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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 3 : So did it happen?
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A/N: I do not own anything but the plot of this story. Please leave a review for me, I hope you're all enjoying this story as much as I am enjoying writing it.
In my last chapter I told you that I didn't have Draco and Hermione as a couple very much in this fic, but I've decided to change that, it might take a long time for them to get together, but I am going to make sure that they are a couple. There is still going to be a sequal, it's just going to be a different one now, becuase I am changing the plot of this stoy even as a write it.

Chapter Three: So did it happen?

Hermione was sitting up in the bed now, fear suddenly consumed her. She was remembering what he said the potion was supposed to do. 'You'll fall into bed with the guy or girl you find most applealing.' She shook her head, no matter how hard she tired she couldn't remember what happened. 'You won't be able to stop yourself.' She heard the voice in her head say again. "Malfoy, as sure as I am that we didn't have sex, what do you think? I mean is it possible that something happened?" She didn't think she found him appealing, but if she did in her inner most thoughts then it would explain why the two of them were here now.

Draco remained silent for a moment, he was still sitting, wishing that she hadn't spoken to him. He was once again remembering the dance that they shared the night before. It was the only thing of that whole evening that he could remember. Something about it was haunting him, begging him to look beyond just the apperence of the dance. What was it though? He didn't know, then he heard her question. Was it possible that he had thrown caution to the wind and took his worst enemy to bed? He didn't know. There she was, still fully clothed, but that didn't mean anything. Not to him anyhow, he had had sex with women before without them removing their clothing. As hard as he was trying to remember something, nothing came to his mind. Regretfully he looked up into her cholcolate brown eyes, and said the only thing he knew to say. "I honestly don't know if anything happened Granger, I really wish I could tell you it didn't, or it did, but I can't remember anything." He knew by the look on her face that he hadn't helped her at all. He felt sort of bad about that.

"Well, isn't that just great? How are we going to find out, I mean we have to find out, there is no way I am going to live the rest of my life without knowing if I slept with the biggest prat on the face of the earth." She said this, and all at once she sounded just like her know- it- all self.

Exhaling a deep breath he didn't know he was holding in he said, "Oh God Granger." He was angry now. "If you were any good in bed, like everyone says, don't you think I would remember it the next morning, not even twenty-four hours after doing it? Sometimes you should just leave it be, honestly if we slept together are you really going to want to remember it? Incase you've forgotten we hate each other, the only reason we have to talk and be civil to one another is becuase we've both worked really hard to make Heads. So, how about you just don't worry about it, we'll forget about it, and move on? I am in no mood to take this conversation any further." He had enough, he couldn't remember what happened in his own damn room, he was pissed at Pansy just because she was a bitch, and now he had to sit and listen to poor Granger decide if she should kill herself on the spot or hope nothing happened. Okay, so that's not what she said, but at this point who cared? He didn't. He wanted to be left alone, to think, to punch something, or someone, whichever came first. The only thing now to take care of was finding out if she'd go tell on him for letting this whole thing start in the first place.

Hermione was stunned to say the least. She couldn't beleive he could care less about this. She went to speak when he suddenly was speaking again.

He knew he should have left it alone, but something inside of him kept pushing onward. "You've probably had lots of practice at pretending nothing happened, when suddenly you feel bad or guilty for letting it happen, but I could care less. You can just forget that you woke up here, and we'll go on hating eachother like always. The only thing I want to know is that you're going to keep your know- it- all mouth shut? Becuase I don't need to have people coming up to me and asking if you were a good shag. To tell you the truth, that boy you're sleeping with probably wouldn't want to hear you've been found in another mans bed. And another thing Granger," He couldn't stop himself, he was after all a Malfoy through and through, "If you had got a piece of me, you would have remembered it, by God, you would remember." He snarled again. He stood from the chair he had been sitting in and started removing what little clothing he still had on. He knew she was watching him, but he didn't care, he needed a hot shower, and a long nap. "That's right Granger, soak it all in, take a good hard long look at what you'll never have." He said coldly. He looked up to see if that had made her cry. but he saw her not looking at him at all like he thought, but she was looking, it seemed to him, right through him.

