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The Young and the Hopeless by 00cowqueen2
Chapter 1 : Prologue & Chapter One
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“James, honey, we’re out of milk!” called Lily Potter to her husband. “Harry, stop eating the cookie dough!” She pulled her six-year-old son’s hands out of the bowl of cookie dough and laughed at his large grin.
“Okay. I might be awhile. I have to get a few things for myself and I’ll do the grocery shopping for you.”
“Can you get some more diapers for Abby? We’re almost out, I can’t believe I forgot them the last time I was at the store.”
“Of course, darling.” James kissed his wife, gave his son a hug, kissed his seven-month-old baby, and, finally, his wife’s pregnant stomach.
“James!” exclaimed Lily, her beautiful laugh ringing in their kitchen. “What’s gotten into you?”
“Nothing, my dear. I’ll see you later.”
“Bye, Daddy!” called Harry after his father, who he wouldn’t see for quite a while after that. “Mummy, when are the babies coming?”
“When are the babies coming? Whatever do you mean be that, Harry Potter?” Lily smiled at her little son and he gave her a big smile back that was missing his front teeth, top and bottom.
“When will I have my little brothers? When will they get here? I want them no-ow!!”
“Harry, honey, they aren’t due until December! Silly!!”
Harry went quiet and helped his mother finish baking the sugar cookies for his mother’s colleagues at work.
Three hours later, Harry was napping in the living room and Lily was getting worried about her husband. Who took three whole hours just to buy milk? He’d said he needed other things… what kinds of things? Lily could only wonder. Perhaps he was getting them a coffee maker, but she couldn’t think of why he would get such a thing.
As she started cooking dinner for two (if James wasn’t there by then, he wouldn’t be for dinner), Lily felt a pang in her stomach. And then another and another. She grabbed the phone and punched in a number as fast as she could.
“Hello,” said a deep, male voice on the other end of the telephone.
“S-Sirius, it’s… it’s Lily. I-I need you to-to come over to our house, quickly, and take me to the hospital. I’m having the babies and James is… he’s out.”
“Why isn’t he home? That freaking idiot, he should be at home with you, Harry and Abby. Where is he?”
“Yeah, I know all that, but… erm, he’s doing something important, so please, hurry over, please, please.”
“I’ll be there in five minutes time, don’t worry about it.”
“Thanks so, so, so much.” Lily hung up the phone and went as fast as she could up the stairs to her bedroom. She grabbed a few pairs of clothes and other things essential for more than a day-long stay.
After finishing with her bag, she ran down into the living room and shook her son awake.
“Harry, honey, wake up,” she said, shaking him again, more vigorously this time. “Harry, Mummy’s having the babies, we have to go to the hospital.
“Is it December already?! My brothers are coming, is it Christmas?” Harry asked in an eager, excited tone of voice.
“No, honey, it’s still September fifteenth. The babies decided to come early. Sirius is coming to take us to the hospital. Get some books to read and things to do. I have to get Abby ready and Sirius should be here any minute now.” Lily stood up, groaned, and hurried over to her baby daughter’s bedroom, then scurried round and round it, getting a diaper bag prepared for her and Abby herself into a baby carrier.
“Lily!!” called Sirius Black from the front hall. “I here! The car’s out front! Where’s Harry?”
Lily could hear her six-year-old saying, “Right here, Sirius! Look at my books, they’ve got pretty pictures!”
“Coming, Sirius!” Lily ran down the staircase with two bags in her right hand and a baby carrier in her left. “Harry, put you things in this bag and give it to Sirius, would you?”
“Here, Sirius,” said Harry, handing his godfather the diaper bag and a great big grin. “Mummy is having my little brothers!!”
“What if she has a girl? Or two little girls? What then?” asked Sirius, kneeling down to Harry’s eye-level and smiling.
“She would still have one boy, because she is having three babies.” He held up three little fingers to demonstrate this fact. “As long as I have one brother.”
“Quite opinionated, that one,” said Sirius, standing up and taking Harry into his arms. “He’s exactly like you, Lily.”
“Yes, well, if you don’t get me to a hospital this instant, I will not only be opinionated but a murderer as well.”
“Then let’s get going.”


