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My best friend by Fuego
Chapter 1 : Wind beanth my wings
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Disclaimer- NOT MINE!!!

"Hey Ron can I talk to you for a second?" asked Harry as he sat down next to Ron on a squashy red armchair.

"Sure." Ron put his book down.

It must have been cold there in my shadow.
to never have some light on your face.

"Do you remember our fourth year when you were mad at me for the whole Triwizard thing?" asked Harry.

"Oh mate, don't bring that up. I was jealous."

You were content to let me shine.
That's your way you always walked a step behind.

"I know. But if I put myself in your shoes, I'd be jealous to."

So I was the one with all the glory
while you were the one with all the strengh.
A beautiful face without a name, for so long
a beautiful smile to hide the pain.

"It's just, whenever I go somewhere and the reporters are there, you always get pushed to the side and then it's all about me."

Did you ever know that your my hero,
and everything I would like to be.
I can fly higher than anyone.
Cuase you are the wind beanth my wings.

"Harry, mate, um.. can I tell you something?"

"Sure, what?"

"Promise not to luagh."

"I promise."

"Mate, your my hero."

"I-I'm your what?!"

"My hero."

Harry was in shock. He was Ron's hero? Since when?

It might have appered to go unnoticed.
But I have it all here in my heart.

"It's just... your always so brave and know how to handle things. And well, even if things go wrong, you act like nothing ever happened."

I want you to know the truth, course I know it
I would be nothing without you.

"I mean, I am a little teensy, weesy jealous of you. You have fame and money, and everyone knows you. You have talent. You have no expectaions. I mean I have 5 brothers to live up to, where you have...none."

Did you ever know that your my hero?
Your everything I wish I could be.

"Ron, do you wanna swap lives 'cuase I'll trade anyday. I mean sure I'm famous. I'm famous because I didn't die when Voldemort tried to kill me! I don't have parents! You do. Do you know how jealous I was the first time I ever came to your house? Do you know how badly I wished that I could have parents like yours? You have a nice house and a family who loves you. Me? I spent 10 years living in a cupboard under the stairs. I was the Dursley's servent. They lied to me about how my parents died. I was beat up by Dudley. They couldn't stand me! Ron your my hero."

I can fly higher than an eagle
'Cuase you are the wind beanth my wings.


"Yeah. You're living the life I could only dream of. A family and friends. You were my first real friend. If it wasn't for you and Hermione, I'd be no one."

Fly, fly, fly away.
You let me fly so high

"Mate, you and Hermione mean the world to me. I mean I grew up in a house with no one but my brothers and Ginny to play with, once the twins left for school, me and Ginny were alone. Then I left. Bill and Charlie couldn't come home. She spent some lonely days with Mum and Dad."

Oh, fly, fly, so high against the sky.
So high I almost touch the sky.

"Hey Ron, there's a muggle song called Wind Beanth my Wings and it's sung by Bette Midler. Well I'm the wings and you and Hermione are the wind. When a bird flys, the only things supporting it is the wind. You two support me. Thanks."

"Your welcome."

Thank you, thank you. Thank god for you, the wind beanth my wings.

"You know, you and Hermione, you were my first friends. Er... I didn't know what friendship or love or compassion was untill I met you."


"Ron, your my best friend."

"Same here mate, same here."

"I don't think I can live without either of you."

Ron and Harry turned to see Hermione standing behind them. She smiled and ran to them. They pulled themselves into a three man hug.

A/N- Well? My first songfic. I don't own anything and Wind Beanth my Wings belongs to Bette Midler.

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