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Zink An Unfamilar Face by nazozink
Chapter 4 : Taking James Advice
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Chapter 4:
Taking James advice

Sirius stepped into the libary.He had never been in here before but this is
where the map said Zink was. He had just asked the very surprised looking
librarian where Zink was. She of course thinking that the two had agreed to
study together pointed Zink out. Traitor was one of the words that first came
to mind.

Traitor! How could she! Why do I deserve this! What have I done! This might
be the worst thing to happen in my life! GRRR..!!!

Sirius sat down across from her and stared. James' plan was in action. Zink
at first tried to ignore him. But his gaze was proving to be way too
annoying. She gave up ignoring him and looked up from her paper.
"What!" She spat keeping her gaze in a hard cold glare. Sirius filled with

"Nothing my dear. Just that Prong- I mean James and I are throwing a little
bit of a Halloween party in the common room in a couple of days and we are
required to tell all Gryffindor's and to invite them. Knowing you were one
I came to invite you as fast as I could! So what do you say? Lily is going
to be there so if worst comes to worst you can just hang with her." Zink
considered this for a moment. True she could just hang out with Lily and
probably Molly. One good thing that would come out of this was that he would
be busy the whole time. So yeah, why not have some fun? Homework is pretty
heavy in this school. She nodded slowly. Sirius whipped out the bottle of a
promising potion.

"You swear?" Zink looked questionably at the liquid. She took the bottle
still wondering if he spiked it with love potion. She raised it up to her
lips and gulped it down straight. Sirius smiled as he stood. After all he
had a lot more invites to give out. "You'll need a costume." He added before
making a speedy get away. Probably to escape her protests.
Wait one moment! It was still September! Why were those two idiots having a
Halloween party! Zink just realized that fact and rolled it off with the
excuse of Sirius' and James' IQ's. Zink finished her homework pretty fast and
went back to the common room. The decorations for the party were all put up.
(Which included a magical pinata that was of Lucius Malfoy. It screamed
when you hit it!)

She relaxed down on a coach and opened her journal. She began to write.

Dear Journal,

I guess I agreed to go to Sirius' party. Man he annoys me! Any way, I think
it's just that I love Halloween and the party is celebrating it. I should
probably pick out a costume. I think I'll be .... Bloody Mary! She creeps
people out right? Any way I have to buy an outfit for it, great! At least
Hogsmeade is tomorrow. Oh well I wonder what Lily and Molly are going to be.
Hold on I'll go ask them.

Zink put down her journal and turned to Lily and Molly who had just entered
the room.

"What are you two going to be for the party?" Lily shrugged. She hadn't
given it much thought.

Molly had, and was prepared for this question.

" I decided to be a muggle fiction character. The character's name is Snow
White." Zink had heard of this character and was very intrigued on how she
was going to make the costume. Lily then decided to be Cinderella. Another
muggle concoction. Zink turned to her Journal before continuing her

Molly is going to be Snow white and Lily is going to be Cinderella. Ok have
to go


She closed it and set it down on the table in front of her. Lily had just
asked her what she was going to be.

"I'm gonna be Bloody Marry. I was going to buy a cheap black dress tomorrow
and ruin the ends of it so it looks all ragged and stuff." Lily nodded in
agreement that was an awesome idea (A/N I was Bloody Mary once) Zink was
tired but dinner was going to start soon so she stayed up. They all walked
down to the Great hall. Zink however forgot about her journal and left it on
the table for just about any Gryffindor to come and read. Zink sat down to
eat when she realized it's absence. She looked around and everyone seemed to
be there. She just realized her worst fear the Marauders were not there! She
gulped as she stood up to leave. How much have they read? Did they read
anything? She hoped they hadn't even found it.

Sirius P.O.V.

We all ditched the Great Hall because we had decided to eat in the common
room. We had connections with the house elves. Any way we sat down in there
planning our spectacular party that everyone would love. I couldn't help but
realize a strange little book on the coffee table. Probably a first year had
left it there. I picked it up sensing a small amount of deja vu. I handed
it to James, that feeling was a the kind of feeling I got when I have pulled a
trick on McGonagall and tried to do it again. Needless to say I didn't
really want to hold it. (Then why the heck did he pick it up right? Well
just keep reading) I guess I subconsciously did it. James opened it. I
couldn't see why his mouth was open all that I saw was (Ha, they are the
other word spelled backward.) That he was now grinning at me. The door flung
open, and I didn't pay much attention it was probably just the house elf. I
felt a smack on my head. And decided it was not a house elf. You know unless
Zink was now a house elf. That was why the book was so familiar. I pointed
at James.

"He's the one who is reading it not me." I did have a point and she seemed
to realize that. She looked at him. She tore the journal from his grasp and
went up the stairs she disappeared for the night up there. The next day the
four of us Marauders had to help bring in some potatoes from the magical
truck. You see McGonagall wasn't to fond of when you enchant everything in
the school to float. Which included some very angry Slytherins. I thought
it was amusing. She told us that she found it amusing when we do chores. She
has one messed up sense of humor. Anyway I was walking down the hall way
holding this extremely large (& heavy) sack of potatoes. When something hit
me. Literally. I fell to the ground and looked was on top of me. It was
Zink! Then something else hit me. Figuratively.
"Thus creating the mashed Potatoes." I said with a laugh. Then something else
hit me. Literally. Zink's hand left a bright red mark on my check. It might be
permanent. I don't know. When she stood up I had to smile. She was really
kind of, if possible, more cute. All covered in potatoes like that.
She raced off somewhere. Probably to Hogsmeade. I wiped of the potatoes and
looked at an angry Professor Mcgonagall.

"Oopsy daisy?" She gave me an unapproved look but rolled it away and let
us go back to our work.

Later that day everyone came back from Hogsmeade. All of them looked so
happy. It was a shame we had to miss it. Oh well our party will be fun and
that's tomorrow. Truth or dare anyone?

short part: (omg I can't believe I forgot this part!) Sirius Is throwing a Halloween party in September. Sirius got hit and Truth or dare is going to be played!

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