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Everytime I walk out the door by claireabella
Chapter 1 : Everytime he walks out the door.
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“Harry, I’m going over to Hermione, she promised she would hem my new skirt” Ginny called up the stairs as she grabbed the dry cleaner back and made her way out the door, Ginny had no intention of going to the Dry Cleaner she was going to meet her other man.

Harry Watched Ginny leave the house and make her way to the apparating spot 100 metres up the road, a tear fell from his cheek as she apparated away. He knew her secret that there was someone else, he found out when he went to Hermione to find Ginny after she didn’t come home, and he then found out she hadn’t been at there house in months.

Every time he walks out the door
I die a little more inside


Ginny watched Harry as he left for work the next morning, He barely looked at her, and Ginny knew why, she couldn’t stop this affair, her lover was like a drug, powerful and addictive.

Instead of going straight to work as usual Harry made a stop at Hermione and Ron’s garden cottage, he knocked on the door and head Hermione’s recognizable footsteps as she made her way down the stairs

“Harry what are you doing here” Hermione asked surprised, it was normal for Harry to drop in from time to time, but six in the morning was a little over the top.

Harry broke down and crumpled to the ground, Hermione jumped back a bit in surprise and knelt down to where Harry was sitting

“Harry what wrong?” Hermione asked in a low soothing voice

“Hermione” Harry choked before pausing a swallowing

“I need your help” Harry finished and looked at the ground

Hermione’s eyes widened and she looked a little surprised

“Harry, come on, into the kitchen I’ll make you some breakfast and get Ron and you can tell us everything” Hermione whispered and grabbed Harry’s hand in a motion to try and get him to stand up

“No not Ron, Hermione you can’t tell anyone” Harry gushed in an agitated tone

“Okay Harry, ill go and get some tea and we’ll talk on the terrace” Hermione walked off leaving the door open for Harry

“Ginny, everything will work out for the best” Draco Malfoy, purred into the
Slightly Agitated, Flaming redhead’s ears.

Yes this is the lover Ginny risks her reputation for, The man that caused her so much grievance, They met at a bar one night when Hermione failed to show, from then on they met at least once a week if not more.

“You’re like a drug Malfoy, the kind that raise you heart beat and make you forget your worries and then hours later you feel the crash” Ginny sighed.

“As long as you enjoy the high then nothing else matters” Malfoy replied as he sat their
Staring into Ginny’s confused eyes”

“I can’t leave her, but it kills me that she is doing this” Harry moaned as Hermione sat across the table listening and nodding to show her understanding

“I can’t honestly say I know how you feel Harry, but from when Ron went out with Lavender, I hit rock bottom” Hermione replied in a sympathetic voice

“I know you would understand and not get angry, if I told Ron he would charge about like a headless chook” Harry replied and a slight smile crossed Hermione’s lips.

“And how the major question, what happens now?” Hermione sighed

“I don’t know, only time will tell” Harry replied sullenly

Harry got up, and taking long strides moved towards the open veranda door.

“Harry where are you going” Hermione asked in an annoyed tone

“I’m going to go follow my instinct

Harry left the room and Hermione sighed and began to clear up.

Harry returned to the house and immediately charged up to the bedrooms and into the closet in search of the metal contraption muggles called a gun.

Ginny returned home from her meeting with Draco, she was in high spirits. Ginny heard Harry’s usual footsteps coming down the stairs

“Harry you’re home early” Ginny yelled

Harry said nothing but kept on walking until he reached the door

“Hello Ginerva” Harry replied calmly.

“God Harry no one except Auntie Muriel calls me that” Ginny replied with a laugh

“Ginny I know, how could you do this to me?” Harry spat.

“Harry what are you talking about” Ginny asked earnestly

“You think I’m stupid, I know about everything, I know about Malfoy, I know you haven’t been to Ron and Hermione’s house in weeks, It’s over Ginny” Harry screamed as he began to wave the gun around

Ginny was standing there in shock, he knew her secret, the one know one except her and Malfoy should know.

“Is that real?” Ginny asked in a frightened voice

“We’ll both know soon enough”

Dear Mrs. Granger-Weasley and Mr. Weasley,
I am writing to inform you of the deaths of Ginerva Weasley-Potter and Harry James Potter, it is apparent that Mr. potter killed himself and his wife. We invite you to the reading of the wills at the Potter estate on September 28th.

We are once again sorry for your loss

Kind regards
Rufus Scrimgeour
Minister of Magic


Every time he walks out the door
I die a little more inside.

And that’s it, slightly predictable I know, but I kind of like this story it’s different as usually I’m a Dramione shipped, but I thought I would try something different.

Song is unfaithful by Rhianna

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