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The Night They Died... by ginnypottergurl793
Chapter 1 : The night it all Happened :(
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James looked into the nursery, wondering if his wife, Lily, had gotten his son, Harry, to go to sleep yet. He smiled to himself, looking at the precious sight. She was rocking a tiny, sleepy Harry in the rocking chair, singing a lullaby:

Hush now, hush now,
By the light of the moon,
You will always be safe;
For mommy’s got you

Hush now, hush now,
There’s no need to weep;
You’ll come to no harm,
So drift off to sleep...

James walked in, looking at his wife and son. Lily smiled at him as she continued to sing. James loved to listen to his wife’s beautiful, smooth, voice. He watched his son’s Emerald eyes get heavier until they closed and did not open again.
“Should we go to bed now?” James asked his wife, in a soft whisper.
“Yes, I’ll be right there. I’ve got a surprise for you,” she said. James gave an exaggerated “Ooh!” and left. She snorted, put Harry back in his crib, and blew him one last kiss before she turned off the light and walked next door to her bedroom. James was lying on the bed in his boxers, looking at her.
“Hey sweetums,” She said to him, sweetly.
“Hello, gorgeous,” he said, “What’s my surprise? I hope it involves you treating me the same way you were treating Harry in there, I mean, I would love to be rocked and sung to—.”
“I’ll tell you in a minute, I’m gonna get something more comfortable on.” She put on James’ favorite nightgown of hers—an emerald green slip made of soft silk(an anniversary gift from him)—and hopped into bed next to him, gazing into her handsome husband’s eyes.
“Oh,” he said, leaning in to kiss her. She put her hand on his mouth, and pushed him away, rolling her eyes.
“James, you’re a pest,” she said, but she was smiling. She was too excited about what she was about to say to be bothered. “James we—I—um...”
“Spit it out, woman!” he said cheerfully but impatiently.
“I’m p-preg-nant,” she looked at the bedspread, trying to hold in her smile. She saw a huge grin on James’ face from the corner of her eye. She looked up after a minute, and they both beamed at one another. And when James tried to kiss her again, she didn’t stop him.
James stroked Lily’s hair as he watched her sleep. He thought about how amazing his life was. He had a wonderful son, a beautiful wife, and a child on the way. He wondered if it would be a girl, with red curls, just as Lily had had when she was a baby (her curls had gone away as she grew up). He imagined Lily, with a huge belly, in an apron, cooking and taking care of the children, as James walked in, just coming home from work…. And if Peter stayed loyal, there wasn’t a reason for that dream not to happen. Of course, he’ll stay loyal, James reminded himself, we made him our secret keeper because we could trust him. And with guilty uncertainty, he drifted off to sleep.

Lily woke with a start. “Wha’s going on?” James was shaking her nervously.
“Lily, go get Harry, I’m going to try to hold him off!” James said. Lily knew what was happening; their friend had betrayed them. She grabbed her wand, went quickly to the nursery, picked up the sleeping baby, and locked the door, putting as many charms on the door that would keep him from unlocking it as she could think of, though she knew it was no use. Angry tears were streaming down her cheek, burning her cold face. How could Peter have—but her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a scream coming through the cracks of her door.
“James!” she cried, miserably. She could no longer feel her legs. She wasn’t conscious of the fact that her baby was crying, she hadn’t realized there was a cold, shrill laughter growing louder with every footstep the dark lord took; James was dead, and she would be so too in only a few minutes.
The door swung off its hinges, barely missing Lily, who had fallen to the floor in distress. She didn’t even notice the pain she should have felt from falling.
“Give me the boy, I don’t need to kill you yet—I killed your husband... he put up a good fight—but not good enough, for the Dark Lord shan’t be defeated. You two have thrice defied me have you not? Well, I will let you and the cnild you are bearing be free, yes, mudblood, I know you are with child, I know many secrets about you... now put the boy down!” Voldemort said in a cold, piercing voice.
“Not Harry, please, no...” Lily cried, weakly, rocking her son back and forth, “No, take me instead, anything but Harry…”
“Stupid girl, I’m offering you life! Just hand me the boy, or pay the consequences!” said Voldemort.
“NO, not Harry, my son, no!” she sobbed. He raised his wand; she continued crying, harder than she had ever cried in her life, not in fear, but in anger and sadness.
“Then you will die,” he said coldly, “for nothing. You aren’t saving anyone; you are unwise.”
“Not...Harry...” she said weakly.
“AVADA KEDAVRA!” In a flash of green light, she was dead, her face still damp from the tears that she had shed.

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The Night They Died...: The night it all Happened :(


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