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Who's laughing now? by Bellabambina
Chapter 1 : Dorcasí Revenge
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Who’s laughing now?

Dora's Revenge

“Daddy, Please! Please, no more!” cried a helpless child from the corner of the room.
A woman screams filled the room and the child watched as a look of great pain crossed her mother’s face. Defeated, the woman dropped her wand and fell to the floor sobbing hysterically.
The man had no pity written plainly across his face, and he harbored a plain look of disgust in his eyes. He grabbed her mercilessly and smashed his fists into her face. The little girl who had been yelled took her only opportunity; she got up and ran for the fallen wand, seizing it with two hands. She stood in front of her mother, shaking and pointing it at the man.

The man, who seemed not to notice her childish attempts, did not cease advancing on the women.  His evil smile did not fade, but he had yet to realize that the girl posed any threat at all. The little girl, however, seemed determined to protect her. Shaking, she yelled the only spell she ever remembered hearing. Instantly the spell hit the msn straight in the chest, and blood splattered on the little girl, covering her entire front. Her eyes widened considerably, and she ran to the man shaking him, hoping he would wake. She hadn’t meant to kill him; she just wanted him to stop the pain. But it was too late, his wound would not stop gushing and he would not wake… She looked down at her hands, shocked and shaken, they were covered with blood.

Looking back at her mother, the girl did the only thing she knew to do in this situation. She ran into the bathroom, tore off her clothes and jumped in the shower, and scrubbed her skin violent till it was scratched and red; like he used to do after he had made her bleed. But it was pitiful and useless; she could still feel the blood on her hands.

After her shower, she returned into the room, only to find the scene the same as she left it. He mother on the floor, staring stock still; and the man she once called father; laying pale white and obviously dead. As she turned her attention to her hands, she let out a late scream…there was still blood.


It was a cold saturday morning in September, and three girls sat in armchairs each doing something different to pass the time. Lily Evans sat nearest to the fire reading what looked to be like a charms book. Next to her, Bell Bloxson was sitting in the arm chair beside Lily shooting out sparks from her wand, huffing slightly every so often, and opposite of them was Alice Logan staring into the fire absentmindedly. They hadn’t say a word to each other in a while; the fact was they were all waiting for someone, and thought best not say anything until it was time, as Lily had said it. But then again, Alice thought, Lily had been anxious to read that charms book all day.

The sudden noise from the portrait hole was a welcome distraction, as they had been quiet for so long. They all looked up, excited; and to their great disappointment, there stood the Marauders. What could we say about the marauders? Alice thought with a disgruntled sigh. The fact that they were the most popular boys in school was wasted on these girls; because unlike everyone else in the school, they loathe to marauders with a burning passion. James Potter and Sirius Black particularly. They didn’t really have anything against the other two.

Stumbling in after them was a short girl, they knew by the name of Dorcas Meadowes. She looked like she didn’t belong completely. It wasn’t the fact that she had blackish-brown hair tied in a ponytail and wore oversized clothing, or the fact that she looked slightly overweight that made her look different, in the bad way. It was the fact that she looked completely uncomfortable all the time and none of the girls knew why. She had always seemed likeable enough to them, and they had even asked her a few times if she’d like to go to Hogsmeade with them since they shared the same dormitory, but she had always awkwardly refused and rushed away.

Her nervous gaze switched over to the marauders, her face became a terrible tomato red and she suddenly looked close to tears. Sirius, who seemed to pick on the girl, began whispering something that obviously upset her, and set her running towards the girl’s dormitory.  James on the other hand, decided he was going to ask Lily to Hogsmeade… again. Thankfully, for the sake of the other girls’ ears, Lily ignored him and jumped up and ran after Dorcas. It was time.

Lily was not very behind, but she had to sprint after the girl to catch up to her; Dorcas seemed to be quick. “Hey! Dorcas!” Lily called. “Dorcas!”

Dorcas stopped at the top of the staircase, startled. ‘Did Lily just call for me? I didn’t even think she remembered I existed…’ she thought miserably, but shook her head lightly, trying to think optimistically, which was close to impossible for her.  

Bell and Alice, who had remained sitting, now looked excited, and followed Lily upstairs.

“I’d like to talk to you.” Lily smiled sweetly, and placed her hand on Dorcas’ arm.

Dorcas’ optimism vanished completely for a moment. “You’re going to mock me, aren’t you?” She had drawn to that conclusion once she saw the look on Lily’s face; the dark look of plotting.

Lily looked sympathetic, but laughed lightly. “Of course not! why would I do that? Actually, I think I might have a solution for you. “

She silently led her into the dorm, followed by the other girls, and plopped herself down on her bed, motioning for them all to do the same. Alice looked like she was positively bursting to speak, but Bell silenced her with an ‘I’m first!’ look.

“Alright well…” Bell said ringing her blond hair between her fingers as she spoke, it was almost a nervous gesture, but Dorcas couldn’t understand why she would be nervous to talk to her. “We were discussing you the other day- don’t worry not in a bad way-“she added after she saw the look on Dorcas’ face. “and we don’t really understand why your friends treat you like they do.”

