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Darkness Surrounding by gothicdeathprincess
Chapter 2 : Begining of the End
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Sirius yawned widely next morning as he stepped out of his dormitory with Remus and Peter.
"Where's James?" squeaked Peter.
"He went down to the common room already to beg Lily to go out with him." said Remus boredly.
"I'm not too worried, them two will get together eventually, they are meant to be." laughed Sirius.
They got down to the common room just in time to see Lily slapping James and then storming off.
"I think Im making progress guys." said James once they;d walked over to him.
"Yes... obviously." said Sirius confusedly while sending a questioning glance at Remus who just shrugged.
"Coming down to breakfast?" asked Peter.
"I'm not hungry, you go on without me." said James.
"Ah come on Prongs, you might get the chance to be turned down by Lily again." said Sirius.
"Fine then." said James and the 4 marauders walked off.
When they reached the entrance hall they found Lily advacing on the new girl who was sitting at the bottom on the marble staircase.
They stood close by and listened to the conversation.
"Where were you last night?" asked LIly angrily.
"Out." answered Melinda.
"You are not allowed to be wandering the school at night. It is against the rules." said Lily.
"WHo said i was wandering the school?" asked Melinda.
"You went into HOgsmeade???" asked Lily scandilised.
"Nah, just the forest. Fun place at night." said Melinda.
"YOU COULD HAVE DIED. There is a reason its forbidden, there are dangerous creatures in there and some parts of it arent really inside the school boundaries. Voldemort or his followers could have got you." ranted Lily.
"They could have TRIED but i dont think they would be that stupid." said Melinda.
"Why not, they are gaining power? They could be prowling the schools perimiters to get to Dumbledore." said Lily.
"Hey cool is lils its not like anything happened to me so just chill." said Melinda before getting up and walking into the hall.
"What was that about Evans?" asked Sirius.
"Oh nothing...she just didnt come into the dormitory last night. I was worried." said Lily.
"Why?? shes a bitch." said Sirius.
"Shes my responsibility." said Lily.
"No she isnt. Nobody put you in charge of her welbeing." said Sirius.
"I did, I set myself the task of helping her around until she finds her feet." said Lily.
"Looks like her feet have been well and truely found. SHe knows her way round the castle and the forest. She doesnt seem to need your help." said Sirius.
"I suppose." said Lily then rounding on Sirius. "And dont think this makes up for you making off with those first years last night. I know you did something to them, and when i find out, you are in for it."
With that she followed Melinda in for breakfast.
"OK! Is anybody else getting the impression that Lily is schitzophrenic???" asked Sirius.
"Just a little..yes." said Remus.
"I'm going to marry her one day." said James dreamily.
"righttttt....yeah Prongs you probably will. Your as messed up as she is. I pity any children you two have." said Sirius.
"Shut up Padfoot. Just lets eat." said James.

They walked into the hall and sat down a few seats away from were Lily was trying to force Melinda into conversation.

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Darkness Surrounding: Begining of the End


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