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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 5 : A memory charm and mabye a baby?
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A/N: I hope you enjoy this chapter, it's two chapters in one.

Chapter Five: A Memory Charm and Maybe a Baby?

Hermione found herself inside of a deserted class room, there was dirt everywhere, giving her the impression that it hadn't been cleaned in years. She huddled herself into a tight corner and cried into her hands. 'Why do we always have to fight with each other, does he just hate me that much, he has to say horrible things to me all the time?' She thought to herself, she stopped crying when she went over their argument in her head. "I am a sex God. The attention I'd get from bedding you would be the best kind. you would be the best conquest I've ever had." Draco had said. "EXCUSE ME" Hermione had screamed. "That's not what I meant to say..." Draco began. "I meant to say I am mad I didn't sleep with you first. No wait, that's not it either... .."
"You will never sleep with me again, I am glad you weren't my first. I know you won't be the last either. I am going to try my hardest to forget that lastnight ever happened." Hermione froze, 'No, I couldn't have said that, now he will know. I have to think of something to tell him.' She thought to herself. She stood up and began to pace she heard the door open. 'Who the hell found me up here?' She thought, she turned around and saw Draco standing there.

"What are you doing here Malfoy?" Hermione said.

"We have to talk Granger, I was sitting in my room after you left and I was thinking about our fight. You said some things that made me wonder about the night of the ball, Care to explain what you meant when you said I'll never sleep with you again, and you're going to do your best to forget that it ever happened?" He said, looking at her, he wasn't going to let her leave this time, he was standing in the doorway blocking the entrance. "Well, go on, we're not leaving here until you tell me the truth."

Hermione just looked at him, what could she say now to get herself out of this? "Malfoy, the thing is I am very upset, I didn't mean what I said." She lied. 'What if he pushes me to go on? I can't ever tell him the truth, there is just no way.' And if you're wondering if I am lying or not, I am not. I preformed a memory charm on myself after I went to my room, and the only thing I can tell you is we both fell asleep. Just like we both thought, so please can we just move on?" Hermione begged. 'He's not going to just let it go at that, I know he won't.' She thought.

Draco looked at her for the longest time, 'a memory charm? Why the hell didn't I think to do that?' He wondered. "A memory charm? Well, I guess I'll have to take your word for it then won't I Granger? After all it's been too long now to recall that memory from my own mind." He was a bit upset he hadn't thought to use one on himself, but that was over and done with now. He just had to deal with the fact that nothing happened between the two of them. "Not that I care, but what are you upset about anyhow? I mean I know I am an ass, but you of all people should be used to that by now." Draco just looked at her for the longest time, 'she's really something to look at. I just wish the blood between us was better than it is.' He thought.

Hermione couldn't believe it, she was going to get away with the lie. 'He believes me, oh my god, I have got to be the luckiest girl in the world.' "I am upset that we only have so many months left at school, people are talking about me behind my back. My two best freinds don't even realise how much danger they are going to be in soon. You're a Death Eater's son, probably one yourself, and I have to plan our whole graduation party with you and those stupid people you consider to be your friends. IF that's not enough, I am mad you're even still allowed here after the stunt you pulled last year, trying to kill Dumbledore. Fine, so Snape killed him, it doesn't change the fact that you're a big stupid prat, and I hate having to live with you, and I hate having to pretend that we're freinds for the sake of this school. Want to ask anymore stupid questions Malfoy?" Hermione was very proud of herself, she had intended to get mad at someone for all of this anger she was letting build up, but imagaine how happy she was when it happended to be Malfoy who gave her the perfect exuses to rant and rave?

"Haha, well, now that's out of your system we don't have to plan anything with my 'friends' infact, I've pretty much planned it out myself. I'll see you around Granger. Oh, and just for your information, I am not a death eater." He walked away knowing full well he hadn't planned anything for their graduation, but seeings as he just said that he had, he had some work to do. He headed off to see the HeadMistress. 'What a Ball this will be.' He told himself, thoughts were already forming in his mind.

