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Expecting; The Lily Potter Pregnancy. by Professer_LaFey
Chapter 2 : Telling James
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Telling James

I was cooking dinner very carefully. I was sure that it was because I knew I was pregnant that I was cutting fresh meat, baking with vegetable oil instead of the pan-stray i favor, and was passing on any and all foods and additions with the words, “Additives” and “Preservatives” in there label… I didn’t know why, the idea of putting something chemical made in my mouth while I‘m.. In this condition.. Made me feel sick. Or maybe I did know why.... Maybe it was the beginning of morning sickness…

I glanced over to the digital clock on the microwave as i finished sprinkling Basil leaves over the steaks.. I had picked them up especially for James and me while walking home from the Doctors Office... He had a thing for New York Steak strips… and I had a taste for meat. James and I apperated everywhere, so there was no reason to get a car, so I was used to walking Home, for Groceries, and things like that. The clock said it was 5:54 now… James was off of work at 5, and was going to the hour long Order meeting that he had told me to pass up if I still wasn‘t feeling good…

I’d have to set the table soon, because I want to talk to him as soon as he comes in… Every moment since I walked back in the house has been to make a special dinner just for Him and Me. I even sent him Holly, my owl, with a note saying “I’m making a special dinner tonight; be here at 6.” Just so he’d know to come home ALONE for once. The Maunders liked me, and i liked then, even if they turned my home into Maunders headquarters… but I wanted this night to be for Me and James…

I wanted him to know before anyone in the Order. He should know, shouldn’t he? Our last few Death-eater free days together… Before they got wind of the fact that I was pregnant and made us live behind dozens of protection spells and what not.

I walked to the fridge and pulled out two colas… I looked at them, then I put one back. Caffeine was not a good idea for a pregnant woman, I knew that much. I then stopped as I wondered… What was good for a pregnant woman? What was bad? Alcohol was bad. Preservatives and Additives where bad as far as I was concerned… But. What else? Hot Baths? Potion fumes? Stress? Bubble Bath? Laundry detergent? Body washes?

I had no clue…. I could tell you the ingredients for over ten of the worlds most advanced potions, I could master a spell in under a hour, and I could tell you the difference between a Hex and Curse… But I had NO idea what was good or bad for a pregnant woman.

I would have to make a appointment with the OBG/YN very soon… and maybe get a few pregnancy information books… just to make sure I know what I’m doing. I should probably call my Sister, Petunia… Since mom died about five years ago, we haven’t talked though. So why start talking now? Oh, yeah… I’m expecting a Baby, and James’ parents are dead as well… Petunia and Vernon were the only family James and I had… Unfortunately.

I would have to deal with them sooner or later, but I would rather wait until much later… Maybe NEVER..

I then I heard the front door open, and James walk in. “Lil? Love? Where are you?” my mind jumped out of my thoughts, as I grabbed a bottled water for myself, and closed the fridge.

“I’m in here; Dinner’s ready.” I said, putting the Cola and at James’ place, and putting the water at mine as he walked into the kitchen. He had a worried look on his face. I smiled at him, nervously and he smiled back.

We sat down and talked for a while, about the normal things. The latest attacks, the latest raids, and the “Who’s a Death eater?” guessing game.. Lucius Malfoy was always at the top of the list, but we could never prove it...


I relaxed after me and Lily started eating. For some strange reason, the Food tasted a bit different then before, but since it was still good, i didn’t mind at all. Lily and i got to talking about different things; Work, The Order, Side jobs, Sirius, Remus and Peter, and then Lily brought up the order meeting. It was then that I remembered something important I forgot to tell Lily.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you; Alice and Frank are expecting...” I said, as i opened my glass soda bottle, and Lily froze. “What?” She said, completely shocked. I took a sip of my soda and nodded.

“Yep, Alice and Frank Longbottom; Them and Dumbledore made the announcement today; Dumbledore thinks that they may be the parents that the Prophecy is talking about… Dumbledore wants us all to start taking turns guarding them…” I then stopped as i saw Lily’s face. She paled and blinked. The mood in the room, and in Lily, had just changed for the worse...

“Lily? What’s wrong, What did I say?” after 4 years of marriage i knew when i had said something that had a effect on Lily. Lily blinked at me. She was about to tell me something, something important, so I waited patently as she blinked, over and over.

“It’s just… Well…” She started. She then stopped talking and gave that heartbreaking look she had when she was confused or didn’t know what to do. “James… I’m Pregnant.”

My eyes widened as she said that. I blinked, My mind reeling, as i absorbed the impact of her words. The sickness - The Doctor - The Dinner - The reaction…. Add in the fact that Lily would NEVER lie about something like this… not at a time like this.. I blinked, and feeling like a damned fool for not thinking of something to say, just murmured.

“Your… Your Pregnant?…” I mummbled. Think of something smart and sensitive to say, think of something smart and sensitive to say, QUICK…

“Lily… Lily that’s Great!” James said, putting his happiest smile on. Lily Lightly grinned back.

“You really think so?” Lily said, sounding like she was trying to convince herself.

“Yes.” I said i jumped up, and pulled Lily into my Arms. “Lily-dove.. this is Wonderful!” ... If only i wasn't so terrorfied...


I woke up at 4: 59.. I didn’t need to get up until 5:30, but.. I couldn’t sleep. Well, I did sleep, but I couldn’t sleep anymore. I looked over to my left shoulder.. the shoulder that my wife’s head was laying on… She hated pillows, or so she claimed. I think she just liked laying up agansit me, but... That's just me. Still, i was scared to wake her up.. So, I just laid there, with my eyes and my mind suck on my beutiful wife. my Pregnant wife. MY Pregnant wife carrying a child. MY child….

The Child that could end up saving the wizarding world.

This was going to take some getting used to...

My eyes and hand moved unconsciously to where our unborn child lay… My mind pictured him.. curled up, relaxed, undisturbed.... just like his mother was right now.. Resting peacefully under her heart... Asleep in more ways then one. His consciousness and Magical powers hadn’t awaken yet; and ether had his mind…

There was no dought in my mind that It was a boy. That didn’t worried me, i was expecting that. What worried was what to do when when my son was born, and when his powers had awoken.. If my son was supposed to be powerful enough to defeat Voldermort, what would be like if he lost his temper? I was hardly a role model for Level-headedness, nor did i have the ability to control my hexing hand.. That’s one of the reasons i was such a good Auror; i could spot things in a flash and hex before they knew i had caught on. I was just good like that, i guess...

But still... But what kind of example Is that for a son? A Child? A Child that COULD grow up to be stronger then Voldermort?…

Me and Lily had been tring for a baby for about four years.. Now that we where going to have one...

I just didn't know what to do...

I sighed, and moved my arm from under my wife.. Lily moved as i did, and fitted herself back into her pillow, falling back asleep. I waited until she had fallen deep enough into her dreams not to be woken up again.. When i was sure she wouldn’t wake back up, i stood up and went to the bathroom, and started a shower. It was time, once again, to push aside reality to get back to everyday life...

Becides.. I have to start earning and saving up the money for his first broom sometime, now, don't i?

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Expecting; The Lily Potter Pregnancy.: Telling James


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