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The Birth Of A Hero by TyrannicFeenix
Chapter 8 : Night
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Chapter 8 – Night.

Godric stared at the mighty animal’s head as he panted trying to catch his breath. Rowena ran over to him on the ground and wrapped her arms around him causing him to wince in pain from the cut on his back. He turned about and held her while checking to make sure she was alright. Helga slowly walked over towards the pair, unable to believe that Godric had just slain a Hungarian Horntail, alone.

“Are you two alright?” He asked.

“We are fine. We were just coming out to welcome you guys back when the dragon dropped behind us, cutting us off from the front door. We ran to the back but it had already been locked. We were trapped until you arrived.” Said Rowena now scanning Godric’s half-naked body for injuries. She gasped as she saw the gash on his back. “Oh dear Godric.” She said before gripping him tighter.

Godric kissed her with all his might. “I love you Rowena. I don’t know what I would have done if you had died. Or you Helga.” He hugged her tightly before returning to Rowena’s arms.

Lord Hufflepuff and the King walked quietly over to the children staring at the dragon unable to speak.

“You… you…” stuttered the King looking at Godric with disbelief.

“You are insane Godric. That is a Hungarian Horntail. It is the most dangerous breed of dragon there is and you rushed headlong into battle with it.” Said Max.

“Rowena and Helga were in danger! I couldn’t just leave them to die because your horses couldn’t keep up.” Godric insisted. “Speaking of which has anyone seen my horse? He ran off when I fell off him. I hope he isn’t hurt.”

As if reading his mind Godric’s horse trotted over from behind the dragon.

“Oh thank god.” Godric exclaimed. “You were amazing. I’m going to call you Dracari. It means Dragon Bane.” His horse neighed happily before trotting off to the stables.

“You can keep him too.” Said Max.

“Really?” asked Godric, amazed.

“Well seems you are the only person who has ever been able to tame him enough to pat him let alone ride him, I guess it makes sense.”

“Thank you sir.” Godric said as he walked back toward the lifeless body of the dragon and tried to find his sword. It was buried right to the hilt in the small gap in the scales and he withdrew it.

The King was now inspecting his daughter for any damage. However all that he could find was her dress was now incredibly filthy. He turned to Godric who was now cleaning the blood of his sword.

“You saved my daughter. How can I ever repay you?”

“Trust me I will never ever let anything happen to Rowena.” Swore Godric staring at the King.

At this Rowena came over and hugged Godric tightly and kissed him again. The King seemed once again speechless. He quickly regained his composure though.

“So you love my daughter do you?” he inquired.

Godric nodded. “Yes your highness. With all my heart.”

“You do know that a Lord’s apprentice could never marry a princess.”

“Yes sir.” Said Godric dejectedly.

“So kneel.”

Godric did as he was asked. The King then took his sword and tapped him once on each shoulder with it.

“Arise Sir Godric Gryffindor.”

Godric couldn’t believe it. He slowly stood with Rowena’s help.

“Knights like you on the other hand. I mean who better to protect my daughter than the man who can single handedly slay a dragon at the age of what 10, 11?” chuckled the King.

“Well I guess that ruins the surprise a bit.” Said Max.

“What do you mean dad?” asked Helga.

“The King took Godric hunting to see whether he was actually as capable as I believed. He not only proved this on the hunt but more than proved it with this dragon. If he was good enough the King was going to knight him and ask him to join the army as a captain.”

“Your highness, I greatly appreciate the offer but I must decline your request for me to join the army. At this stage at least.” Said Godric.

“And why is that?”

“Because I have still got a lot I need to learn and work out before I could do something like that. Besides, what soldier would take orders from a child?”

“I see. Well if you change your mind the offer stands. The title however is yours. You have earned it. Well I must leave but I shall see you again soon.”

“Where are we going dad?” asked Rowena.

“You are going to stay here with Lord Hufflepuff, Helga, and Godric. I have a war to join. I love you honey and I will see you as soon as I am done. Your mother is going to return to the castle to rule the land while I am away.”

Rowena couldn’t answer; she just nodded and hugged her father. He then turned and walked towards the carriage back to his castle where his wife was waving to Rowena. Rowena ran to Godric and hugged him crying on his shoulder as he held her.

“Well I think we should all head back inside and get cleaned up for dinner, which the young Godric here has provided us. Off you all go and I’ll get someone to clean all this up.” Said Max looking at the children. He noticed Godric’s cut and moved over to him. “Come with me first Godric and we’ll clean up that cut.”


“NO!!! It’s not possible!” screamed Thomas as he leaned over the bowl looking at the image contained in the water.

“I don’t understand it sir. That was a Hungarian Horntail. How could a child have killed it? And a muggle child from the looks of it.” Asked Salazar looking at the water.

