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Life's Not Always Black and White~ A Marauders Story by Skye_Blue
Chapter 2 : Two Lilies
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"Anything from the trolley, Dear?" asked the kind Trolley Cart Lady after a bit.

"No, thank you," I replied politely. I had packed a bit of food for the ride, knowing I would get hungry for something other than candy. Especially if I wanted to keep my teeth from becoming like that Slytherin girl's. That thought made me giggle aloud.

I resumed my reading and it was a couple of hours before I was disturbed again. "We're to be arriving soon. You should change into your robes... Do I know you?"

I looked up into the vivid green eyes of Lily Evans. Lily should have known me, I had only shared a dorm with her for 3 years. "Lorelei White," I said softly, offering Lily my hand. Oh well, no harm in reintroducing myself.

"Lore? That's you?" Lily asked, surprised. She stepped into my compartment. "You look so different. How's Farrah?"

Of course that was how Lily knew me. Lily had been friendly with Farrah. Of course, Farrah was friendly with everyone. "She's great, thank you for asking."

"What's she going to do now that she's graduated?" Lily continued, taking a seat across from me.

"She's studying to be an Auror, actually," I said, trying to sound enthused.

"That's fantastic! You know, Lore, you really look great. So different! Did you do something to your hair?"

I blushed at her compliment, "Um, yeah. I dyed it and straightened it."

"Well, the color is really great with your skin and eyes."

I nodded self-consciously. The mahogany color of my hair did go really well with my pale skin and the bangs I had given myself made my deep blue eyes pop. That's why I'd chosen it. "Thank you," I said softly.

"So, are you excited for this year?" Lily asked, making attempts to further the conversation.

I liked Lily, really I did, but I wasn't Lily's friend. Lily didn't have friends like me. This kind of forced civility was always awkward. But I nodded in response to Lily's question.

"Me too," she continued breathlessly. "I was so floored when I got the Prefect badge in the post. I couldn't believe Dumbledore picked me. Anyway, I have to finish my rounds. I'll see you tonight," Lily said, getting up and walking towards the door.

"I knew you'd warm to me," a voice said lazily.

I looked over at the same time Lily did, to behold a peculiar sight (at least for me). James Potter, one of the most handsome boys at school, no scratch that- in all of London. His dark, messy hair fell into dreamy hazel eyes. He was smiling lazily at Lily with only half his mouth. He was leaning against the door, as if it was too much effort to stand on his own. In fact, everything about him seemed lazy today. His eyes were only half open.

Lily made a face of disgust. "Leave me alone, Potter. Isn't there some poor, defenseless first year you should be tormenting?" she asked sarcastically.

"Who, me?" James's eyes widened with a look of mock innocence. I suppressed a smile. James was cute in that cheeky, bad boy kind of way.

Lily rolled her eyes. "Yes, you and those horrible Marauders. Well anyway, I'm a Prefect this year and I will not hesitate to deduct points," Lily threatened.

I sunk back in my seat. Everyone knew about Lily and Potter. He tormented her, she ignored him- it was the way things were. I didn't blame James for chasing Lily though, she was beautiful like Farrah, only in a more exotic way. Red hair, green, almond shaped eyes, pale. Farrah was blonde, blue eyes and tan (but Farrah made that look classic).

"So, Dumbledore finally came to his senses and gave you a position of power, eh?" James asked suddenly, throwing both me and Lily off balance.

Lily flushed and looked uncertain of anything to say as James approached.

"A position on top, if you will," James said suggestively.

Lily's face fell and she frowned at him. "James Potter, you will never change! Leave me alone!" she hissed and stormed past him.

I looked down at my hands. James probably hadn't even noticed I was there. To a certain degree, I envied Lily- she had admirers, and she was so comfortable with herself! It seemed so glamorous.

"Sure, I'd love to sit with you in your compartment!" James joked to no her fleeting form.

I looked up, just in case he had been talking to me. James seemed shocked at my sudden motion and turned to me, causing me to jump at his sudden motion. "Oh, hello there. I didn't mean to scare you," he greeted me, surprised.

I just blushed and mumbled, "Hello."

James smiled and looked longingly after Lily. "She doesn't like me very much, does she?" he asked.

I shrugged, my blush deepening. Boys never talked to me. I was more than invisible most of the time. "No one likes to be bothered all the time," I said softly.

