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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 2 : The Reason It Happened
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A/N Again, I do not own Harry Potter, Or Draco Malfoy, although I must admit I'd like to. Anything in here that you do not know is mine. I should let you all know that it says that Draco and Hermione are a pairing in this story. However in re-reading my story I've noticed that I don't really have them together in this story. Do not give up on me however, there is a sequal in progress to this story. Please leave a reveiw for me, I would love to hear from you.

Chapter Two: The reason it happened

He felt sick inside, "I am pretty sure I know why she did it Granger." Draco snarled. He'd be lucky if she didn't have hime expelled too, or kill him on the spot. At this point she had a right to know the truth and he was the only one who knew what happened. "It all started about a week ago..." He began telling her the whole story.

---------------- Potions class a week ago ------------------------------

"Just look at her Draco, even you have to admit she's pretty hot, for a Mudblood I mean." Crabbe said while working on his potion.

"I am going to ignore that you just said that to me." Draco said, as he chanced a glace over at Hermione's table. 'She does look pretty good.' he thought to himself. 'Maybe.'

"Oh come on Drakie, everyone's talking about her fling over Valentines weekend. You live with her, you tell us, is she always bringing boys up to her room at all hours of the night?" Pansy asked as she ran her fingers up his leg. All the while smiling at him, she didn't notice that he wasn't looking at her at all.

"WHAT! I DO NOT LIVE WITH HER." He shouted, everyone looked at him, "and as if I pay any attention to what she does or with whom she does it with. Now would you kindly shut up, and Pansy, STOP TOUCHING ME." Draco yelled again, not caring who heard him now.

Pansy looked hurt, but she didn't let him see it. "Oh, somebody is touchy this morning. Should we skip out of class and go somewhere for a quicky?" She tried to sound as if she wasn't effected by his actions.

This made Draco mad, they weren't a couple and he'd never take her of all people to bed. "NO." Draco said a bit to loud again, everyone looked at him again for the thrid time during that class. 'I've got to learn to be quiet about these things.' Draco thought to himself.

"Hey, that gives me an idea. Pansy wanna place a bet on the Mudblood?" Crabbe said.

Pansy looked over at Hermione and smiled again. Draco just ignored her, "Sure, what are the terms?" She asked sweetly, Draco wanted to vomit.

"Oh, don't make me sick, you two are asking for trouble." Draco said, neither of them acted as if they had heard him at all. He just stared at his potion book, every few mintues without meaning to he found himself glancing at the head girl while his friends countinued their talking.

"So it's all set then, I don't believe any of thoes rumors about Granger being loose. I infact I think she's so prude she wouldn't even flirt with herself, if you know what I mean." Crabbe said, so sure that he would win this little bet against Pansy. "One thousand gallons to the winner." He added.

Draco just glared at them, 'what do they think they are playing at? She's the Head Girl for crying out loud, she'll get them expelled if she ever found out about their stupid childish bet.' He stopped for a moment and shook his head. 'Wait, why do I care if she finds out? She's a stupid Mudblood. On the other hand, Pansy getting kicked out of school does have it's advantages. Hmmm, maybe I should just let them make their bet, and tell her about it later if anything should happen. Yes, that's what I'll do.' He smirked, this would be fun indeed.

"And I do believe she's a tramp. Given the chance she'd sleep with every guy in this school, with the exception of my Drakie. She's trash, and it's about damn time somebody showed her where she ought to be. In the garbage with the rest of the flith in this place. Next weekend is the ball, she'll have bedded someone by then, mark my words. When she does I will gladly take your one thousand gallons. If for some reason she doesn't bed anyone I'll pay you. Is it a deal?" Her face was light with excitment. It was as if she knew she couldn't loose this bet, everyone knew that Pansy normally didn't gamble unless she knew the odds were in her favor. Draco shuddered at the thought of her winning this, she was up to something and for the life of him he wasn't looking forward to finding out what it was.

"It's a deal Pansy." Agreed Crabbe, who was now writing something down on a piece of parchment, Draco didn't bother asking what he was writing down. Crabbe could never remember anything unless he could read it in his own writing. He will have forgotten about this bet of theirs the moment class ended, so of course he'd write it down.

'What an idiot.' Draco thought to himself.

--------------------------------- Present day -------------------------------------

After telling her the whole story he felt somewhat guilty. He was after all Head Boy, and he shouldn't have allowed such a thing to have taken place. 'This is Granger though, who the hell cares what happenes to her? Not me. Well alright so it so happened to be that she wound up in bed with me, but damnit she can't get mad at me for not stopping it. I couldn't watch out for her all night, it's not my damn job. Potter and Weasley should have done a better job of making sure she was safe......' He was lost in his own thoughts, for now he was really thinking about what this might cost him. He was sure she'd have him expelled for this, or get his badge taken away from him, becuase he was so irresponisble. He was prepared to hear her scream at him, or throw things at him. Draco even thought he deserved to be threatened within an inch of his life, or hexed into the next centery. What he didn't expect her to do was burst out laughing at him. At this Draco found himself a bit relieved he didn't want to be hexed, but he was more annoyed than anything eles. 'She is finding this funny? What the hell is wrong with this girl?' He thought, "What's so funny Granger?" He asked. By this time he was angry, but he was trying to keep control of it. This wasn't the time to get all ticked off, and make things worse for himself.

"This whole thing Malfoy." Hermione squealed through fits of laughter. "You're telling me that I got bewitched or rather my punch did. And I was just going to fall into bed with the first guy I found appealing? Well nothing happened, I promise you that. Still I can't wait to see the look on her pug face when I tell her that I slept in bed with you. Who the hell cares that nothing happened. She'll die knowing you spent the night with well you know me." Hermione was laughing even harder by this time. Tears were streaming down her face. "Oh she's going to be so pissed." She threw herself onto Draco's king sized bed and started laughing uncontrollably.

Draco hadn't thought about Pansy's reaction to all of this. Hermione seemed to know nothing happened between the two of them he noticed. But Pansy didn't. She would be pissed indeed to know he spent the night with a Mudblood. Even if she hadn't had sex with him, it would still piss Pansy off, and Draco was all about pissing that pug faced bitch off. Suddenly without knowing why he found himself asking her something. "Granger, how is it that you know nothing happened between us?"

At this Hermione stopped laughing. She didn't know for sure if something happened, she didn't really know one way or the other if they had sex. If she did, she told herself she'd never admit it to him of all people. She was almost dead sure nothing happened though, she still felt the same way she did the night before. Her mother had told her she would feel different, so since she didn't she just figured they both must have come up here and passed out. ' What if something did happen though?' she heard a voice inside of her head saying. 'No, nothing happened. I am sure of it.' She argured with herself. 'If it did, we're lying to him, I would never admit that to Malfoy of all people anyhow. No, nothing happened.' she told herself firmly. "Malfoy, it's my body. I can tell you I can tell if something like 'that' happened, and it didn't. So just forget about it." 'Oh wonderful, now he will proably think that I do know how to tell. In truth I wouldn't know at all. Everyone says I am sleeping around with a wizard unknown, they don't realise that it wasn't me, but what's the point in telling them that? Now he'll think I do get around. Wait, who cares what he thinks? I don't.' Hermione told herself again.

Draco stared at her for a moment, 'I can't believe I even care, if something happened, I am glad I can't remember it. I hate her. So why does it annoy me to know that's she's sure nothing happened?' He thought to himself. "Right, well I was just checking, at least you know why we wound up in bed together now." He said.

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