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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 4 : He Knows?
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A/N: Please review, my story has had over 90 reads so far, but only a few reviews, please let me know if you like the story or not.

Chapter Four: He knows?

Hermione stood there, ' is he kissing me? Oh, no he's not kissing me, well wait, yes he's kissing me. Draco Malfoy is kissing me, and I am not pulling away. Why aren't I pulling away?.' She leaned into the kiss, it wasn't at all how she was expecting it to be. Instead of it being hard, and forceful like she always thought kissing him might be it was slow, and almost passionate. Infact it was so intoxicating that Hermione found herself winding her arms around his waist to bring him closer to her. Before she could let herself go any further into the kiss he had pulled away. His lips were swollen, and he looked very amused about something. "Well, I didn't think you could kiss like that Granger. I must admit you do know what you're doing don't you? Just as a girl who would know whoes done it alot." He regretted saying this as soon as it had left his mouth, he was trying to be nice to her, not insult her or throw her past in her face. A past he didn't even know to be true or not.

Hermione was thinking along the same lines, 'stupid fool. He wasn't kissing me because he likes me, he did it to see if I knew what I was doing." She was starting to get really mad at this point. "You know Malfoy, what I had to tell you dosen't matter anymore. I can see that even if you knew certain things you wouldn't change. You will always be this prat from hell, and I hope one day someone keeps something from you so big it ruins you. Or worse yet, hurts you. Although, seeings as you don't care that you hurt other people, I am sure your heart can take the abuse. Just becuase you're Head Boy doesn't mean you can bully me around, you're going to regret making fun of me or anyone eles for that matter." She stormed off through the portait hole and made her way to the Gryffindore common room.

Draco stood there, yet again looking after her. 'Why do I always put myself in these situations?' He thought to himself, 'and what the hell is she rambling on about, nobody is hiding anything from me. If they did they'd be sorry, she better not know something I don't.' He walked out of the portait hole as well, but he headed to the Great Hall. 'Damn I am starving.' He just realised.

In the great hall students were talking, gossiping more like it about the ball from the previouse night. He just rolled his eyes, he was in no mood to talk about that eveing with anyone. As soon as he sat down however, to his great dismay, Pansy and Crabbe were walking up to him. Smiles upon both of their faces, each thinking he'd have news to tell them. He again rolled his eyes. 'What should I tell them?' He thought to himself. As they sat down he decided he'd tell them nothing unless they asked, then he would figure something out.

"Well, good morning Drakie Poo." Pansy said, as she snaked her arms around him. He just pushed her aside, not caring about the loud sigh she made.

"Hello." Draco said, his voice wasn't very kind at all, but since when was it ever kind? He was still in a right state, he was thinking about his argument with Granger, and more importantly her vaugness about him being hurt by news that was withheld from him. But more importantly than any of that stuff he was deep in thought about the kiss that they had shared. 'If she hates me so much, why in Merlins name is she kissing me like I am the love of her life? Why was I kissing her like my life depnded on it? Damn Granger.' He thought to himself. Seeing Pansy, and hearing her annoying voice only put him in an even madder mood. "Don't hang on me like Pansy. Incase you've forgotten We. Are. Not. A. Couple. ANYMORE!" He said very slowly as if she were a child who didn't understand plain english. As far as he knew she didn't. This time he couldn't ignore her evil glare, she was not a woman to piss off but he didn't care at this point.

"Tell us Draco," Crabbe said as if he didn't see the tension between his two friends, "We saw you follow Granger out of here lastnight. We guessed you were spying on her for us. You know about our bet and all, what happened?" Draco was slightly greatful for Crabbe's butting in. he still didn't want to talk about what might or might not have happened the night before but if he got it over with now he wouldn't have to deal with it later. "Well, Pansy," He said stalling, 'think damnit, you're smarter than this.' "You loose, Granger passed out on our common room couch. Looks like your little love potion didn't work after all. Did you mix it wrong or something?" At this Pansy looked mortified, Draco just smiled, and patted himself on the back, mentally anyhow for his outstanding ablitly to lie at a moments notice. Later he would realise how bad this could be for him. 'Stupid pug face.' He thought to himself.

Crabbe was laughing so hard by this time, 'You tried to cheat, and you still lost? Oh that's sad, even for you Pansy. Although if Granger had slept with anybody lastnight I still would have won. Cheating isn't the way to go, and you know it. Pay up." Draco let them argue amoungest themselves as he ate the remainder of his breakfast. He looked up when the great hall doors opened, 'great, Pot Head and Weasle, what the hell do they want?' He asked himself as they were walking right over to him. "What do the two of you want?" He snarled.

"Before I let Ron knock you silly, just becuase you're you," Harry said, he sounded mad at himself for even having to come over and talk to Malfoy. 'I don't want to ask him for help.' Harry told himself sternly. "Have you seen Hermione this morning?"

