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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 4 : Just Because Its Class, Doesn't Mean You Have Any
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"Hello students!" Professor McGonagall said as cheerfully as she probably could. She was the head of the Gryffindors, Assistant Principal, not to mention teacher of the transfiguration class.

Lilly smiled. Transfiguration was her favorite class. "Good morning Professor!" she piped up happily. McGonagall turned gracefully and smiled at the girl.

"Teachers pet." George hissed jokingly from behind her. Lilly turned around and winked.

"What do you expect from lil' ol' bookworm me?" she replied before class started. She then turned around to pay attention.

Class in all was very interesting, they were learning all sorts of random things.

"Will someone like to tell me what Diffindo does?" McGonagall asked the class. "Come on children, you should know it, it was on your assigned summer reading!" Lilly heard a nervous chuckle from amongst the class, and she sighed and raised her hand

"Diffindo!" causes an object to split or break. Wand aim is essential to the success of this spell." Lilly read aloud to the class.

"Good Ms. Dillamond! 10 points for the answer and actually reading during the summer!" McGonagall said with a flourish of the wand. "Those are the first points for the entire school!" She then turned and continued teaching class.

The Slytherins from the other side of the class were shooting daggers at her, yet Lilly was beaming for the rest of the class.

"My gosh, do you know everything!" Fred asked sighing.

"Of course she does, are you wonkers!" George joked, trying to look serious.

"Well she doesn't forget anything either." Oliver added darkly. The three of them and Lilly walked down the hallways to the Great Hall.

"Are you implying something WOOD?" Lilly stated roughly, as she turned about and pushed one finger into his chest. "Because if you are, I am giving you a ten second head start to start running."

George and Fred looked at each other with a grin. "Meow! Cat fight!"

"I'm a guy." Oliver spat. Lilly shook her head and continued walking.

"Just shut up Wood."

"Whats up her ass..." she heard George whisper to Oliver.

"Who knows."

After this, Lilly stepped her pace up a little faster.

George, Fred, Oliver and Lilly sat down on a bench and started to shove down their food. Lilly had quite the appetite when she was angry. About five minutes later, Angelina, Eliza, and Alicia joined them.

"How was the first day of class?" Lilly said, feigning homeliness in her voice.

Alicia played along. "Oh mommy! Professor Snape kept yelling at me! He took away 5 points!!! He should be called Professor Grape because his face gets all purple when he's angry!" Her voice was transformed to that of a child on her first day of school.

Angelina piped up, "And Flitwick is weird! Yucky!"

Lilly cracked up at their innocent faces and funny voices, nearly falling off the bench, but to her surprised, Oliver caught her in, one hand on her back, another wrapped around her waist.

"Be careful there..." he said in a provocative tone. His face was dead serious, his eyes, staring straight into hers. "Wouldn't want you to fall."

"You should watch it... Seriously, there are about 30 girls glaring at me!" she joked as he slowly raised her up. They both had their eyes fixated on one another for about a minute, and they didn't even notice Angelina, Fred, George and Alicia winking at each other.

After the whole shock of falling and being saved, Lilly blushed, and now slowly consumed her sandwich in nibbles.

"Oh, Lilly." Oliver said as he was still blushing from the heroic moment. "Do you think maybe that you could go outside at 7ish tonight so I can see how you fly?"

Lilly blushed even darker. Why was she blushing? She was Lilly Maria Dillamond, she was never embarrassed! But why did she get so strange around Oliver? She took a breath and answered. "Sure. But I have to tutor someone at 6, so I may be about five minutes late."

"Okay! Sure! I'll wait!" he exclaimed happily, amazed that she accepted. "Oh you guys, we better get down to class now. IF you want to get your sickle..." He winked at Fred and George and the girls immediately knew that they better hold their nose when going to potions.

"My gosh Lilly, Oliver looked so nervous when he was talking to you!" Eliza exclaimed when the boys were out of sight.

Lilly looked at her, and with her new composed face, she replied, "Probably because he knew not to get on my bad side." She then cracked out her Potions book, and started reading.

"Oh come on! Hey likes you!" Angelina added exasperated.

Alicia nodded. "So totally!"

She looked at the three eager girls trying to set her up with Wood. "He doesn't like me. We are barely on speaking terms. And gosh, just because he was really chivalrous by helping me when I almost fell doesn't mean he likes me. He would do that for any girl." Lilly answered, trying to end the conversation. She knew it wouldn't.

"Oh come on!" Angelina said again. "Why else would he ask you to go flying with him! Flying is his thing, his favorite thing! He never takes anyone flying!"

Eliza and Alicia nodded. "Yeah, thatís his thing! He is really intense, and likes to go alone! I've seen him!"'

Lilly sighed, and had to agree. "He is probably just making me go flying with him, so he can laugh at me!"

"Do you might think that he is just trying to be nice to you?" Eliza gossiped.

She rolled her eyes. "Wood cannot be nice. We have hated each other since our 1st year, why would he be nice to me!" To close the conversation, she got up and detoured another way to get to her potions class.

"Why does she keep denying it!" Angelina groaned.

Eliza looked at the two of them. "Why? Because, she never got over it when she caught her last boyfriend cheating on her? Remember? She was bawling like a baby?"

Alicia looked at them. "Then you remember? Oliver punched the guy in the face, and no one told her?"

The three looked at each other. "Oh my gosh! Oliver loves her! And she is oblivious!" the three exclaimed in unison. They smiled a secret smile, and the went down to class.

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