The first week of May went by so slowly for Hermione, which in any case was good for her. She had a million things to do before graduation. Malfoy had said he was planning their graduation party and ball, but to Hermione that only meant trouble that boy couldn't plan anything that wasn't evil or crule. Speaking of the ferett in question she had tried her best to avoid him at all costs. They had decided that The Spring Ball never happened, and that suited Hermione just fine. People stopped talking about her and her so called love life as they had no proof that Hermione had ever kissed a boy. This made her very happy, she now was spending more time with her freinds, and not caring what people thought about her. She was looking through loads of books to see what other Seventh year students did to celabrate their graduations, and so far she couldn't find anything that jumped out at her. She knew she wanted to have a ball, but when, what would the theam of it be? Who would be allowed to come? All of these questions were keeping her up late at night, and she already wasn't feeling well. Harry and Ron kept telling her to relax and to just take a few days off for herself, but she wouldn't hear any of it.

On top of everything else, Hermione was having nightmares about Draco. She was dreaming about him somehow finding out that she had lied, and she was scared of that more than anything. If anyone ever found out about her and Malfoy she would loose her freinds, she would be yet again the talk of the school. One day after waking up from one of her many nightmares she decided that she couldn't take it anymore, her stomach hurt all the time from worrying, she guessed, 'I just have to tell someone, then this pain will go away. I can sleep in peace again if I just tell one person. Just one.' Then it came to her, Harry's girlfriend, and one of her better girlfreinds, 'Ginny would listen to me, and she won't hate me. She'll understand.' Hermione told herself, she got out a piece of parchment and wrote Ginny a quick note. Later that night at dinner Hermione was sitting next to Ginny when she asked her if she got the note.

"Yeah, I got it, what is it that you want to talk to me about Mione? I mean your note was to say the least very short, and it didn't say much. What can't the boys know? Are you in some sort of trouble? You know they will help you." Ginny Weasley said as she sat close to her freind.

"No, I am not in trouble, listen after dinner I need for you to come back to my common room with me, there is something I have to tell you, and you can't for whatever reason in the whole world ever tell Ron or Harry. Do you promise me?" Hermione said, she wasn't hungry, so she just sat there waiting for Ginny to eat the rest of her meal before she bolted from the Great Hall with Ginny in toe.

"Mione, why didn't you eat anything at dinner? Are you okay?" Ginny asked, she sounded alot like her mother just then, and would have laughed had Hermione not looked like she was ready to cry her eyes out. "Mione?"

Hermione was starving, she couldn't deny that much, but she chose not to eat anything becuase she figured she would just throw it up again. She had let herself get so worried about someone finding out about her and Malfoy that she had made herself sick to death. "I will be okay once I tell someone my secert." Hermione said.

Draco noticed the two girls leaving the Great Hall, but couldn't get close enough to hear what they were talking about or where they were heading. For days now he had tried to talk to Hermione about their graduation, and every time he found a time to get her alone someone would come and take her away again. He did notice they went in the direction of the Head Common Room, so being the smart boy that he was, he too headed that way. 'I'll just catch her before she leaves that room.' He told himself. When he got inside he noticed that Hermione's door was shut, but he could see the light under her door on. 'Good at least I know she's in here.' He sat down and waited for her to come out of her room. Whatever it was wouldn't take that long, surly.

Up in Hermione's bedroom the two girls sat on her king sized four poster bed. Ginny always loved coming in here. Once you were made Head Girl you lived like a queen for your seventh year. Hermione's room was decorated in crimson and gold colors. She had her very own closet, which was filled with all of Hermione's favriote clothes. She had her very own bathroom, a huge spa tub that you could get lost in and her very own shower. It was wonderful, Ginny couldn't wait until she was able to live like this. But she didn't get lost in all of this, as she normally would, Hermione needed her now. "Okay, so what's up with you?" Ginny asked.