Elizabeth, Jane, and James Potter were born at 2:12 AM on September 16th at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.
Of course, within a week, they would be known by all of their family as Elizabeth, Jane, and Jamie Evans.
“Sirius, why isn’t my daddy here? Shouldn’t he be here? Will he be here soon? It shouldn’t take such a long time to buy milk for Mummy, should it? Is he back at my house in Godric’s Hollow? Or, maybe, could he be at your house?”
Sirius rubbed his temples and picked up small Harry, plopping him down on his lap.
“I don’t know where your dad is, Harry. I really don’t. I’m… I’m not sure your dad will be returning.”
“W-why not?” Harry’s normally happy face fell. “Did I d-do s-something w-w-wrong?”
“No, Harry. You did nothing wrong. Your dad did something very, very terrible though.”
“What did he do, Sirius? My dad isn’t bad. He’s really nice!!!” Harry said this loudly, to prove to his godfather that his dad wasn’t a bad person. So loudly that half of the waiting room turned their heads and glared at the small, raven-haired boy sitting on the lap of a strange man.
“You mum will tell you what he did, Harry. But, for the time being, your mum and you will be staying with me, at my house, because Elizabeth, Jane and Jamie are going to have to stay here in the hospital for awhile.”
“Do I have a brother?”
“Yeah, you do. He‘s named Jamie.”
“Can I see Mummy now?”
“Well, I think so. If it’s okay with the doctors.”
It was and Sirius took Harry in to see his mother.
“Mummy, why isn’t Daddy here?” was the first thing Harry asked Lily.
Harry’s mother looked at him with blood-shot eyes and a tear-stained face.
“Come here, sweetie,” Lily answered. Harry climbed up onto the hospital bed. “Y-your dad… he’s not coming back, Harry. He… he left us. It’s just you, me, and the babies now.”
“Why? Is it my fault? Did I do something to make him leave? It’s my fault, isn’t it?” Harry looked up at his mum, sad and scared.
“No! Of course not!! Your father… he just… I-I guess that your daddy just didn’t want to be in the family anymore.”
Harry’s bright green eyes filled with tears and his nose run.
“I d-d-don’t want Daddy to leave!! Make him come back, Mummy, make him come back!! Why did he leave?” he cried, putting his face in his mother’s shoulder and getting snot on her hospital gown. Lily didn’t notice. She just wrapped her arms around her oldest son and hugged him tightly.
“I can’t, Harry. And I don’t want your father to leave, either. And I don’t know why he did. I’m sorry, honey. I’m so, so sorry.”

A Day in the Life

I don’t know too much about too much of my old man

“Up! Come on, Harry! It’s after six!”
Harry groaned under his pillow. Don’t make me get up… just let me sleep until school gets back in session, won’t you? he begged his mother mentally.
“Yeah… just five minutes… just ten more minutes… thanks so much.”
“Young man, you are fifteen years old. It is six-thirty and you have things you need to be doing. Get up, now.”
“Mu-um,” he moaned. “Ten more minutes? Please?”
Lily slapped her son upside the head and he tried to slap her back, unsuccessfully. He lay there with his head under his pillow, waving his arm back and forth in a fruitless effort to get her back.
“Be down in fifteen minutes, nothing more. Or else I’ll send them up.”
“Oh, Mum, don’t let Abby sit on me again.”
“Well, the girl was hungry. You can hardly blame her. You’re going to end up missing breakfast one of these days.”
Fifteen minutes later, Harry’s sister came bounding upstairs in a huff, whining, “Har-ry! Get up!! Get up! Get up, get up, get up!!!!” She shook him with a final, “Get up!”
Getting no reaction, she thought, Drastic measures for drastic times! With that, she climbed on top of her brother’s back.
“God, Abby, what do you want?”
“I want to eat breakfast, you moron, but Mum and Aunt Petunia say that we can’t eat until you get your big butt downstairs!”
“Get off me, Abby.”
“No, I really don’t feel like it.” Abby moved up onto her brother’s ribcage and punched him on the nape of his neck.
“What the fu- hell are you doing? Get the hell off me!” Harry pushed Abby off him and she landed on both feet on the floor.
“That’s right, ow. Now I’m going to have bruises all over me. You’ll never get a boyfriend, you know, because all the boys will be afraid of you. Throw me a shirt.”
Abby put on a disgusted expression and tossed a shirt at Harry.
“It’s clean, stupid, but thanks anyway.”
“Shove off. Could you hurry up and get downstairs so we can eat?”

