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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 19 : Furrowed Brows
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A/N: NEWS FLASH!!! Hey all from the Missus! Sorry for the delay, but the good news is that Missus Moony and I have been reunited! (Even though shes not exactly here with me at this very moment - She says hi, though!) Yep, we started school again this week, and we've already been writing like crazy! Especially with all the responses to all the wonderful reviews we've been receiving! It's taking us forever to catch up, but we're getting there! Ok, enough rambling, here's even BETTER news! We now have a page that you can visit to see all of Missus Moony's beautiful artwork and so that you can get to know us just a little bit better! Just check out the webpage that we have posted on our author's profile! We love you all and please tell us what you think about Missus Moony's artwork and we recommend that you all go see it, because she has drawn pictures of all our characters and they are, to be quite honest, brilliant and pretty much how we picture our characters. Plus some of them are really really cute! Ok, that's really enough ramblings from me, I'm serious this time, so get reading and enjoy! It's a good one... even if it is more of a transitional chapter...

Chapter 19: Furrowed Brows

Lily sighed as she looked down at the letter that had been unceremoniously dropped into her oatmeal by her tawny owl, Arya. It was a letter from her parents.

Lily groaned as she attempted to shake off the muck from the envelope and slit it open. It wasn't that Lily was dreading to hear from her parents or anything, but she never exactly enjoyed getting mail from them. Lily's eyebrows furrowed together as her eyes wandered over the letter.

Our Dear Lily,

We hope your first two months back at school have been prosperous! We're so proud that you've made your sports team! We know our little prodigy will brilliant and you'll bring honor to your house and school. But don't let this new game make you lose concentration on the most important thing in your life right now - your schooling. We expect you to be top of your class just like past years. We know that this is your most difficult year, but that does not mean that your mother and I will expect anything less from you. Also, Lily, you need to make sure that your friends don't get you in trouble...

"Yeah, if I even have friends," Lily muttered to herself bitterly as she glanced down the Gryffindor table at Marissa and Rebecca.

...because you are Head Girl this year, and you are supposed to set an example to the entire student body. Well, keep up the good work and make sure you're ready for your exams at the end of the year! We're counting on you, Princess!

Mum and Dad

As Lily finished the letter, she let it drop to the table and started to rub her temples to ease her stress. This was usually how her parents, especially her dad, acted towards her - they expected her to be perfect in everything that she did.

'I guess it's my own fault,' thought Lily as she scowled into her oatmeal.

Lily had always had high expectations of herself and made herself work hard to get good grades and success at whatever she put her mind to. Her parents always fed her so much praise when she succeeded at things and they scolded her when they thought that she could be better at something. This was ultimately what caused Lily to be so uptight - she did not want to disappoint her parents because she had really never seen them disappointed on her behalf. They usually saved their disappointment for Petunia.

'I really did not need that right now,' Lily muttered as she thought about what her father had said about her being the "little prodigy" that would be brilliant at Quidditch. 'He wouldn't be thinking that if he saw me at practice the other day...'

Lily shuddered at that thought and tried to push the thoughts of that dreadful day out of her mind. They had another practice coming up, and Lily, frankly, was not looking forward to seeing James or Rebecca. She had been avoiding or ignoring both of them since the kissing incident. Lily felt her cheeks start to burn as she thought of that kiss. It was quite the kiss...

'Dammit, Lily, pull yourself together!' she thought angrily. 'It wasn't that great of a kiss!'

'Liar,' said a little voice in Lily's head.

'Shut up! ...Oh, god, I'm talking to myself!' Lily rolled her eyes. She decided that she should head off to Herbology before she started going crazy. As she passed Rebecca and Marissa, she felt a little pang of yearning in her stomach. She had missed being with her best friends so much.

'Maybe I should go say I'm sorry...' This thought was pushed far from her mind when she saw the glare on Rebecca's face. Marissa just glanced at Lily, then coldly rolled her eyes and tried to engage Remus in some small talk. Lily sighed and stomped off to class, officially in a bad mood.


After waving goodbye to the Mauraders, Marissa and Rebecca made their way out of the Great Hall to their next class.

"Hey Rebecca, was it just me, or was Remus really down today?" Marissa questioned her friend, glancing back at the Gryffindor table towards their friend who looked obviously out of sorts this morning.

Rebecca tensed and growled at Marissa's question, stomping out of the Great Hall in a huff. Marissa hurried after her friend, throwing the gothic girl a glance to see what on earth was up with her this today. Reaching out, Marissa caught Rebecca's arm, trying to slow the girl down enough so they were walking at a more comfortable pace. The blonde immediently jerked her hand back, releasing her friends arm when Rebecca turned and literaly snapped her teeth in Marissa's direction with another growl.

"For god's sake!! What on earth is up with you this morning?!? You've been acting like a caged manticore since you got back from the library last night!" The gothic girl glowered at her friend and stuffed her hands in her pockets, trying to refrain herself from hexing all the students in the hallway.

Rebecca was distracted when she and Marissa both heard a shout from down the corridor. "HEY, MARISSA!!" Turning, the two girls spotted Amos Diggory jogging to catch up with them.

Marissa cringed and quickly looked around the corridor. "Shit, no place to hide!" Any opportunity of hiding for the blonde girl evaporated when the attractive boy slowed to a halt in front of the two girls.