Dorcas stared blankly back at Bell. “How do you know anything about the way my friend’s treat me?” she said almost harshly, she didn’t enjoy the pity in their voices when they spoke to her, it was enough enduring her own friend’s taunts.

“Well we’ve seen it happen, silly!”Alice answered crossing her arms and shaking her head as if it was the simplest thing in the world. “From what we can see, you’re extremely nice, smart and pretty, it just isn’t fair.”

At her words, Dorcas’ eyes began to water. She had never had anyone tell her that before. Never. “They do it because they hate me; it’s my fault anyway.” She shook her head and looked ashamed, “it’s my fault for being who I am and for having a stupid name-“she stopped for a moment to take a breath, and then whispered. “It’s just like they tell me.”
Lily emitted a growl from her end of the room. “Just like who tell you?!” she said, suddenly looking livid, and Bell and Alice didn’t know why, they thought Dorcas had obviously meant her friends. Lily, however, had come to a different conclusion. “It’s James and Sirius, isn’t it?” she huffed, she had known it when she thought up this plan; but hearing it now just brought on a fresh wave of anger.

“Awwe...” Bell said sympathetically, dismissing Lily’s question, she got up and hugged Dorcas. “You shouldn’t cry over them. They are sooo not worth it. Believe me.” Bell rolled her eyes, and Dorcas let out a sad giggle. “Look we were going to ask you to hang with us, anyway. We really like you and we think you’ll be much happier with us!”

Dorcas, reluctant to take pity from anyone, was debating whether or not to pull away from the hug. “I don’t want to be friends with you just out of pity, I still have my pride you know.” she said quietly but they could tell she was bluffing because she decided not to let go.

“It isn’t pity, Dora, we’re offering friendship.” Lily said patiently, her anger subsiding. “You’ve been in our dorm every day since first year, and now we finally become friends, it’s strange isn’t it?”

“Extremely strange, but hey stranger things have happened. Like for example, have you seen Bertha Jorkin’s hair lately? That is strange.” Alice said, and was suddenly overcome by a fit of giggles.

All three other girls looked at her for a moment, and began to giggle also. As soon as their giggles had subsided, Bell looked over at Alice, who had been quiet for mostly the whole time, and had seemingly taken Bell’s warning a bit too seriously. “I guess it’s your turn, Aly.”

They all turned to her as she took a deep breath, looking about ready to complete a speech. “Dorcas, dear, we want you to think very open mindedly about this, okay?”

Dorcas shrugged, “Why not? It’s not like anything could change for the worse.” She said honestly, but looked a tad bit nervous. She didn’t enjoy this weakness; this naivety. She was used to making sarcastic comments, and being experienced in everything; because truth be told she was a person who would try everything once; and this was one of many missing experiences.

"We have honestly seen you many times with your silently eyes narrowed at James and Sirius, and now we fully know why. We have something to confess, we have it in for them too.” Alice said with a small smile. “So, this led us to think up a plan…”

 “You don’t have to go along with it if you don’t want to.” Bell added quickly. “We’ll still love you the same.”

Alice smiled at her for the moment, but looked very jumpy and ready to continue. “We want to find a way to get them to fight, breaking the marauders up.”

Dorcas laughed sarcastically, pushing a bit of stray hair out of her face. “I very much doubt we could get them to fight… they’re like brothers!”

It seems Alice had been waiting for that. “That’s where you come in!” Alice smirked evilly, and did a very bad impression of a mad scientist. “You will seduce the both of them, which will not only get James’ mind off Lily, but cause a rift between them!”

“Umm…I don’t think so…” Dorcas looked like she found this idea rather humorous. “Hello? Do you remember who you’re talking to? Do I look like their type?”

“We have a solution for that too!” Bell took over, cutting over Alice who had opened her mouth to continue.  “Your face is amazingly beautiful. If you would do your make up better and keep better care of your hair, you could very well be their type. You’re only a tiny bit overweight but with the exercise that Lily, Bell and I do to keep in shape we could get rid of that extremely quickly. The only factor is that you’re shy! But we’ll show you.  You’re with us now Dora, things are going to be better for you.” Bell finished with an encouraging smile, but glare from Alice; she had clearly stolen her part of the speech.

“Now that Bell is done stealing my lines,” Alice said grinning, “I will ask you; exactly what you think of our plan?”

“I’ll do it.” Dorcas said simply, she didn’t need any more convincing. She suddenly felt this amazing energy surge through her and she knew that she could do this. She was going to right any wrong that was every done to her; she was going to show that she wasn’t weak. For this moment, she felt on top of the world; she had to admit, she enjoyed plotting evilly.

Alice jumped up and down clapping wildly, while Lily and Bell hugged Dorcas tightly.

“We are going to make you absolutely drop-dead gorgeous!”
She looked around at each of them; her new friends, all smiling evilly and shining at the prospect of what was yet to come, and she couldn’t help but say it. “We’ll see who’s laughing after this Sirius. Just a little hint; it won’t be you.”

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