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The Daughter Harry Never Knew He Had by Sara Pasquinelli
Chapter 1 : The Daughter Harry Never Knew He Had
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Chapter One
A Baby Girl

Hermione Granger held her newborn baby in her arms at St. Mungo’s hospital. The darling child was perfect. The baby had a bit of brown hair, but Hermione was startled when the small child first opened her eyes, they were a dazzling green. She was happy and sad all at the same time at the birth of her daughter. Hermione felt a part of her missing; she had ever since her fiancé Ron had died. Hermione thought she had partially filled that gap, but it crept up on her ever so often. What would she tell her new daughter about her fathers?

~*~*~*~*~ 11 months earlier~*~*~*~*~
Ron was an auror alongside his best friend Harry Potter; they were the best team of aurors the ministry had and they were only eighteen. Ron proposed to Hermione before he and Harry left for the final battle. Ron promised Hermione that he would come back, but Hermione needed more. As an assurance of his promise, she had conceived his child before he left. She told Ron that she would write him as many owls the ministry would allow and to come back for the both of them.
Harry was touched by the couples’ commitment. Harry was amazed that Hermione would do something so special for Ron. Hermione had told both the boys time and time again about her ‘planned’ life and it did not include her having her first child when she was only a year out of Hogwarts, but like in the late muggle1940s, it seemed like there was a baby boom going on in the Wizarding world. Harry knew already that most of the seventh year girls were already having children because their boyfriends went off to the war. Some returned and some didn’t; these were scary times.
The times got scarier though because one day Hermione wrote one of the saddest letters she would write in her whole lifetime. It went sorrowfully like this:

Dearest Ron,
I have counted the days you have been away from me and with each one I long so much more to see you. I need you back Ron, we need to start our life together. I am in the deepest grief at the moment because something terrible has happened; Ron, I miscarried our child. The one thing that I had to hold is lost and I need you again soon in its place. The doctors say I’m fine and that when you return we can try again. I am praying that you come back safely; I know the baby I lost is helping your guardian angel in protecting you.
Yours until the end of time,

Hermione found out later though that Ron was thinking of their baby the whole time he was throwing curses and hexing death eaters. After he learned of their child’s faith, he lost hope. He loved Hermione dearly, but the thought of coming home to a tiny red-haired newborn just warmed him more. The night before they invaded Voldemorte’s castle Ron had a very important heart-to-heart with Harry.

“Harry, do you love Hermione?” Ron asked while they sat in their tent drinking butterbeer.

“Of course Ron she’s my best friend next to you. I couldn’t imagine life without either of you,” Harry smiled.

“I’m glad, but do you think that you could ever love her in a sexual way?”

“Where are you going with this Ron?” Harry was confused.

“Harry tomorrow’s it. We are going in to that castle and dragging down one evil ass wizard that’s been terrorizing people for way too long, but I had a dream last night about it.”

“What was your dream about?”

Ron looked up from his mug with his blue eyes wider than he had ever had them before, “Harry I had a dream last night that I died in the battle. It was a noble death, but all so real. I just want you to promise me something.”

“Ron no, if you think that dream was a premonition I will hex your ass right here. You know what they taught us through all that bloody auror training, most of the game is psychological warfare and if you think that than I have no doubt you’ll die.”

“Harry I don’t believe it, it’s just enlightened me to some possibilities that’s all.”

“Like what?”

“Well, if I were to die (Ron saw Harry almost drop his mug and spit butterbeer all over the tent he added), hypothetically speaking of course. I want you to help Hermione out.”

“You mean marry her?”

“Well, anything she wants. If she wants you to stay with her awhile for comfort than do it, if she needs you to make her breakfast every morning than by all means, even if she needs someone else’s arms around her while she sleeps or a new lover. (Ron paused taking all this in) I want those arms to be yours, and the love to come from you.”

“Ron I’ll promise you, but you’re going to go home after the battle tomorrow and Hermione is going to cry when she hears you repeat this speech. Got that?”

“Yeah, I do,” and Ron hugged his best friend. Harry hated to see Ron so worried and scared. Through all the 7 months of hell they went through together (otherwise known as auror training) he thought he’d seen Ron at his worst and best, but this was an all-time low. ‘What could possibly make him want me to be Hermione’s lover?’ Those were Harry’s last thoughts before he fell asleep.