"Good morning, Rissy," Amos greeted cheerfully. Seeing Rebecca's scowl, he quickly nodded nervously towards the girl. "Er, hello, Potter."

Marissa gave Diggory a hard look. "I thought I told you not to call me that."

Amos gave the girl a sheepish grin and shrugged his shoulders. "Eh, maybe you did, I don't remember. So anyways, I was wondering if you were doing anything next Hogesmeade weekend? Cause if you aren't, maybe you could come with me? It doesn't even have to be that big of a deal, you know, just a drink at The Three Broomsticks or something. Though, if you want it to be a big deal, that's okay too!! We can have a picnic by the Shrieking Shack! Or go to Madam Puddifoot's!! It's really up to you!"

Marissa glanced at Rebecca, giving her a pleading look. Rebecca, annoyed at the boy's rambling, drew her wand and stalked up to the boy, stopping inches from him. Holding her wand in his face, Rebecca gave him a fierce glare. "If you don't shut the hell up and leave, you'll find this wand shoved up somewhere down south where the sun doesn't shine. Catch my drift?"

Amos' eyes widened and he quickly backed away from the threatening girl.

"Uh, I've got to umm... go to the other side of the castle... for.. er, something! I'll see you later, Marissa!" With that, the poor Hufflepuff turned tail and ran down the corridor as fast as his legs could carry him.

Staring at the space Amos had previosly been occupying, Rebecca shook her head at the boy's actions. "Honestly, Marissa, I don't know what you saw in that boy. He's an annoying prick."

Marissa merely shrugged. "Yeah, well he had a nice arse. I just didn't know he was a pain in one!!" Nodding in agreement, a thought suddenly struck Rebecca.

"Hang just turned down a boy. You never turn down boys for dates or shags!"

Marissa avoided Rebecca's incredulous gaze and shifted uncomfortably. "Oh come on, it's Diggory! He's annoying!"

"Wait a minute... you haven't been on a date since you broke up with Sirius!!"

"I just haven't been interested."

Rebecca's jaw dropped. "Interested? Have you even had a shag since Sirius? Or a snog?!?!"

Marissa twisted a piece of hair around her finger. "You know, we should really head off to class."

Rebecca gaped at her friend in astonishment. "Not even a snog?! Aren't you having withdrawls or something?"

Marissa waved her hand dismissivly. "Oh, for heaven's sake, Rebecca, stop looking at me like that! You'll make someone think you're the Bloody Baron with your mouth wide open like that. Besides, boys aren't that important!" Marissa was shocked to find herself staring at the end of the gothic girls's wand, who in turn was in a dueling position.

"Alright, I don't know who you are, but you're definitely not Marissa. You're probably a Polyjuiced Marissa or something!"

Marissa rolled her eyes at her friend. "You idiot, of course I'm Marissa. Only I would know how you keep your blankie in your trunk at the foot of your bed but are afraid to tell anyone for fear of losing your 'bad arse' image."

Rebecca dropped her wand and gave her friend a suspicious look, though for a totally different reason now. "How on earth did you get in my trunk?! I've got it warded!!!"

Marissa grinned and rubbed her hands together mischievously. "I have my ways."

Seeing she wouldn't get anymore information on the subject, Rebecca rolled her eyes and tried quetstioning her friend about the lack of shags. "Seriously, Marissa, why haven't you gone off with any boys?"

Marissa shrugged and turned her face away from her friend so she wouldn't see how sullen she was about the subject. "I don't know, I just really don't care about that kind of stuff anymore." Becoming exasperated by the interrogation, Marissa rounded on Rebecca and quickly changed the subject. "You, little missy, didn't answer my question earlier - what's up with you today? You're even more hostile than you usually are! And that's saying something!"

Rebecca growled for the ump-teenth time that day and rapidly returned to her vicious mood, turning to walk at an angry pace down the corridor. "I don't want to talk about it, ok?"

Marissa struggled to catch up with Rebecca and side-stepped right in front of Rebecca, blocking her way, causing Rebecca to come to a reluctant stop. "Ok, listen. We have been best friends through thick and thin ever since the first year and we have always told eachother everything. You need to tell me what's going on." Rebecca looked down at the floor, trying to get away Marissa's stare. Marissa bent low to try to get Rebecca to look her in the eye. "I know venting will make you feel better... and a little...oh, I don't know...chocolate?"

Rebecca finally looked up at Marissa through her curtain of short raven hair. "You are the nosiest kissarse I have ever met, you know that?" Rebecca said as she smirked slightly.

Marissa grinned widely as she realized that insult was Rebecca's way of telling her that she was giving in. "I knew you couldn't resist my charm... after all, no one can!" Marissa grabbed Rebecca's arm as she led her gothic friend down the almost empty corridor. "Come on, were going to be late if we keep wasting time just standing here! You can tell me all about it on our way to class."

Rebecca scowled as she knew that she had lost the battle and wasn't going to get out of telling Marissa what happened the night before. "Why do I curse myself with having a best friend like you?"

Marissa laughed as she did a little sort of skip, her arm linked with Rebecca's. "Because you love me and couldn't imagine your life without me."

Rebecca rolled her eyes before a smile creeped past her lips as she looked at the ground. "True. Very true."

A/N: Ok, now review! Go! Now! We thrive off them! Oh, and please go to our page! We love you all!!!!!!!

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