'Where to begin, the begining I suppose.' Hermione told herself. "Well, the whole, 'mess' started about two months ago I guess, maybe a little longer than that. I can't be sure now. It started at the St. Patricks Ball, to be exact. Or the Spring Ball as some would call it." Hermione said.

"Okay, go on, I am listening Hermione." Ginny grabbed her hand, telling her she wasn't going anywhere. "What happened that night?"

Hermione took a deep breath, there was no going back now. If she froze up now, Ginny would suspect something, and blow things way out of control. "I lost my virginty that night Ginny." Hermione didn't look at her freind.

At first Ginny thought she was kidding. When she saw Hermione's face, and noticed that she wasn't laughing she realised that she wasn't joking at all." Oh my goodness Mione. No wonder you've been acting all crazy. Well spill it, who is the stud that snagged you? You must tell me all the details." Ginny was now beaming at Hermione, she hadn't picked up on Hermione's bad mood.

"Well it's funny that you mention that, I can't give you any details. I don't remember any of that night Ginny. Someone and I won't tell you who just yet put a potion in my punch. It made me go after the guy I was attractive to. But it dosen't allow the drinker to recall what happened."

"Well then how do you know........" Ginny began.

"I woke up in his bed, and trust me I know it happened." Hermione blushed.

"Awwww, kinky. So you know who it is, together did the two of you figure out what happened?" Ginny asked.

"No, he thinks nothing happened, I convinced him I just passed out in his bed. If I can keep it that way that's the only story he'll ever remember." Hermione had gone off into her own world, she was now rambling on and on, out loud. "Besides, I wouldn't want to remember it, I am glad I can really recall having sex with Malfoy, it would just..."

"Malfoy? As in DRACO MALFOY? You slept with Draco Malfoy? Holy....." Hermione covered Ginny's mouth with her hand, 'that's all I need, for her to go screaming it through the common room where he could hear it at any moment.' Hermione thought to herself. Ginny was shocked to say the least, this was insane. "And you can't remember a thing Mione?" Ginny asked. "Why Malfoy of all people though, don't you hate eachother?"

"He drank the punch too, by mistake of course. It was Pansy apparently she wanted to make me look like a slut." Hermione broke down in tears.

"You mean people are still on about that guy they think they saw you with? Is this why you haven't been talking to him, he thinks you and him didnt' do anything, but you're guilty you know you did?" Ginny asked suddenly, she was now hugging Hermione.

"Yes, he thinks nothing happened, to my great reliefe. I don't need him taunting me about that for the rest of my life. I was going to tell him until he showed his true colors once again. I don't know what I expected from him. He thinks I sleep around, but I convinced him that I put a memory charm on myself, and now I just can't face him. I am afraid I'll slip up." She was crying so hard now. Ginny just held onto her tightly. 'Mione shouldn't be going through this alone.' Ginny thought to herself.

"Shh, it's okay Hermione, you're not alone anymore. I mean so Malfoy was your first but you'll have someone eles." Ginny said.

"Oh, I know, it's just that I don't have the memories of my frist time, my body aches, but I can't say I know why that is. I've been so sick thinking about it I've thrown up now for a month. I had to tell someone. Thank you for listening to me, it means a whole lot to me Ginny." Hermione didn't notice Ginny's expression change, or the color drain from her face.

"Ummm Hermione." Ginny began.

"Yes?" She said still unaware of her freinds expression.

"You said you've been throwing up for a month? Why do you think that is?" For being the brightest which of her age Ginny thought she was being incredibly stupid.

"Oh, Ginny I've been worried sick about it. It's nothing more than that, why?"

"Well, if you didn't plan on having sex, you probably werent thinking about using protection were you?" Ginny asked, she was crossing her fingers she was wrong.

"No, I guess not protection for what?" ''What is she talking about?' Hermione wondered.

"Hermione I think you might be, dare I say it, pregnant." Ginny blurted out.