Harry and Ron fought valiantly using everything they had learned physically and magically in training. Their head of department was no doubt giving them a promotion. Finally it was just them vs. Voldemorte.

“I’ll take this side, you take that one,” whispered Harry.

Ron nodded, but all of a sudden the torches flickered and a black-cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows.

“So nice to have more company,” Voldemorte laughed, “It was a real shame none of the others ever left the party,” he nodded towards the pile of bodies in a corner. All of them Harry knew; he even trained alongside a few of the brave wizards.

“You sick bastard,” Harry yelled. “Let’s end this right here; I’m willing to bet no more people will suffer after a few moments.”

“You’re quite right Harry, good show, I applaud you,” Voldie cackled a high laugh and gave Harry two single claps of his hands. “You see after you suffer no one else will have to.”

“You always did count your dragons before they hatched,” Harry smiled.

“Of course because they always did,” Voldemorte didn’t waist anymore valuable time chatting with his arch nemesis. He brought out his wand ready to send Harry to the unknown, but as he began his curse (New and improved because Avada Kedavra wasn’t good enough for the boy who lived. In your face Voldie!) a red-haired someone jumped in from the shadows. Voldemorte wasn’t even aware that Ron was in the room. Even though Ron had his red hair he was always the best at hide and go seek (auror style of course). “What the hell…”

Ron took the purple light headed straight for Harry who was muttering every counter curse in the book. As soon as Harry contemplated all that had happened he broke down on the spot and cried his bright green eyes out. Harry would’ve gladly taken that curse; he never wanted his past to hurt his friends, but now it had finally caught up to him.

“Ron please be alive,” he whispered to Ron’s still body that was getting cold. Voldemorte was lying on the tile floor in a heap of black; Harry would deal with him later. (I hope the ministry throws his body to the dogs, his only equals grins)

“Harry remember your promise,” Ron’s last words were barely audible.
After everyone returned and partied for weeks on end with the reason being the defeat of the dark lord, Harry was still a little depressed. The only thing that kept him going was his new job; caring for Hermione. Hermione was very unstable right now and though she was returning to her old self, with the help of counseling from Dumbledore, she was still weak.
One day Harry came back from getting Hermione a few things she had asked for while he was at Diagon Alley. Harry was very proud of her too; she was beginning to become the Hermione he was used to, slowly, but it was happening. Yesterday Harry had caught her alphabetizing all the books in her house’s small library; which made him smile. Dumbledore was proud to announce that he didn’t think that his counseling was needed anymore and told Harry to keep an eye on her. Harry didn’t stay with her all the time; he only visited.

“Harry is that you?” Hermione called from upstairs.

“Yeah, where do you want me to set these groceries?”

“Oh, on the table. Come up here I need your opinion on something,”

“Sure, be up in a second,” Harry took the steps two at a time to Hermione’s room. He opened the door and thought his mouth hit the ground. When had Hermione gotten this beautiful? He noticed her real change in mid 5th year, but she never showed off like this? Should he really be thinking these thoughts though? Harry questioned himself as he realized what he was saying. His mind put it in vague for him,” You think she looks dead sexy.”

That was just about it too. Hermione would look dead sexy to any guy. Right now she was wearing a short red tube dress with a shawl. The dress showed all her right features including the bulge of her breasts and tight curves to her hips. Not to mention that her honey brown hair was in a French twist with a few elusive ringlets hanging forgotten framing her face.

“Do you think I look alright?”

“You’re gorgeous Hermione,” even though Harry was undressing her with his eyes like a common male he still kept his cool, he was 18 and had gotten over his jitters by 17. It wasn’t such a big thing to tell a girl she was gorgeous when you’ve given one a loud orgasm. It just lost the thrill.

“You really think so?” Hermione smiled and turned to look at the mirror straightening out the dress.

Harry came over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist helping her straighten the dress down the top of her thighs. He could feel her shivers and smirked, “That looks about right,” he said as he touched the red material with his hands one last time. “What’s the occasion?” He asked.

“You mean you don’t know?” Hermione turned looking up at him.

“No, is the ministry having some ball that I forgot about again? Shit,” he sighed smacking his head and began turning towards the door.

“No Harry they aren’t,” Hermione said grabbing his arm and turning him around.

“Oh, have you got a date?” Harry would have been surprised if Hermione said she was going out somewhere because she hadn’t for a while.