She was holding something in her hand. Before he could react, or even think for that matter SMACK something, that something hit him on the side of the head. The book or whatever it was fell to the floor with a thud.

"DAMNIT GRANGER," He bellowed, "Are you trying to smash my beautiful brain in or something?" He demanded. 'she's got one hell of a swing on her, that's the third time she's hurt me this morning.' he told himself.

Hermione's eyes were slightly puffy. 'Crying, why am I crying, who cares what he says to me.' she thought. Then she got just as angry and began yelling at him. "As a matter of fact, no. But if I was trying to do that you'd deserve it. You know nothing about me, you don't know if I am seeing anyone, and you have no idea if I've ever done anything like this before. You could have simply said no you couldn't remember and leave the worrying to me. I will worry about it if I want too. If anyone ever found out about this I don't think they'd be asking if I was a good shag for you, I think they'd be hexing you for touching me. Me on the other hand would be praised for making you look bad. After all, we do hate each other, and I am a Mudblood." She flinched at the name, but she was irrate with him. "They call you a Prince, but your no more a prince than I am a squib. You're selfish, you're evil to boot, and I wouldn't and don't want to remember your filthy, slimy, greedy tainted hands on my body. And as far as my practice again goes, it's none of your damn concern how many guys I have slept with. If I wanted a piece of you, I'd take it out of your hide before I let you take me to bed Malfoy!" Hermione knew in that instant he would taunt her for that statment alone for the rest of the year. She just made herself look like the slut everyone thought she was. If she didn't want to kill him right then she would have cried. She couldn't take it back now, she had never been with anyone. Hermione had never had a real boyfreind to speak of, and she'd die before telling anyone that she might or might not have done the unthinkable, the unforgiveable act of sleeping with her two best freinds worst enemy. She fled the bedroom, not looking back to see a very shocked Draco Malfoy in her wake.

Draco stood there for a very long time, his eyes fixed on the spot on which she had just fled from. Her words were racing through his mind, none of it made any sense. She had pushed him out of his own bed, and hit him upside the head leaving the impression he'd gotten his ass kicked by Crabbe, that's to say he looked like a girl had beat him up, or tried too. Hermione, on the other hand didn't need to try, he had to confess she could probably kill him given the chance. He had never heard her defend herself like that, or so much as yell at anybody before. She had hit him only once before in third year, and back then Draco admitted that she had a good right hook. Yelling at her, and saying things he didn't know were true or not wasn't the best way to go about not getting his butt kicked by her again. Deciding that what he said was wrong he would apoligize, later of course, right now he had other things on his mind. Hermione had so much as told him that she knew what it felt like, and she had told him not to concern himself with the number of guys she slept with. He couldn't figure out why this news upset him so much. Was it because Pansy was right, was the goodie goodie Granger as loose as everybody said she was? One thing stung the most about her words though, she thought he was slimey, and greedy. Sure everyone knew he was greedy, he again was a Malfoy after all. But slimey? He was very well groomed, he prided himself on being the best looking boy at HogWarts. Maybe she wasn't talking about smiley the way he understood it to be. No, it wasn't that that had his mind racing, she had said he was tainted. What did she mean by that he almost asked, but the realised he didn't need to ask, he was tainted. His family, or his father killed for fun. The money he had was aquired by thoes mass killings was tainted.

Draco always knew this though, but having another person point it out so bluntly in the context inwhich she did was just a crushing blow to his ego, and his pride. Hermione Granger was beneanth him, or so that's what he was always told to believe. What if in reality she was the one who was better, what if everything he ever knew to be the truth was all lies? He'd been lied to so many times before he couldn't count the lies on both hands anymore, so why not now? Maybe what his father was telling him about Mud, Muggle Borns was a lie as well. Malfory Senior was still locked up in Azkaban, Draco figured he'd die there, and for that he was glad of. For the first time in his life he could think for himself, feel for himself. Waking up with Hermione by his side, no matter how strange, and out of place as it was at the time he had to admit he liked knowing he wasn't alone all night, like so many other nights. All the anger he had for her, and her stupid questions vanished, something inside of him began to change that very moment. Suddenly the only thing Draco wanted now was to have made love to Hermione Granger, but he didn't know why, and he would NEVER admit it to her.