I know he walked right out the door

“Bye, Mum. See you later, Jamie.”
“Harry, before you go, what time will you be getting home?” Lily asked, stopping her eldest child before he walked out the door. “I’m making a big dinner for you tonight. Ron, Hermione, you’re welcome to join us, too, if you’d like.”
“Expect me at six,” Harry replied. Turning to his friends, he added, “You should really come. Mum’s cooking is great.”
“Well, fifteen. You’re practically a dinosaur. Count me in,” said Ron. “Your cooking is even better than my mum’s, Ms. Evans.”
“You flatter me, Ronald. Hermione? Will you be gracing us with your presence this evening?”
“I’d love to come, Mrs. Evans,” Hermione answered in her smart-ass way. “I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”
“Er… it’s miss… but I’ll see you this evening. Have a nice day, you three!”
“See you, Mum.”
Once they were in the Weasleys’ flying Ford Anglia, Ron said to Harry, “God, mate, you look awful.”
“I feel awful,” Harry replied, rubbing his purpling neck.
“What on earth happened? Did Dudley give you a lucky birthday beating?” asked Hermione.
“Well, I woke up late this morning. Delayed breakfast for everyone except Vernon, who had work.”
“Abby,” said his friends together.
“Did she-”
“How many bruises now?”
“Sixteen. And those are just from the start of the holidays.”
“Well, Harry, what was with your mum this morning? With that ‘it’s miss’ shit?” said Hermione, moving onto her daily bemoaning of her horrible life.
“It is miss, though, Hermione. She’s not married anymore, you know, since my dad…”
“Croaked? Kicked the bucket? Bit the big one?” suggested Ron.
“E-exactly. She changed her last name, as well as mine, and my siblings’.”
“I see,” said Ron. “You know, I always wonder about one thing: why would you rather spend your Saturdays during the holidays in that mad-house with your dorky brother rather than us? Your friends?”
“What’s your guys’ problem? Jamie’s my only brother and he’s a cool kid, besides. Anyway, why should I bother going to the cinema with you when I’d be the only one actually paying attention to the film? You two would be too busy snogging. So you’d pick the movie- usually a bad one, mind you- and I’d be stuck watching it while you are otherwise occupied.”
“Jamie is eight years old. What’s cool about that?” demanded Hermione.
“You know, I didn’t actually ask your opinion. And it’s my birthday, not gang-up-on-Harry-because-he-enjoys-hanging-with-his-brother-he-never-sees day. So shut-up.” Harry crossed his arms and glared out his window, angry that the one day his friends weren’t supposed to be able to be asses to him, they were anyway.
“Sorry,” muttered Ron.
“Apologies,” Hermione added.
“Not accepted,” Harry finished.

We never saw him again

“I’ve been waiting and saving for this since I was thirteen,” Harry sighed as he and his two friends waited in front of the counter of a music store near his home.
“Here you are,” said the cashier, holding out the case.
“Thanks,” said Harry, picking it up by the handle and walking outside to sit on the bench outside the store.
“So?” Ron said, sitting on Harry’s right. “Let’s see it, then.”
“C’mon, Harry!” Hermione snapped, sitting on his other side. “Hurry up!”
“Shut it, Granger.”
Harry opened the case gingerly and stared in wonder at the electric guitar that was lying inside. He didn’t really know why but since he was eleven, he’d felt extremely passionate about rock music and playing it. It helped that his best friend, Draco Malfoy, also was a fan of the style. Another contributing factor was the fact that he’d asked his mother what his father had thought of the genre; she said he didn’t approve of it. This just made Harry want to play it more.
Finally, after two years of waiting, he and Draco could really start that rock band that they’d been dreaming about since they’d started at Hogwarts. They would be the next Weird Sisters- minus the freaky face paint and leather pants.
“A guitar? You’ve been saving since you were thirteen to buy a guitar?” drawled Hermione.
“Hermione, do you have any idea how much this cost?”
Harry shoved the receipt under her nose. She didn’t even blink.
“I could buy that with one month’s worth of allowance,” she muttered, not meeting his eyes.
“Well, I don’t get an allowance, Hermione. I had to work for the money I used to pay for this. So, again, shut-up.” Harry was quiet for a few seconds and then added, “Besides, my dad would have hated it.”
“God, what is it with you and this resentment of your dad, Harry?” Hermione snapped, annoyed by her friend’s day’s worth of sulking.
“Hermione, leave him along. It’s his birthday,” Ron berated her in an irritated voice.
“You shut up, Ronald.”
“I wasn’t the one being a bitch to him on his birthday.”
“Well, you’re just an all-around jack-ass, so no one would notice, would they?”
“Right back at you-”
“Shut it, both of you!” Harry shouted. “Could you not fight for one day? Jesus.”
Having finally had enough, Harry pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one up.
“You’re disgusting,” Hermione muttered as the smoke wafted in front of their faces.