“I hope so,” Hermione whispered and crashed her lips into Harry’s. She was very happy that he didn’t pull away. Harry had told her what Ron had said trying to comfort her after his death, and Hermione couldn’t help but lust for her dead fiancé’s partner, her best friend. Harry was downright hot; he and Ron had both had the same auror training receiving the same built body from doing so. Harry was a few inches shorter, but his hands and feet were just as big (A/N:I know I’m disgusting.) Hermione had also repeated to herself in her head all that Ron had told Harry. It seemed to her that he gave his consent long ago for them to be lovers, and Hermione hadn’t had any in almost a year. Call her a horny teenager if you must, but she only went weak to sex; it seemed almost like a drug to her.

Harry didn’t push Hermione away, though the thoughts of ‘what the fuck am I doing’ passed through his head a couple of times on the way towards her bed getting answers like ‘you’re doing her dumb nuts’. Harry remembered Ron’s exact words, “a new lover”. Those three words rang in his head like an alarm clock. Before Harry knew it he was undressing her and she him. She moved so fast and she was so intoxicating it scared him. Harry had only gotten drunk once in 6th year when they celebrated Sirius’ name being cleared and this was ten times that intoxication. Somewhere between bases, Harry needed to know.

“Hermione, are you sure?” Harry didn’t want to wake up and find her screaming at him for taking advantage of her if she was drunk or something, but she wasn’t drunk, and Harry was quite sure she wasn’t under a curse. About a million protection wards were put up after Ron died in case angry death eaters still remained.

“Harry, just make love to me,” Hermione practically moaned. Like most warm-blooded males, Harry couldn’t resist that sound. She wanted him; maybe even more than he wanted her? Nah, totally not possible, he told himself as he proceeded with his doings.

(A/N: I am really sucky at writing really sex scenes and you all get the picture. This is an important part of the story though mind you, but not the main topic. Hopefully you all understand! One with the fic…)

Hermione woke that morning realizing what she had just done. She had had sex with Harry Potter. Unlike any of his female-worshippers Hermione didn’t faint or squeal, just lay thinking about it. Hermione had never thought of Harry like that until she was looking through her closet and found a very nice dress she felt like dressing up in. Then, it all dawned on her like an atomic bomb, she loved him. Everything that he had done for her since Ron died; he was so thoughtful and she had though his physique was perfect for a long time as was her Ron’s. The only difference with Harry in their sex rather than her and Ron’s was that she and Harry almost fitted better with one another. Call the girl crazy, but that’s what she thought. Fluttering her eyes she felt Harry arms around her. Thank Merlin, she thought, at least it wasn’t all a dream.

Harry slid his arms tighter around Hermione’s small frame and kissed her cheek feeling her awaken. Harry wasn’t second thinking one thing he did last night, that had to be a good sign, he thought and everything was looking toward the heavens for him at this moment. Harry hoped that Hermione had thought over everything she had done. What about the baby?

As faith would have it though. Harry was called back to the ministry and sent on a mission to imprison the remaining death eaters. Hermione wrote him all the time until one day. Hermione was LATE (that’s right people bold print, different font, hint hint, LATE!). Hermione wondered if Ron had told Harry about her miscarriage of their baby? If he hadn’t then Harry knew damn well she was pregnant when he slept with her and must have guessed she didn’t care, but what would she do if Ron did tell him? She couldn’t just right him a letter that he’ll receive in Merlin-knows-where saying that she was pregnant. Well, I guess I just won’t send him a letter, I’ll wait until he sends me one.

Harry was sitting by the fire lit on the auror’s campsite busy writing a letter to Hermione. He hoped she was okay. Harry thought that she would be around three months pregnant and he hoped she was fine by herself. Harry remembered though that Ginny and all the Weasleys had assured Harry before he left that they would tend to her (A/N: Hermione’s miscarriage is totally unknown to everyone but her and Ron. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!)

Dear Hermione,
I hope you and the baby are fine. I want you to tell me everything that you feel; I wish I could be there with you through this. I know that this baby is biologically Ron’s, but I feel after the love we shared that night, that it is a part of me, and even before I would’ve been with you through it all. Tell the Weasleys I say hi and to take good care of you because you deserve the best luv.
Take care,

Harry sent his letter with one of the express owls. Hermione cried when she read the letter realizing that Harry already felt that the baby was his and she found it unimportant to tell him otherwise. Harry was probably going to be the man her baby called ‘daddy’ anyway.

