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Good-Bye by Fuego
Chapter 2 : Final Words
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Disclaimer- "It's mine all MINE!!!!!!!!" cries JKR. "Fuego only owns the clever plot!"

Lupin stood up at the podium, and cleared his throat. He waited, patiently, for people to pay attention. Once every set of eyes were focused on him, he took a deep breath, and began to speak.

"Sirius Black, was a great person. He was, and will remain forever, one of my best friends. He was someone you could talk to. He'd listen and then support you. Even when he was in Azkaban for twelve years, I always knew that he was still my friend. I never attempted to visit him. After all, he was the only Maraduer left. James was dead, and I thought Peter had died. When I look back I think that I wasn't a good friend. Two years ago when he escaped from Azkaban, I was scared. I should have thought that he wasn't Sirius Black, the murderer, he was Sirius Black, my friend. That is something I will regret for the rest of my life. You could trust him. I told him, Peter, and James I was a werewolf, and I thought that they would turn on me. Nope. They became unregistered Animagus'. James was a stag, Peter a rat, and Sirius a dog. So when a full moon came, we would go to the Whomping Willow, Peter would transform and press the knot to freeze it, and we'd go in. I'd transform and they'd keep me company. I will be eternally grateful. Good-Bye Sirius."

Lupin left the podium and people clapped.

Then it was Harry's turn. His insides froze with fear.

Both Ron and Hermione gave his hand supportive squeezes and then they waited.

"And now, Harry Potter would like to say a few words. Harry, you may come up." replied the Mageist.

Slowly, Harry made his way to the podium.

"Hi everyone. Sirius Black was my Godfather. He was like the father I never had. I could talk to him and we could hang out and laugh together. He wrote to me at Hogwarts, every month. Even if he only wrote 'How are you?' he still wrote. You could trust him. Even though he was in Azkaban, he was innocent. He didn't get a trial or anything. The Ministry found him at the scene of the crime and locked him in Azkaban. I love him, and I'll miss him. He might not be here physically, but he will always be in our hearts. Thank You"

Once again, people clapped. He sat back down with Ron, Hermione, and Lupin. There were tears running down his cheeks again. He rested his head on Hermione's shoulder and sat there. Thinking. He wanted to think happy thought, but all he could see is Sirius falling through the veil. It was as though it was a movie that went in a continues loop. Soon, Harry started violently shaking. Ron put an arm around him and rubbed his shoulder. Hermione kissed the top of his head. He was glad to have friends like them.

A few minutes later, everyone got up.

"What's going on?" asked Harry. His voice had returned to normal.

"The graveyard. We're going to bury the body." answered Ron.


The trio got up. Harry in the middle, Hermione on his right and Ron on his left. The held hands and left the room. The hard part of the funeral was over. Now they just had to bury the "body" and it would be done.

A/N- Ok a Mageist is a magical priest. I combined to two words. That's to Jimmer for the first review!!!!!!!! There won't be any more than five chapters. So far...

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