“I don’t know but we must learn who this person is. They may prove problematic later on. I don’t know what it is but there is something familiar about him.”

He tapped the water with his finger. Sound now emanated from the surface as well.

“Arise Sir Godric Gryffindor.”

“What?!?” yelled Thomas as he heard the name. “That can’t be. Bella said that both Xavier and Jennifer died that night. Before the baby could be born. I even read her mind to make sure.”

“What are we going to do sir? Hufflepuff may be onto you now as you are the only one who could get a foreign dragon like that into the country.”

“We will just wait for now. I need to see more of this Godric. He must not be allowed to foil our plans.”

“Yes sir.”


Godric woke with a start. His entire body was covered in sweat and he ached everywhere. As he sat up in his bed he tried to remember the dream he had just had. It was so strange. There was a boy about his age with a strange wooden stick. He had unruly black hair and familiar green eyes. He appeared to be fighting with the other figure from the dream. He had no hair and evil red eyes. He was also wielding one of those strange wooden sticks.

He climbed out of bed and grabbed some clothes. He quickly made his way downstairs and out to the stables.

“Hello Dracari.” He said as his horse greeted him when he entered the stables.

Seems as how they were both awake, Godric decided to go for a ride. He couldn’t be bothered burdening Dracari with saddles and things so he just led him straight out into the night air and climbed on bare-back, lacing his fingers softly into Dracari’s mane.

They galloped across the now empty meadow away from the forest heading for the lake several kilometres east of the castle. It took them no time at all to cover the great distance and like before Dracari seemed to respond to Godric’s very thoughts. When they arrived Godric climbed down off of Dracari who immediately began drinking from the crystal clear water. Godric walked slowly around the water’s edge watching his friend drinking.

He continued walking until he was unable to see Dracari. As he looked up he saw that the stars had become obscured by a strange fog. Suddenly off to his right he could hear something moving in the bushes. He backed towards the water while still trying to see what had made the noise.

Then out of the bushes leapt a large griffin. Godric fell backwards in shock landing straight in the freezing cold lake. Upon hearing the sound the griffin turned its attention to him. It dropped the limp creature hanging from its mouth and stalked slowly towards Godric. As it approached Godric found himself willing it to stop, hoping that he could somehow stall it long enough for someone to come to his aid.

The griffin reached the water’s edge as Godric stood back up and faced the fearsome creature. It stretched out its neck until its mouth was equal with Godric’s face. He stood steadfast waiting for it to kill him. Then it licked his cheek leaving a long line of foul smelling saliva on his cheek. It then gently gripped his arm in its mouth and slowly pulled him back onto dry land and let go again.

Godric was dumbfounded. He was certain that he was about to share the same fate as the creature now lying over by the bushes. However the griffin seemed to have taken a liking to him. As they stood their gazing at one another Dracari came trotting around the lake and stopped upon seeing his master face to face with a griffin. Godric merely patted the griffin before walking over to the bushes to see what was lying on the ground.

As he knelt beside the dead beast he noticed what it was. A dead mother phoenix. He was suddenly saddened at the site of such a beautiful creature in such a state. Suddenly he noticed something golden in its closed claws. As he gently peeled the claws back a small golden egg with brilliant scarlet spots fell to the ground at his knees. Even as it sat there he knew that it was a phoenix egg. He quickly picked it up and walked back over to Dracari.

“Farewell griffin. I hope we meet again.” He said as the griffin walked over to him again.

Godric gave it one last pat before climbing back onto Dracari. He didn’t know why but he had a strange feeling that he had to get the egg back to the castle now. He directed Dracari towards the distant castle and willed him to go with all haste. As the world flashed by them Godric was bombarded with freezing cold air and began to shiver violently. But he kept a tight grip on the precious egg in his hand.

In moments the castle was again in sight and they were approaching at quite a rate. Godric felt some of his worry dissolve but he could not quell it all. They were still several kilometres from the castle and he didn’t have any of his weapons with him. He turned to look back towards the lake and saw a large dark creature stalking after them.

“Straight into the castle boy. You can stay inside tonight.” He said to Dracari as he turned back towards the castle.

He had no idea what was chasing them but he knew it was bad. They made it quickly to the castle and as he entered the back door he instructed the guard to close the doors and portcullis at both the front and back and leave them sealed all night, no matter what they heard.

He rode Dracari to an empty room and left him there with some food and water from the guards. He then walked quickly up to his bedroom where he laid the cold egg deep underneath the warm down blankets of his bed. With the egg safe he changed from his wet clothes and dried off. Then he walked over to the window and looked outside. He could see a large dark shadow stalking around the stables and could hear the horses crying out as it devoured them one by one.

Horrified, yet unable to do anything, he climbed into bed and nursed the egg to warm it up. Good thing I brought Dracari inside, he thought as he drifted off into yet another uneasy sleep.

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