Across the hall way Hermione wasn't thinking the same thing. 'Great, he thinks I sleep around. I know what people say behind my back, but now he has confirmation. I doomed myself to whispers and rumors for the rest of life.' She thought sadly. 'Maybe he won't say anything to anyone though.' She shook her head. 'Of course he'll say something, he's a Malfoy. Not to mention, you insulted him, something I should have thought twice about. He can make my life a living hell.' "There is just no way I slept with him." Hermione said to nobody. She walked into her bathroom and turned on the hot water, she needed to feel clean, and this was the only way she knew how to do it. 'A nice long hot shower is just what I need.' She thought to herself. 'I'll forget all about this whole thing, nothing happened.' She said again, reasurring herself of this fact.

Hermione stepped out of her black ball gown and into the warm shower. The water ran over her body, it felt good to just close her eyes and take in the warmth of the water. She took the soap from the shelf and began to lather her body with it. Everything was wonderful, the smell the warmth, it was absoultly perfect until Hermione looked down to see blood running down her leg, she lost it. Hermione was a smart girl, she didn't need to ask what it was from, she wasn't due to have her period for another month. Her mother had once told her that some girls bleed when they have sex for the first time. Taking this into account Hermione's worst fears were quickly becoming a devasating reality. She fell to the shower floor and cried until she couldn't cry anymore. "What am I going to do? Should I tell him what I know?" She asked out loud. 'Are you out of your mind?' She heard herself say. She shook her head, 'You heard him. He is sure nothing happened, he doesn't care one way or the other either.' Lying at this point was better than dealing with his cocky attitude. He would use it against her for the rest of her life, and that was something she couldn't handle. She had thought how funny it would have been to tell Pansy her plan backfired. But now that wasn't an option, she'd just have to loose this bet.

Hermione got dressed, she'd go to Malfoy and tell him she proformed a memory spell on herself, and she knew that nothing had happened. It was the only way that she could go about it. She went to the common room to wait for him, it was now or never she couldn't risk going back to his room in the state she was now finding herself in.

Back in his room Draco proformed a spell to clean up his room. He changed his bedding and picked up his clothing. He walked to his closet and took out his school uniform and headed to the shower. During this time a house elf came into his room and took the dirty sheets and clothing away. Draco never saw the blood stain on the green satin sheets before he threw them to the floor. After getting out of the shower he put his school robes on, and decided that maybe he should apoligize to her before their day really started, who knew when he might get her alone again. He walked to the common room to wait for her, but he found that she was already there. "Granger, I am glad you're here there are some things I want to say to you." Instead of the coldness of his eyes that she always saw there she saw something eles.

Hermione froze in her tracks, he wanted to say more hurtful things to her? She didn't think she could take anymore of his rude comments, or snide remarks. 'Say something before this gets out of hand.' She told herself. "Malfoy you might want to know something before you tear into me again." She paused only for a moment, but he had started talking.

"I am not going to tear into you again, I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for hurting you earlier." Draco looked anywhere but at her.

Of all the things he could have said she wasn't expecting that. "What?" Hermione said.

He glared at her, she wasn't stupid he knew that. 'DId she not hear what I said to her, or did she just want to hear me say I was sorry again? He thought.
Well if that's what she wanted that's what he would give to her. "I am sorry for what I said about you. I am sure it hurt your feelings, look this was just a crappy night all around. I say we both forget any of this happened, I guess you could say we can go back to hating eachother." At this statement Hermione noticed he looked a bit sad by his last remark. But why?

Hermione was confused, 'This is crazy, Malfoy apoligizing to me?' She thought to herself. Perhaps she should tell him what she knew, after all she told herself, 'I'd want someone to tell me the truth.' Why wouldn't he want to know the truth? "I guess we could do that, look Malfoy I think you should know something." Hermione said suddenly.

Draco didn't want to hear what she had to say, 'shut her up.' he heard a voice in his head. Before he knew what he was doing he grabbed her and kissed her.

A/N: I hope you liked this chapter, it's one of my longer ones. Please leave me a review.

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