Draco almost burst out laughing. He wanted to say "Yeah, she was in my bed this morning, sleeping peacfully, next to me, I was half naked." 'That would wipe the smug look off their faces for sure', he thought to himself. But as Pansy wasn't to far away from him and still within ear shot he thought better of it, she would go nuts. "Yeah, she and I had words and then she left the common room. Knowing her she's in the library. But I haven't seen her since then, so I guess you could say no, I don't know where she is now, nor do I care. As long it's far away from me, now would you mind I am trying to eat." But he didn't touch his food again, it had long since gone cold, and he was thinking about Hermione again. 'Why didn't she go to her two lover boys when he hurt her feelings? Was she not going to tell them about their argument?' "Don't worry Weasle-Bee I am sure your bed buddy is just fine, after all she's the brighest witch in our grade, and of the age, she can handle herself just fine." He said as he pushed past them and walked out of the Great Hall. 'Of course Weasley is her lover, it all makes sense now.' Draco thought, and suddenly the thought of them together made him sick to his stomach.

Harry and Ron didn't find Hermione in the library as they had hoped, so they went outside after searching the grounds for her they decided to go practie quidditch. Back in the Head's common room Hermione sat in her favriote arm chair next to the fire place reading a muggle book. Draco wouldn't be back for ages so she figured she had time enough to finish it and get to her room before he came back, she had spent the whole day with Ginny, and didn't want to see Draco until she had to at dinner. She had another three chapters to go howerver, when she heard the portrait hole open. Malfoy was standing there, he didn't look to pleased, then again when did he ever look pleased? 'Just great.' She thought. "You're back early." She said, getting up and hurrying twoards her bedroom.

"Scared to be in the same room with me Granger?" He said. He didn't sound mad, but she could tell he was, but why? He felt so stupid, why hadn't he realised that Weasle-Bee had been the man to show her how to kiss, how to who knows what else. The thought of it for some reason made him so mad he spent the whole day trying to figure out how to tell her that he wanted it to be him. He wanted to be her first, and it pissed him off to no end that Weasley had beaten him to it.

"I am not afraid of you Malfoy, I just don't want to be in the same room with you anymore. What the hell is your problem you look like you're going to kill someone." Hermione said.

'She's not afraid of me huh? Well I am sure I can fix that if I tried, I wonder if I kissed her again what she'd do.' He thought to himself.

Before she could think about it, she was asking him, "You're not...."

"I am not what Granger?" He closed in on her, his mouth was close to hers now, she could feel his breath on her face.

Hermione didn't think he'd kiss her again, so she didn't worry about it, instead she asked her question. "You're not mad that nothing happened between us are you?" There she had said it, and the look in his eyes told her he wasn't thinking about that. 'Please say no, oh god why did I have to bring that up again, now he'll think I was thinking about it.' Her mind was racing.

Draco took a step back, of all the things he was expecting her to say to him that wasn't one of them. He was about to kiss her again, and she wanted to know if he was upset he hadn't slept with her. What was she thinking about it for? He thought. 'Tell her the truth, tell her you were mad nothing happend.' he heard a voice in his head. 'tell her you wanted to be her first, tell her you're mad she slept with Ron. Tell her damnit. Why can't I say anything.' He heard himself say, but nothing came out of his mouth. 'Tell her she deserves better than that poor excuse for a wizard.' No, she'll slap me. 'Tell her you want her.' he heard, 'No. Oh god which way do I want to go?' "Of course I am mad Granger," He heard himself say, "I am a sex God. The attention I'd get from bedding you would be the best kind. you would be the best conquest I've ever had." 'SHUT THE HELL UP, SHE'LL KILL YOU.' He heard himself scream, but he couldn't stop. Before he reaslied he wasn't fighting inside of his head anymore it was to late.

"EXCUSE ME" Hermione had screamed.

'Damn. I didn't know I said that outloud.' He told himself. "That's not what I meant to say..." Draco began. "I meant to say I am mad I didn't sleep with you first. No wait, that's not it either... .."

SMACK... Hermione had slapped him again. 'My god he thinks I am a slut, well of course he does, fine he'll go on thinking that. I am done playing this game with him. "You will never sleep with me again, I am glad you weren't my first. I know you won't be the last either. I am going to try my hardest to forget that lastnight ever happened." She was so mad she didn't even know what she was saying. She ran from the common room again and this time she didn't care where she went she wanted to be left alone.

Draco was in his room later that evening, trying to figure out why he couldn't help but say the wrong thing to her every time he opened his mouth. They had fought so many times that day he had lost count, he was laying on his back going over their last argument in his head when he froze in his tracks. "You will never sleep with me again, I am glad you weren't my first. I know you won't be my last either. I am going to try my hardest to forget that lastnight ever happened."
"Oh my God. Did that mean????' "GRANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Draco bellowed through the room. He fled the common room in serch for her.

A/N: Okay, so Hermione was upset, who wouldn't be? She has told him they've been together, or he thinks that. But when he confronts her about what he's heard will she be able to convince him she was just mad and didn't mean any of it? Who knows, one thing is for sure, I've changed the plot of this story totally, so you'll have to just go with the flow here, I am changing it as I go. Leave me a review please. I am updating as fast as I can, chapter five, six and seven will be done by the time you read this, I just have to wait for them to get approved. I am waiting on a banner, hopefully you all like this story, this is my frist fan fic.


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