Last I heard, he was at the bar

Harry scuffed along the sidewalk, arriving finally at number 4. When he walked in, he saw the mail lying on the doormat. He picked it up, flipping through, not expecting anything for himself.
He was pleasantly surprised, finding a letter addressed to him in his best friend’s familiar curly handwriting. At least one of my friends cares that it’s my birthday, he thought with a small smile.
“Mum! I’m home!” he called, walking down the entryway towards the kitchen.
“Harry! Be quiet!” Lily said when he came into the kitchen, depositing the remainder of the mail, all for his aunt and uncle, on the counter. “Jamie and Jane are sleeping! Hush!”
“Sorry, Mum.”
Lilly sniffed the air and demanded, “Give me your jacket. Come on, hand it over. Now.”
Harry slowly pulled off his old, tattered jacket and reluctantly handed it to his mother.
Lily held it up to her nose and then fished around in the pockets, finding exactly what she was looking for.
“Harry James Evans. How many times do I have to tell you this, young man?! No smoking, or than guitar you expertly hid in the garage will be history.” Harry could only stare at his mother, bewildered. He had put that guitar in there hours ago, when he was sure no one was looking. He’d put it in a place that no one would find it; how did she know?
“Yes, I saw you sneaking it in. I can only wonder where you got the money to pay for such a thing. I shudder at some of my ideas.”
“Mum! I made the money for that myself. Do you really think I’d steal it?”
Lily shook her head, obviously not sure what to think.
“I don’t know if I should believe you.”
“Ooo, busted!” said Abby from the door to the kitchen.
“Abby, your room! Now!” shouted Lily. “I am loosing patience with this family! Harry! Answer me! Now!” Harry’s green eyes were wide with surprise. He’d never seen his mother like this.
“Mum, I would not steal a guitar! I’m not that stupid. I wouldn’t steal the money to buy a guitar, either. You know that.”
With an exasperated sigh, Lily thrust Harry’s jacket at him and said, still angry, “Go put this in the wash.” Pocketing the cigarettes, Lily turned her back on Harry. This was his cue to get the hell out of that kitchen.
“What did you do, Evans?” drawled Dudley as Harry passed him on his way to the laundry room.
“Shut-up, Dudley.”