"WHAT? That's, oh for the name of Merlin that's what it could be. I've been sick for so long I just assumed that it was because I was keeping this to myself. Why didn't I think of this before now, oh my gosh, what am I going to do Ginny?" Hermione looked at her, she looked scared to death.

~~~~~~~~`Sometime Later~~~~~~~~~~~~

The girls were still just sitting there, holding onto eachother. "Hermione, I think you should go see Madame Pomfry, she'll be able to tell you straight away if you're going to have a baby. The sooner you find out the better anyhow."

"Yeah, you're right. Would you come with me Ginny? I don't want to go by myself, I can't." Hermione said quietly.

"As if I'd be anywhere eles. Come on lets go now." Ginny replied as she helped Hermione to her feet.

The two girls walked downstairs to see Draco sitting there, he looked like he was waiting for them. "Granger." Draco was on the couch near the fire place now, when he saw them coming down the stairs he stood up. He had hoped that she would be by herself, but never the less he had to say something to her before she left again. He stared at her for a moment, 'she doesn't look all that good.' He thought to himself.

"What do you want Malfoy?" Hermione snapped, she was in no mood to talk to him now of all nights.

"We need to talk." He looked back at Ginny who wasn't moving. "You look like hell by the way Granger, what's wrong with you?" 'Wait, why do I care? That's right I don't care.' he reminded himself.

"Nothing," Hermione responded, "what do we need to talk about Malfoy?" Although she thought she knew what he wanted to talk to her about.

"Graduation Granger. I mean we only have a month left and we haven't planned anything. I mean I know we're a good team but don't you think we're cutting it kind of close for even us?" Draco asked, his world famous smirk playing across his face.

"Oh, is that all?" She figured just as much. "Well don't worry about it. I've got a few ideas planned, I guess if you want to be invloved we'll have to set up a meeting time and talk about it then, when you don't have a girl up in your room that is. As of right now I have to be somewhere, goodbye."

Ginny had moved out of the room to wait for Hermione when the door suddenly shut she gasped. She didn't know the password to get back inside and the look on Malfoy's face told Ginny he was pissed about something. "Hermione, can you hear me?" Ginny shouted, but no reply came.

"Get away from me Malfoy, I said I have to be somewhere." Hermione screamed when he closed in on her.

"Since when did you take notice to when I had a girl in my room Granger?" Draco sneered. When she didn't respond he became angry. "We're you spying on me?" He demanded. "You of all people spying on me, What I do and with whom I do it with is none of your concern. I thought we agreed to go on hating one another." He yelled.

'Crap, I didn't mean to let that slip, relax, he's not going to hurt you.' Hermione told herself. "I wasn't spying on you, you stupid git. I saw her running out of here last week. Back off Malfoy, I really could care less who you have in your bed. As I've said before I am glad it's not me that's stuck in there with you." Hermione didn't back down, even though she was scared to death at the moment.

Draco stood there, 'a few weeks ago? That's when he had that fifth year Ravenclaw in his room, did Hermione hear them? Did she know why he'd needed the distraction? Looking at her now he guessed she hadn't a clue about that night. "You'd better leave. Weasley is waiting outside for you." He looked irrate, but he let her pass.

Hermione didn't need anymore encourgment that that. If she was to give birth to Draco Malfoys baby he could never know about it. He was in her eyes a jelouse misguided monster. She found Ginny pacing back and forth infront of the portait hole when she came through it. "Oh thank goodness you're okay, I couldn't remember the password to get back inside. He looked mad, what happened, are you okay Mione?" Ginny asked without taking a breath.

"Everything is fine. Lets get this over with Ginny." They walked together to the hospital wing.

Back in the common room Draco was livid. 'So she's glad she's not in my bed huh? Well I think it's time to make a potion of my own.' Draco thought to himself. 'One that will enable Hermione to resist me. But....' he laughed outloud. 'Yes, she'd remember everything, and there'll be something to remember.' He walked off twards the Potion classroom. He was in need of a few items he could only find there. "You'll be sorry when this is all over with, everyone wants me Granger. Even you." He left the common room completely unaware of certain events that would unfold that could change his life forever.

