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The Next Attack by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 10 : The Truth Hurts
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Chapter 10
The Truth Hurts

“Remus, Remus Come back!” Harry yelled. He sighed and sank into one of the kitchen chairs. Great, just great. I find out some big secret then Remus flies off the handle what am I going to do?

“’Arry? ‘Arry is that you?” Harry looked round and saw Hagrid’s head floating in the fire.

“Hagrid? What?”

“I jus’ herd about’ Ginny.” He said “What’s happening’, do you know where she is?”

“She’s with Voldemort.”

“’Arry how many times… Sorry, I know fear of a name n all that’”

“Hagrid, how well did you know my parents before they died?”

“Quite well ‘Arry. Why?”

“Then why didn’t you tell me my Mum was pregnant before she died?”

“How do you know?”

“I doesn’t matter how I know, why didn’t you tell me?”


“Let me guess Dumbledore made you swear.”

“He made the Decision that you weren’t to know until you were seventeen. But if you found out yourself we were to tell you about it.”

“Then why did Remus refuse to say anything?”

“It’s a bit of a touchy subject for him.”


“It’d be easier if you came over Harry to be honest.”

“Fine I’ll come now, where are you, Hogwarts?”

“Yeah, just tell Remus you’re coming.”

“O.k. I will.” Hagrid’s head Disappeared out of the fire. “Remus, I’m going to see Hagrid, He’s going to tell me about my Sister seeing as you refuse to!” Harry yelled and flooed to Hagrid’s hut.

Remus came charging into the kitchen “Harry no!” he yelled but he was too late. Harry had already gone.


“Hello Harry.” Hagrid said as Harry fell out of his fireplace. “Take a seat.”

“Thanks Hagrid.” Harry replied

“So you want to know about your Mum being pregnant do you?” He said, Harry nodded. “Right well, as far as I know, she was eight months pregnant when she died. She hadn’t started to show until a couple of months before and she only looked six months pregnant when she was eight months, so your sister was pretty small.” He coughed and then continued “They found out the sex and decided on a flower name at first but they couldn’t think of any they liked. So they decided to go for something slightly plantish, they thought of loads Harry, eventually the decided on Willow, or Saffron, and when they asked you, you chose Willow, you chose your sister’s name.”

“But what happened to her when my Mum died?”

“The law enforcement squad turned up, with a couple of Aurors, one of which was Mad Eye, and he knew your Mum was pregnant, so her took her body to St Mungos, they saved your sister, she’s alive somewhere. She was born the day your mother died to save you, she didn’t think about Willow at that moment, it was you that Voldemort was pointing the wand at you see. So anyways, they took her to a Wizarding orphanage, cause hardly anyone knew Lily was pregnant, so Dumbledore knew she would be safe there. Then when she’s six years old, she goes and gets adopted, the orphanage wouldn’t tell me who, I went and asked after her, said I had known her parents and had a right to know where she was, but they told me they were paid to keep it a secret.”

Harry sat there in stunned silence, he didn’t know what to say. So he just sat and stared into Hagrid’s fire, watching the flames in silence

“So that’s it… That’s the story of my Sister.” He sighed. Thanks Hagrid, I think I’ll go home now…”

“Sure Harry, remember you can pop in anytime you want.”

“I know Hagrid… See you at Bills Wedding.”

Harry stepped back into the fire flinging floo powder that Hagrid offered him into it, shouting ‘Number twelve Grimmauld place’

When Harry fell out of the grate in the kitchen of number twelve, he was surprised to find Remus sitting cross-legged on the table biting his fingernails. When he saw Harry he jumped off the table and gripped Harry’s shoulders so tight Harry thought they would break.

“Harry I…” He stopped, not knowing what to say.

“Hagrid told me everything, I’m sorry for springing it on you like that.”

“You’ve grown up Harry, I should have told you, but I didn’t want to tell you until I knew where she was, I was her Godfather and they wouldn’t tell me where she was sent.”

“Who took her to the Wizarding orphanage?”

“Mad-eye, but what’s that got to…” realization flashed in his eyes. “Harry don’t, you can’t”

“She’s my sister Remus.”

“Harry she could be anywhere, heck she could be in Malfoy mansion for all we know and if she is the orphanage contact Draco tell him who she is and he will take her straight to Voldemort.”

“How likely is it that she is at Malfoy Mansion?”

“He did adopt a six year old ten years ago.”


“It could be her…”

“I have to find her Remus, I owe it to her, I’m the reason mum is dead, the reason she was brought up in an orphanage not knowing who she was.”

“Harry don’t say that.”

“My mother died protecting me, with no thought of the baby residing in her womb, I have to help her, like mum helped me.”

“Harry you can’t die because of your sister.”

“I’m not saying that I will, but I will do anything to get her back, anything to help my sister, to love her, like mum and dad would have.”

“I’ll take you to see Mad-eye, come through after Me.” and Remus grabbed a fistful of green powder threw it into the fire and shouted “100 straight road, Boxted” Harry repeated his actions without question, and found himself in Mad-eye Moody’s living room.

“Good afternoon Potter, how may I help you?”

“Where did you take my sister? What orphanage?”

“Take a look at this.” Said Moody and he handed him a newspaper cutting. The headline read:

Multi-Millionaire Malfoy adopts one in a million six year old

Multi-Millionaire Wizard Lucius Malfoy is adopting a six year old girl from a Wizarding orphanage 10 miles from Sunderland in North England, after scouring the country looking for the perfect candidate.
“It is a delight to finally have a daughter after four years of quiet searching, my wife and I are delighted, and no, for reasons of her personal security I am not telling you her name.” said Malfoy at a public conference at the ministry yesterday. “I am concerned as are my wife and son, about her safety. Long ago we decided that our first child would have a younger companion, but as we found out my wife is not very good at having children without half killing herself, we decided to adopt, and we have now found the perfect child.”
My Malfoy then refused to say anymore, proclaiming he was worried about the child’s safety, and that we would know all we wanted in due course, it remains to be seen how much of this is true, and we will all be holding our breath until the name of his new daughter in revealed.

“So she is with Malfoy.” Harry said bitterly

“Not necessarily, the press, or anyone else for that matter ever found out her name, no one saw her arrive, she has never been seen at any of their parties, she doesn’t even have an education, she’s been locked in Malfoy manor ever since.” Said Mad-eye slowly and deliberately.

“Then why are you showing me this?”

“Because that’s where I took her Potter, and she and another girl were adopted at the same time, I don’t know which went where, they wouldn’t tell me. You are the only person who can find out where she is.” Said Mad-eye

“Why me?”

“Because you’re next of kin, you’re her oldest surviving relative, Harry. You can demand to know where she is and they have to tell you unless there is a court order stopping family contact because of abuse.” Said Remus quickly, excitedly. “You are the key to finding out the answer to a nearly ten year old mystery.”

“Then what are we waiting for?”



“You to have found out.”

“Let’s go then!”

“Take hold of my arm Harry.” Said Remus and Harry did as he was told. Then, the three of them apparated to a place ten miles from Sunderland, where they hoped to find out where Harry’s sister was.

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