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Memoirs Of a Weasley by Noting
Chapter 1 : The Letters
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Ron Weasley, a plain and normal red-headed boy was sitting in his bed thinking. If you knew him better, you would be extremely amused to see this for Mr. Weasley didnít think a lot about things. He usually didnít think before he talked and acted so he seemed to get in many *Friend* troubles many times. If you would see him you would think the guy looked like a disgrace. His face and hands were all covered in dust and his socks had several holes. His pants had 3 patches which were totally from a different color of the original pants. His shirt seemed to have been put in intense mud treaty. He was a complete disaster. His mind seemed to have been taken by a trance. It looked like inside his red head only big white clouds moved. *RONALD WEASLEY!* a voice came from the kitchen. Ron recognized it as his mums so he woke up out of the trance and jumped off bed. *Going Mum!* Ron shouted as he put a pair of huge ugly slippers on and went down to the kitchen. In here he found his mother angry faced. *I told you to get out of bed 20 minutes ago! You must help with the house work* she said as she pointed to a big pile of dust next to the table. Ron groaned. Just then an idea came to his mind. *Mum, can I invite Harry and Hermione?*he asked with an innocent sort of face. Mrs. Weasley turned around and said *I may think about it if you: Do the laundry, Clean the house, wash the dishes, make supper, degnome the garden....* she kept going on until she was out of breath. Ron looked with a This-is-really-bad sort of face. Still he was a very convincing person so he replied to his mother *What about if I only do the laundry, do supper and wash the dishes?*. Mrs. Weasley nodded. He rushed up to his room and picked 2 scrolls and an old feather quill. He then scribbled quickly in one scroll:

Hey Harry

How's your summer been? The Dursleys treating you alright? Is Mr. Chubby Dudley done well with his diet? Anyways, I am writing to you to tell ask you if you wish to come to the burrow. It would be good if you can come in 2 days because thereís a special event going on. Iím inviting 'Mione too. By the way I have to make thousands of House Works now so you 2 can come. I hope you can come,


*Yes that seems right* Ron muttered to himself. Then he took another scroll and started writing the neatest way he could:

Dear Hermione (*Dear? Iím starting to become Shakespeare* Ron muttered to himself)

How's your summer been? I believe you did your homework already (I havenít! ha-ha!) Well I hope you spent a good time this First month of vacation (I havenít! Waaaa!). All this time I have been doing housework. Then I thought it might be good to invite you to the burrow. Can you come? I hope you can because I canít stand all this housework and I need someone to help me. (Evil grin) Iím sending a letter to Harry too. Well I hope you can come,


Ron picked the 2 letters. He gave them to Pig who rushed out the window without the letter because of his happiness. Then he said *Ok Pig, the red envelope is for Hermione and the white envelope is for Harry ok?* said Ron giving pig the letters. Then Pig shot out the window and flew to the respective houses. Then he went down to the kitchen and started to make supper.

First Chapter. I hope you liked it. I would appreciate reviews. Thanks


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