~~~~~~Hospital Wing~~~~~~~~~~~

Madame Pompfry was walking away from a student who appeared to be sleeping when Ginny and Hermione walked into the hospital wing. "Hello girls, is everything okay with you this evening?" She asked in a motherly tone.

"Hello." The girls said in unison. "Madame Pompfry we were hoping you could help us with something." Hermione began. When she couldn't form the words, Ginny took over.

"We were hoping that you could preform a pregnacy test for us." She blurted out again.

At this Madame Pompfry stared at Ginny in shock. "Miss Weasley, surely you're kidding you would be the last person I would expect to come to me about this." She said sadly.

Ginny looked horrfied. "What? Madame Pompfry, please I am not talking about me, it's for Hermione." Ginny blushed suddenly, realising if she didn't expect this from her she would refuse to believe it of Hermione.

"Miss Granger?" After that she was stunned into silence.

"Please, don't ask questions. I can't tell you what happened." Hermione began. "Can you help me please?" They headed into her office, none of them noticed the student who had been asleep upon entering the room was now wide awake, and listening to everything that had just been said. The smile on her face was growing like a wild fire.

"Okay," Said Madame Pomfry "Come inside then, it shouldn't take that long. We should know in about twenty minutes I gather. Once the incantation had been spoken, and the spell began doing it's work Hermione was intructed to lie down and wait for the results.

"Ginny, he can never know about this. You know that don't you? I mean if I am going to have a baby, he is the last person in the world who can know about it." Hermione said as she tried to relax. "There's no telling what he could, or would do if he found out he'd be a father."

"I know Hermione, but instead of worrying about how you're going to keep it from him, maybe you should find out if you're going to have a baby or not. I mean, maybe there is nothing to worry about. We'll know for sure in just a few minutes." Ginny understood where Hermione was coming from, 'there's no way I could handle all of this right now.' Ginny thought to herself.

Hermione smiled, or tried to atleast, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Thank you for being here nevertheless. Maybe I am just really sick." She said hopefully. 'I can't be having Malfoy's baby, I just can't be.' She told herself. Just then the healer came into the room, Hermione couldn't read her face. "Well, what does it say Madame Pompfry?" Hermione asked, suddenly not wanting to know one way or the other what the woman had to say to her.

"Miss Granger, you're pregnant." Was all she said.

Before any of them could say anything, or respond to the news they heard the laughter. Hermione turned around to see Pansy, the girl who had been asleep eariler, jumping out of her bed "Oh, I knew you were a slut Granger. Now I have proof." She ran from the hospital wing with Ginny on her heels.

"I'll hex her." Ginny said as she reached for her wand.

"Ginny, stop. Don't go after her." It took all of Hermione's control not to hex Pansy herself. After all this was all of her doing, it was her fault Hermione now found herself with child, and not just anyone's child. Draco Malfoy's child.

"What? Hermione she'll tell anyone who will listen." Ginny began.

"I know. But she doesn't have the name of the father. So really she's just guessing, and besides we have other things to worry about now. I am going to have a baby, and I need to figure out how to tell your brother and Harry." Hermione sighed, she knew that wasn't going to be an easy task at all.

'Hermione's the strongest person I know.' Ginny thought to herself as she watched her best freind fall into a restless night's sleep.

A/N: So, I think this is the longest chapter, and I must say it's one of my favs. Draco decides he has a plan of his own to make Hermione his, and now we know Hermione's going to have a baby...... Oh I am so excited. How will the boys react to this news, and who will Hermione say the father of her baby is when she's cornered with the question? Wait and see.... please leave a review. Ps. Just to let you all know, i won't be updating again for about a week, i have to write out the next couple of chapters.,... thanks for your reviews though, and i promise i will hurry with the other chapters.


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I Promise Nothing Happened: A memory charm and mabye a baby?


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