~*~*~*Hermione’s 7th month~*~*~

“Hermione you’ve hot to eat something dear. I know you’re not hungry, but you are responsible for the baby’s nutrition as well,” smiled Mrs. Weasley.

“Thank you mum (Mrs. Weasley had insisted that Hermione call her that since her son was her fiancé and because Hermione’s parents were killed fighting for the muggles in the war), but I am too worried about Harry,” Hermione sighed. Harry had stopped owling her. She hadn’t heard from him in almost month and she was needing him more and more as her due date came nearer. Since Harry hadn’t asked about why her due date was in August instead of June like it technically should be if this was Ron’s baby, she didn’t mention it to anyone. She figured that since this was the Weasley’s first grandchild that they were too excited to look at technical details. Hermione was surprised to hear that Percy had wanted to wait until his career was in order before starting a family (poor Penelope). Bill and Charlie were almost lost hopes. Fred and George were basically ‘players’. If Ginny had the first grandchild with her boyfriend Draco her mum would no doubt flip (A/N: If I hadn’t mentioned it all ready Draco isn’t evil in this fic!) although Hermione suspected Ginny was having sex with him. She was of age though, so it was none of Hermione’s business.

“We’ll hear from him dear. Arthur and Percy insist that the only reason no post has come from the mission is that they have been cut off from any lines outside their location for secrecy reasons.”

“I’m sure Harry won’t miss the birth of his best friend’s baby Hermione,” soothed Ginny. Funny, thought Hermione, he’d actually be missing the birth of his own baby, owe well.

Hermione nodded her head and ate her dinner because ‘mum’ wouldn’t help her out of her chair until she did. Hermione was considerably big being as near as she was and needed help getting up because she was so small compared to her stomach. She had asked the doctor repeatedly if she was sure it would fit through her small hole for delivery, but she confident her with a laugh that the baby was perfect in size.

~*~*~*~*~ July 31st

Hermione woke up and wished that Harry was here so she could wish him a happy birthday, but he never walked through the door regardless of how hard she had been wishing. As luck would have it around 3 PM Hermione couldn’t ignore a growing pain in her stomach. She yelled for Ginny and ‘mum’ because she was 8 months now and couldn’t move from the couch without assistance.

“Dear I think it’s time.”

“I’ll call St. Mungo’s and inform them of your floo arrival,” Ginny called from the kitchen.

“But Harry’s supposed to be here, where is he?” Hermione was watching as ‘mum’ accioed her suitcase from upstairs and shooed her to the fireplace getting out the powder.

“Sorry Hermione, but babies wait for no one.” Ginny smiled. “I promise I’ll stay with you if you’d like.”

“Thanks Ginny,” Hermione was beginning to breath a little heavier now and ‘mum’ hurried her long even aster now afraid her water would brake at any moment.

“You know I wish babies would wait. I remember Ginny decided to pop when Arthur was in Hogsmeade having a drink with the boys.”

“Can we hurry,” Hermione begged because if this was happening she didn’t want to give birth on the floor of the Burrow, though she had heard that Bill was.

“Of course,” Ginny threw some powder into the fire and stepped in. Since Ginny was very small she had Hermione come with her just in case. Ginny shouted Delivery Room, and they were off.

~*~*~*~*~* Back to the present

“I can’t believe your daddy missed your birth,” Hermione whispered to her daughter. “I wish he was here to help me name you; your gram and auntie fell asleep.” It was true, ‘mum’ and Ginny had fallen asleep shortly after they had heard Hermione and the baby were both well. Hermione had already decided that Ginny had to be the baby’s godmother; Ginny had received the crushed fingers that fathers are supposed to when their wife squeezes their hand during labor, and Hermione greatly admired her for not once complaining. She decided to let Harry pick the baby’s godfather if he ever returned. Hermione shuddered that thought back quite a few times during her labor, but it still swam in her pool of thought. Harry was her only other love. What would she do if she found out that she lost the two people she was meant to be with? And about that name…

(Your author is thoroughly exhausted! The idea for this story just literally dawned on me and I have been typing like a computer nerd with a sugar high so REVIEW! REVIEW! REVIEW!)

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The Daughter Harry Never Knew He Had: The Daughter Harry Never Knew He Had


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