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Bring Down the House by TwinkWeasly
Chapter 1 : Bring Down the House
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Jessica Waters. A girl the Slytherins would call a downright mudblood. Her mother was a pilot (what's the point of an airplane? many students asked), and her father worked for the United States Military (What's a military? others asked). She was proudly born in Bufflao, New York and had lived there all her life. When she got her letter for Hogwarts she was more excited than she had ever been in her whole life.

After she had found a seat on the train she pulled out her headphones and portable CD player out of her black sholder bag. It was covered in buttons that said everything from GC ROCKS to Level 27 to MADE. She smacked the headphones over her ears and turned on her first Good Charlotte CD on full blast. She sang along to it, not caring if anybody heard.

Right in the middle of Jessie's air drums attempt someone stepped inside. His hair was brown and spiked. The top was pink. She hung her headphones around her neck and stood up to greet him.

"Hi, I'm Jessie!" she said holding out her hand to him.
"Hi, I'm Mike." he replied with a smile.
"It's nice to meet you Mike!" Jessie said as she shot the smile back. "Do you need a seat?"
"Oh yeah, that's be great." he sat down and looked at her bag. "Do you like Good Charlotte?" he asked already knowing the answer.
"Are you kidding me? I absolutely LOVE them! Do you listen to them?"
" Yeah, but I like Linkin Park better."
"They're pretty good to. So, you must be muggle born then."
" Yep, that's me."
"Cool, where are you from?"
" San Fransisco."
"Really? I'm from Buffalo."
"New York...?"
"Oh, okay."

He looked at her CD player suspiciously, "I thought we weren't supposed to bring electronics to school."
"Oh, well that only applies to using them on the grounds, not on the train."
"Crap, that stinks. If I knew that I woulda brought mine! Um, my sisters here to. Do you mind if she sits with us?"
"No, not at all!"

Mike went out into the hall and came back a few minutes later with a girl that had white-blonde hair and red on the ends of it.
"Jess, meet Stephanie, Stephanie, meet Jess."
"Hi! It's cool to meet you!" Stephanie said.
"It's cool to meet you too!" But before they could get in any real conversation the train started to slow and they could hear the trampling of many feet stampeding into the hallway. The three of them squeezed out of their compartment and into the corridor with out bothering to put their robes on.

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