring about a child.”

“Come in out of the cold, you can sit on the chairs in the hallway, I’ll go get a care-witch.” She opened the door wider and let them inside to sit down on the three chairs tat had appeared in an alcove in the wall. “Terri!” the girl called. “Terri, there’s someone here to see you!” she walked up the stairs and continued calling for ‘Terri’ next thing they knew a tall dark haired woman was walking down the stairs.

“Good afternoon, how can I be of service?”

“I’ve come to inquire about a child that was left here some time ago.” Said Harry.

“If you could come into my office.” Said the woman gesturing down the hallway. The three of them rose from their seats and followed her down the hall, into a small, tidy room. They all sat down in the chairs provided. “Now how can I help you?”

“I’m here to inquire about a child that was left here some time ago.”

“How long ago precisely?”

“Just over fifteen years.”

“That long, they’ll probably have moved on by now, we don’t usually have them that long, we try and move them on as quickly as possible, makes them feel as though they haven’t been forgotten you see.” She paused and looked at Harry “So who are you looking for Mr Potter?”

It didn’t shock Harry that she knew who she was, but he sat up a little straighter all the same.

“I’m looking for a girl called Willow.”

“And why would you be looking for her?”

“She’s my sister.”

“Sister, Mr Potter? Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, miss…?”

“Mrs Andrews”

“Mrs Andrews. I would like to know where my sister is, it is as you will understand a matter of great importance. I am sure you will agree we have been separated long enough.”

“I suppose, but I’m not sure if our records go back that far. We certainly don’t have anyone called Willow here anymore, I can assure you of that.”

“Well than I suggest you look at your records and find out where she went.” Growled Moody

“Of course, I’ll be back in a moment.” She said and got up going into a side room, presumably where all the paperwork was stored.

“She’s either new, or she knows exactly where she is and won’t tell us.” Said Remus with a sigh. “It’s been the same every single time. I’ve come.”

“Well this time, none of us are leaving until I know where she is, be it Malfoy Manor, or Africa, I am going to find her.”

“Well, I’ve found her record.” Said Mrs Andrews coming back into the room.

“And?” asked Harry impatiently.

“She was adopted, here have a look at the file.” She passed it over to Harry, who looked at it. At the top of the form were boxes for the ‘Forenames’ which read Willow Lillian and next to it a box for ‘Adoptive parents’ which read Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.

“Malfoy, she was the six year old the Malfoy’s adopted ten years ago wasn’t she.”

“Yes, poor girl, she’s never left the grounds, doubt they even treat her like a daughter, probably used as a servant, I wouldn’t have sent her away, but I wasn’t in charge ten years ago, and the orphanage was offered a large sum of money for relieving a weight from the husband’s mind, his wife felt so distraught that she couldn’t have another child, so he found them a daughter, apparently he spent a long time looking for one with enough spirit to be able to play fight with his son. They brought him along one time, horrible child he was, only seven and he was a right little toerag. But Lucius Malfoy’s in Prison now, and the Son is in charge of the house, his mother is ill and she can’t go anywhere, so it’s all up to him, he’s in charge.” She looked up from the moving photo on her desk. “Sorry about that, caught up in memories I was. Would you like to see a picture?”

“Yes please.”

“We got one to update the file just before she left,” she flicked through the pages of it. “Here we are.” She showed them the moving picture of a slim girl with shoulder length auburn hair and hazel eyes, she looked exactly like a picture he had of his mother at that age, but with his father’s eyes, exactly the opposite of Harry, everything she had of her mother, he had of his father and the eyes were all that stopped them being carbon copies of their parents.

“Thank you, we’d better go, we have some inquiring to do.” Said Harry. “Thank you for your help.”

“Its pleasure Mr Potter, come back anytime.”

“Thank you, maybe I will.” And he left followed by Remus and Mad-eye, once outside Mad-eye bade them goodbye and went back to his house, Harry and Remus apparated back to Grimmauld place., where they sat and made plans for approaching Malfoy Manor and getting his sister back, as well as checking on Ginny the next morning. Before finally going to bed at gone midnight.


The wedding was scheduled for the end of the week and Willow found herself having her wedding dress fitted the next morning, it wasn’t fancy, but at least it was long, and didn’t show things off too much, it was made of white silk, with light green trimmings, the sleeves came down to her elbows, and were made of fine netting that flowed gently around her arms, and the sweetheart neckline was trimmed with lace. It was at that moment being shortened, to the correct length, Draco was standing in the room, overseeing the procedure.

“What are you doing?” he said suddenly, “I want it shorter, at least knee length.”

“You might, but I don’t.” Willow snapped

“I’m paying for the wedding.” He said, “So I get what I want.”

“I may not be a virgin, thanks to you, but I don’t want to look like a slut on my wedding day, even if I don’t want to get married!”

“Mid thigh then.”

“Floor, and don’t you dare make it any less, despite what he says.” She said sharply

“Fine, have it as long as you want!” he shouted and stormed out of the room.

“I’ll make it floor length then Madam.” Said the house elf

“Thank you.” Said Willow politely

Next-door Ginny was having her bride’s maid dress fitted; it was pale green with white trimmings, it had a sweet heart neckline trimmed with white lace, but shorter white net sleeves than Willow’s dress, it too was being shortened when Draco came through the door.

“How long Madam?” asked the house elf adjusting the dress.

“Floor l…”

“Knee length, no shorter.” Interrupted Draco.

“Excuse me, since when have you decided…”

“Quiet, the dress will be knee length.”


“Knee length!” he said Forcefully.

“Yes Master Malfoy” said the house elf and pinned it at Ginny’s knees before cutting it and sowing it to the right length with magic before Ginny could say another word.

“That way I don’t have to pay as much for the dress.” Ginny stood there in shock wanting to throw herself at Malfoy, but she stood there, saying nothing until Malfoy had left the room.

“All done Miss Weasley.” Squeaked the house elf.

“Thank you.” Said Ginny and walked out of the room into the one where Willow’s dress was being fitted. “Willow you look wonderful!” she said Willow stepped off the stool and onto the floor.

“Thanks, no thanks to Draco though. He tried to get the house elf to make my dress knee length, but I told him I wasn’t going to look like a slut on my wedding day even if I didn’t want to get married.”

“Good for you, unfortunately, I didn’t succeed in my argument before the house elf did as it was told and cut it off at knee length.”

“You still look good.”

“Maybe but I don’t want to be showing off my legs in front of a load of death eaters, plus the neckline of my dress is lower than yours, how did that happen?”

“I don’t know, but you look O.k., so don’t complain, at least you’re not getting married when you don’t want to.”

“Thinking about it, are you even aloud to get married?” Ginny asked “Surely you have to have parental permission because you’re not of age?”

“The Malfoys are my parents, they adopted me remember.”

“But then surely it’s incest, which isn’t allowed.” Said Ginny

“Nope, Draco and I aren’t blood relatives.”

“Oh.” Said Ginny her plans crushed

“So you’ve got no relatives at all?”

“Not that I know of.” Willow said. “But if I did, they’d be able to stop the wedding.”

A/N: Well, hoped you like it, its getting closer and closer to the climax, only five chapters left, ahhh, it will be the end of an era for me, anyways, please review, so many reads, yet so few reviews, what is going on here?!?! Lol *~ Lilly Roseanne ~*

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