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“Cold…so cold”

It was a cold, cloudy, rainy afternoon. The day had started out so well it had been sunny, warm and clear skies so lily and molly went out on lily’s small boat thinking nothing could go wrong today.

But weather can change.

No sooner than they had gotten out on the boat they were out for no more than an hour when sea started to get wild. Waves were high temperature was low really low.

“Molly… Where are you Molly? Molly ” lily yelled as loud as she could

The storm died down and the waters calmed down as well they were exactly as they had been before the storm

“Molly” she yelled

She looked at molly’s lifeline, the rope had snapped, at that moment lily realized that she had lost her best friend.

“There’s still hope” she thought “ she was wearing a life jacket and we are relatively close to shore she could swim up she’s a good swimmer”

Lily turned the boat around and headed towards shore. She had only gone out to where she cold still see the shore in the distance.

She was almost to shore where she saw something in the water she took out the strong rope net and put it in the water to pick it up to see what it was.

“Oh my god…MOLLY!!!” she screamed as she picked up her best friend’s body cold as ice and her face white. She had drowned she got caught in one of the waves several as a matter of fact and died.

She pulled up the net with her friend’s body in it and wrapped it up so she couldn’t see it, and continued back to shore.

She loaded the boat back onto the trailer and left for home when she got there she called molly’s mother.

“Hello Mrs. Black … yes hi this is lily molly’s friend cold you come down to my house for a minute please it’s important thank you goodbye.”

Lily started to pace by the front door deciding how she was going to tell Mrs. Black about molly.

She went into the kitchen to have some coffee and sat at the table.

“Just a minute” she called as the doorbell rang she opened it to find Mrs. Black standing there.

“Hello Mrs. Black come in have a seat I have some sad news for you,” said lily
“Well what is it?” she said

“Well molly and I went out on the boat today it was sunny the forecast said that wasn’t supposed to be any rain they were wrong molly’s lifeline snapped and she fell into the sea I saw something in the water and pulled it up with my net you may want to come see it” he said and started walking out the door motioning for her to follow.

Lily and Mrs. Black climbed onto the boat and lily unwrapped molly’s dead body for Mrs. Black to see.

“She drowned I didn’t know until after the storm ended I couldn’t see a thing “ she said “ I’m sorry I thought you might want me to bring her body back for a proper funeral.”

“I need to call my husband and the funeral house may I use your phone?” Mrs. Black said quietly

“Yes you may,” said lily

“ Rick its Lisa call the other children and bring them to molly’s friend lily’s house just do it this is important see you soon” she hung up and started to dial the number for the funeral house but hung up again and said that she would wait for Rick.

“What is it Lisa what’s the matter?” Rick said worriedly as he and their other kids came inside Lily’s house

“She’s dead” was all that she could say
“Who’s dead Lisa who?” Said Rick

“Molly” whispered

“ No…No this cant be not Molly” he said

“What?” said Ritchie “She cant be dead not Molly” he was sad more sad than the rest he was molly’s twin so therefore it was harder on him than anyone else because they were really close.

The twins both had straight shoulder length hair, and dark chocolate brown eyes, and were average height.

But now Ritchie’s dark chocolate brown eyes were filled with sorrow he’d lost his best friend his sister and a part of him.

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