Doing himself in

“So? How was your birthday, Harry?” Lily asked as Harry took a seat on the couch in the living room.
“It would have been great, had my friends bothered to show up for dinner. My only friend who actually cares about me lives to far away for me to see him during the holidays,” said Harry coldly.
“Something must have come up, dear,” said Lily, taking a seat beside her son and putting an arm around him.
“Oh, something they couldn’t have told me about this morning? Or this afternoon? Yeah, that’s likely.”
“What do you want to do tonight? We can do something, just you and me.” He didn’t have the chance to answer her, as the phone rang a moment later.
Petunia stuck her head into the living room and said, “Lily, phone for you.”
“Okay,” replied Lily. “We’ll finish this when I get back. I won’t be long,” she said to Harry. Lily stood and took the cordless phone from her sister’s hand and said, “Hello?”
As he waited, Harry stared at his hands, pulling up one of his sleeves and staring at the tattoo he’d gotten last Christmas. His mother always wondered why, since then, he’d only worn long-sleeved shirts. But if she found out… the combination of that, the smoking, and the rock band would really cause her to kick him out of the house.
And then what would he do? He would have to find some other place to stay. Not the Weasleys’, either, because Molly would know that Lily had a good reason for kicking Harry out. She’d probably even know the reason, courtesy of Lily herself. Molly wasn’t one to approve of tattoos, even though it was likely Bill had one… but then, Bill was Bill. He was an exception to every rule.
As much as he’d like to stay with the Malfoys, were there a time it was necessary, Draco was the only member of that family that could stand Harry. Sirius had a flat in London, a convenient bachelor pad, just big enough for one. There really was no where he could go…
Finally, he glanced at the watch he’d gotten last year for his birthday, to see how long Lily had been on the phone. It had been almost a half-hour…
She finally came back into the sitting room and said, in a choked voice, “Harry. Harry, phone. Take it up to your room.”
“Are you okay?” he asked as he took the phone from his mother. She hadn’t cried in a long time and there was only one thing she ever cried about- his father.
“Yes, just take the phone upstairs.” Harry nodded, taking the cordless phone and walking upstairs before holding it up to his ear.
“Hello?” he said, closing his bedroom door and sitting on his bed, unsure of what to expect.
“Hi, Harry!” The man on the opposite end was making an effort to sound cheerful.
“What the hell do you want?” Harry demanded, his voice like ice. There was silence for a few seconds and Harry stuck his finger in a hole in his bedspread.
“I called to tell you happy birthday. Fifteen, huh? Your mum hated me when we were your age.” Harry rolled his eyes, thinking, She doesn’t feel too differently now.
“Gee, I wonder why,” he muttered. He didn’t know how he used to worship this person- this horrible person, scared of commitment, willing to abandon his family to feel a little freedom.
“How’s Abby?” asked James.
“She’s doing better. She likes to sit on me when I don’t get up in the morning, but fine.”
“That’s funny.”
“Not really, but I put up with it. You know, because of the cancer.”
“Your mum told me about that.”
“You sound so concerned.”
There was silence on the other end again, until finally he asked, “How are the triplets?”
“You mean Elizabeth, Jane, and Jamie?” Harry found I appalling that this man didn’t even know the names of three of his children.
“Yes. How are they?”
“Well, Jamie and I both hate you. Jane and Elizabeth, when they’re feeling really vicious, like to help Abby gang up on me.” Harry heard his father chuckle a bit but he himself found nothing funny about being sat on by three pre-adolescents on a daily basis.
“So, what’s Jamie like? Why doesn’t she help Abby and Jane and Elizabeth?”
“Well, he actually enjoys my company. He looks like Mum, you know, ginger hair and brown eyes.”
“Like his dad, huh?”
Harry was getting extremely bored with this conversation. First his father didn’t even know the names of the triplets and then he thought Jamie was a girl.
The more he thought about it, about this call, this stupid, out of the blue call on his birthday, from his estranged father, gone for almost ten years, the angrier Harry got. How could he think that he could make one call and everything would be okay again? How could that work? How?
“I hate you.”
The young man his the ‘Off’ button and threw the phone down on his bed.
“Harry, dear, can I come in?” came his mother’s voice from outside the door. “Harry?”
“Yes, Mum.”
“How’d it go?”
“He thought Jamie was a girl.”
“Oh… what else did you tell him?”
“That I hate him.” Harry looked away. He didn’t want to see Lily’s expression at this statement.
“Harry! Why in the world did you do that?!”
“Because it’s true,” Harry said, his voice finally cracking. A lump was growing in his throat. Lily wrapped her arms around him.
Sighing, she said, “It’s okay for you to cry about it, Harry. There’s nothing wrong with that. But some things… some things, you just keep to yourself, you understand.” Harry nodded to tell her that he did understand.
“Mum!” Jamie’s voice came from outside the door. He banged on it and shouted again, “Mum! Jane and Elizabeth are trying to eat the rest of Harry’s cake!”
“Mum, can I have some? I’m older, I should get more!” screamed Abby through the door.
“No! Neither you, nor your sisters can have any more! You all had your helping!” called Lily.
“Mum! Jamie and Abby shouldn’t get any more at all for tattling!” shouted Elizabeth.
“Yeah!” added Jane.
“All four of you, go down to the living room this instant! I will be down in a minute!” Pushing Harry away from her, Lily looked him square in the eye and asked, “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine… I just can’t stand him.”
“Harry, you have to calm down. Abby will hold this over your head till the day you die, you know. So clean up and then you can come and watch me tame the beasts.”
Smiling weakly, Harry said, “Yeah, okay. I’ll be down in five minutes.”

I know I got that same disease

“How did you like the movie, Harry?” Lily asked as she and all five of her children left the theatre. Abby answered before Harry could take a breath.
“There was a boy and a girl kissing three rows below us. Weren’t they your friends, Harry? Weren’t they?”
“Yeah, Abby, they were. I guess they did have something better to do tonight. Sit in a dark theatre and snog through an entire film. I guess it’s better than going to their dorky friend’s birthday party.”
“Harry, don’t say that. You know that’s not true,” Lily reminded him.
“It sure as hell is this year. Why are my friends so horrible?”
“Your friends aren’t horrible.”
“Yes, they are. They lie and they like each other and they like kissing each other more than their half-orphaned friend, and would rather do that than spend the night with him, even on his birthday.”
“You are not half-orphaned,” Lily insisted.
“Yes, I am. And those two morons and Dad collaborated to make this the worst day of my life. I wouldn’t be surprised if Satan was in on it, too.”
Harry began walking faster than the rest of his family and when he reached the car, slammed his door as hard as he could, proceeding to glare out the front window.
“Harry! Come on, it’s my turn to sit in front! Harry!” shouted Abby. Harry, however, ignored her. She hadn’t just had the worst birthday of her life. But he sure as hell had.

I guess I got that from him

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