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The Changes in Waiting by almost_witch
Chapter 5 : Getting There
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Violet Again! :)

I am the cause to all your problems,
shelter from cold,
We are never alone.

Ok, I believe you but my tommy gun don't - Brand New

Pain. Yeah, that’s what he calls it. He runs the corridors with his ex-girlfriend who left him for reasons he would never understand, he then saved her before the Death Eaters could get her and then lied to her for why he did. And now he runs how what seems to be endless corridors in search for his boss, best friend and sister who are all fighting against Death Eaters who have no doubt out numbered them.

He kept on running, his overlarge feet hitting the hard floors. His feet will make him pay for this later. Just like the way his arm did from playing Quidditch.

He could hear her heavy breathing from behind him, she was only one step behind him but was struggling to keep up. He glanced back and she was clutching her stomach, he face red and flustered and her hair flying out wildly.

He opened his mouth to snap at her, he wanted to say something like, ‘keep up!’ or ‘stop breathing so loudly, they’ll hear us.’ But he didn’t, he knew that if he did it could waste their limited time.

The voices were getting louder; he could hear things crashing down onto the floors and smashing. It reminded him too much of his 6th year when they fought against the Death Eaters while Harry went with Dumbledore. That was the night Dumbledore died.

He wanted to quicken his pace, but he didn’t bother, he was straining himself enough as it is and he knew Hermione was falling further and further behind.

Around another corner, through another deserted corridor, down other corridor, voices growing louder, horrible screams, yells echoing off the perfect walls.

They were so close now; they were in the Great Hall.

He was close enough to see the doors wide open; one of them was blasted into tiny pieces.

He slowed himself down, Hermione by his side who panted more heavily. He looked at her, her eyes were scrunched up and she wiped sweat off her forehead.

She opened her stumbling mouth to speak, “do-do we go-go in now?”

He ran his tongue slowly across his dry lips and didn’t reply.

There was a sharp scream. Ginny.

He knew that they had to get in there now. He reached out and grabbed Hermione by the elbow and threw her to his side and ran to the door.

The site was horrible; the large room was always so perfect, old and beautiful.

Instead now the Hufflepuff table was scattered in large chunks over the room, the teachers chairs were everywhere, broken glass glistened in the room.

Screams still echoed the room, he couldn’t see who it came from, Harry stood on top of the Teachers table, shooting curses at two hooded Death Eaters, one red light hit one squarely in the chest and he fell into a heap on shattered glass.

McGonagall ran crazily around the room, yelling at the top of her lungs, “you bloody cowards, theirs dozens more of you then us!” She narrowly avoided a curse from a short Death Eater and she shot another right back at him with only skimmed his hood but burnt a small hole.

He couldn’t see Ginny, only hear her, he saw a Death Eater laughing cruelly in the corner, his wand pointing downwards to what seems to be something behind the table.

Ron charged forward, his wand pointing at the Death Eaters back, “Petrificus Totalus!” He bellowed and the curse hit him in a perfect stream into the back of the hooded man.

The men fell down like he turned into wood onto the floor. Ron stepped over him to see a red-haired woman crumpled up on the floor, her brown eyes looked up at him and she made a very small smile. Ron held out his large hand and she took it, lifting herself up with great pain she shock dust off herself.

“It was the Cruciatus Curse wasn’t it?” Ron whispered, glaring at the stiff Death Eater.

She nodded and clutched her side, her face screwed up with pain; she swore and spat at the Death Eater then sped away towards another Death Eater.

Ron kicked the Death Eater in the side before stepping into it’s chest, and bouncing off it, hoping the mans ribs were starting to break. “Don’t touch my sister.” He growled jumped off to see Hermione running between the tables, ducking random curses.

Time was speeding on, McGonagall was down, Ginny made sure she was still alive before battling on. Harry was taking on several at a time, Hermione did all she could and Ron now took on one quick thinking Death Eater.

It seemed forever until a simple curse finally reached the Death Eater right between the eyes and it fell loosely onto a broken chair. Ron smiled to himself; each time he saw a Death Eater falls down or cries out in pain his heart grew warm for a second. They deserved what their getting and they deserve so much worse.

He stood in the very middle of the room between what used to be two of the house tables, in front of him were the door that he ran through a fair while ago, and in that door stood almost a dozen hooded men. His heart fell, only four of them were left fighting and now a new load has come. The Aurors haven’t even arrived yet and Ron knew that those were the Death Eaters that almost got him and Hermione before.

The others didn’t know, they were too busy fighting with the Death Eaters to know there were more, he had to tell them, he had to warn them.

“THERES MO-“He started to yell as loud as he could, over the crashing and yelling. But he was broken off; a curse hit him in the stomach. It was from one of the Death Eaters who stood in the door. Ron’s eyes were open long enough to see a pleased smile appear across his face.

Ron felt his feet lift off the floor, his stomach caved in and he chocked for a second before his body threw back even further, he heard someone scream out his name, either Ginny or Hermione, he didn’t know. But he felt his neck hit the stone floor in a awkward position and everything went black.

He couldn’t see but he could still feel. He could feel the amount of pain his body was going through, it was like nothing he ever had went through before, it wasn’t like the Cruciatus Curse, he could hardly breathe, he couldn’t talk, his body ached like never before.

He wasn’t dead, no, he couldn’t die here. Not in the hands of a Death Eater, and then his thoughts cut off completely.


There was a light, a bright, yellow light. He blinked, and blinked again to clear his vision.

Sure enough above him dangled a light, behind that was a perfectly white ceiling. He tried to lift himself up but his body regected it, he turned his head to his side to see a lady with her hair in a tight bun and a white robe.

“Mr. Weasley!” She cried out, noticing he was awake.

“Where-“ He started, his throat was painfully dry.

“You’re in St. Mungo’s.” The lady smiled down at him. “I must say you took a nasty curse, it was like nothing I have seen before. Mr. Potter just went to go get himself and Mrs. Granger a drink.”

“Ginny? McGonagall?” Ron whispered, his mind wondering in terrible places.

“Both fine, just resting. Especially Mirvena, golly with her age and the amount of trouble she gets into, I wonder, I really wonder.” The lady’s voice drifted and her eyes fell onto the corner on the other side of the room and she smiled gently at that corner.

Ron turned his sore head, he didn’t realise until then now much his neck hurt. In the corner sat a pale faced, brown haired women with her hair in a horrible mess.

Ron turned away from her brown eyes. He didn’t want to look at her.

“So he’s ok?” The voice from the corner said carefully.

“Oh yes, we just have to take special care of him for a few weeks with several potions daily.” The Lady said casually.

“A few weeks!” Ron splattered. “The school term starts again in a few days! I need to teach!”

The Lady shook her head, “I’m afraid not for a while Mr. Weasley.”

“Who’s going to teach them! I have to.” Ron tried to lift himself up again, but failed for the second time.

“Don’t worry Ronald.” A stern voice came from the door, “Harry will be able to I’m sure.”

“Able to what! I’m teaching, I’m not lying here like I’m useless to let someone else do my work!” Ron snapped.

McGonagall raised her eyebrows, “don’t make me fire you, Ronald.” And she turned swiftly and walked slowly away from the door way with a wooden walking stick helping her do so.

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The Changes in Waiting: Getting There


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