James turned, eyes widening. He looked angry for a second and my heartbeat quickened, but then he began laughing. "You don't say much, but when you do, it's fascinating." He sat down across from me and leaned back with his arms crossed. "Have I seen you before?"

I had been in almost every class of his last year. Once, he made my chair levitate in the middle of History of Magic, but Professor Binn hadn't even noticed. "Lorelei White," I offered.

His eyes widened. "Lore? Seriously? You look different."

I blushed again. "I dyed my hair?" I said uncertainly.

"And made it lay flat," he noticed, eyes twinkling.

It made my face go even redder, if possible. "Yeah," I mumbled. Why was James Potter talking to me?

"How? Did you use a spell? I've been trying to find a spell, well... my mum has," James leaned forward.

I backed further away in my seat. "I um... I used a muggle procedure."

He flashed me that grin and my heart nearly came out my nose. "I'll have to look into that," he said, distractedly.

I smiled hesitantly. "This is a very strange conversation we're having," I said softly, almost inaudibly.

He laughed loudly and nodded. "Right you are, White." I smiled at his laugh. It was so big and unapologetically loud.

"James, Sirius is being unre- oh, sorry. I didn't realize you were talking with Lily," a voice cut himself off from the doorway.
I jumped at the sudden sound and looked up in surprise. Lily wasn't in the compartment anymore...

James looked at his friend and raised an eyebrow. The tall newcomer looked as shocked as everyone else had upon seeing me. "Oh, sorry Lore. I didn't realize it was you. You sounded just like Lily," complimented Remus Lupin. His light brown hair was neatly laying on his head and his brown eyes considered me with surprise. "You look lovely."

I smiled shyly. I had always liked Remus. He sometimes studied at the same table in the library with me after classes. Even now, he recognized me when no one else did, and it wasn't like we had been good friends. "Thank you, Remus," I whispered.

I was suddenly regretting that I had made such drastic changes to my appearance. It was only getting me attention that I didn't know how to handle. At first, I had admired myself in mirrors (especially the complimenting ones)- it gave me some unaccustomed confidence. But it was now the attention was getting to be a bit much

James raised an eyebrow at me. "Well, I guess we'll be going. See you when we get there," he nodded at me and led Remus off.

I let out a big sigh and leaned back, closing my eyes in relief. I was relieved that I was alone again. Boys made me nervous- especially cute ones, and especially cute trouble-making ones.


"I think Lore's got a thing for you, Moony old pal," James grinned at his friend when they were out of earshot.

Remus shook his head. "Nah, Prongs. She's like that with everyone. It took me half of last year just to get a smile out of her.

"Jumpy little thing, isn't she?" James asked, scratching his arm. Remus had thought Lorelei White was Lily? That made him uneasy, though he didn't know why.

"I suppose. She's just shy," Remus told his friend.

"Who is?" asked a muffled voice in their compartment. Remus and James turned to see their friend Sirius Black shoving an entire chocolate frog into his mouth.

"Wanna slow down there, mate?" James asked with a sly smile.

"Can't. They jump off otherwise. Who's shy?" he repeated.

"No one. Pass me a licorice wand?" James asked, plopping down next to Sirius and holding out his hand expectantly.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at Remus, who shrugged in response and sat down next to Peter.

James bit the inside of his cheek. "So, did she look like Lily?" he asked Remus as casually as he could after a few seconds.

Remus looked up from his book in shock. He hadn't been expecting that question. "She only sounded like her when I was approaching the compartment... well she sounded the way Lily sounds when she isn't cross with you," he explained with a sly smile.

Peter added, "Which is never."

James punched his friend in the arm.

"Who?" Sirius persisted.

"Lorelei White," James snapped. "Try and keep up, mate."

"Sorry," grumbled Sirius. "Wait, who?"

Everyone groaned.

"She's a sixth year, with us. Anyway, she changed over the summer and Remus mistook her for Lily when he heard us talking in her compartment."

Sirius thought for a minute. "She must be looking good, if Remus mistook her for Lily." Who would have thought there still was a good looking girl Sirius hadn't dated?

"Oh no, Sirius," Remus said warily.

"What?" Sirius asked innocently.

"She's not interested."

"Interested in what?" Sirius continued feigning ignorance.

"You. She's a nice girl. Leave her alone," Remus warned.

Sirius frowned and settled back in his seat. "So what did she look like?"

"Give it a rest!" James blurted out.

Sirius smirked at his friend. "It just... I don't know if we can handle two Lily's."

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