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The Changes in Waiting by almost_witch
Chapter 3 : Harry, Ron and the adventures of a bath.
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Thank you to Violet

Heaven can wait were only watching the skies
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
Are you going to drop the bomb or not?
-Forver Young

He stared at her. He saw all the pain held inside her brown eyes. She has no idea what she did to him, no idea at all. What about Harry? Ginny? They missed her too.

“Get out.” He spat angerily.

“Wha-“She started tears beginning to leak violently.

“Leave me alone!” He yelled. The echo bounced off the bathroom walls.

She stared at him for a second, hoping he will change his mind, while he stared angrily at her feet, then she moved quickly out, letting the door shut behind her.

He span angrily around on the spot until his eyes fell on the swimming pool sized bath, quickly he stepped towards it and turned on all the taps on with a flick of his wand.

He tore his clothes off and threw them angrily towards the wall, finally when he saw that the bath was nearing to the top he turned them all off.

Not-so-carefully he slipped himself into the warm water.

He didn’t want to think about her.

For 4 bloody years he always thought that something must have happened to make her leave like that, but now she turns up.

For 4 years she couldn’t even write a letter to him because she didn’t want to explain why she really left them.

They were together. Finally they admitted their feelings, and she left him with no more then a note. And the reason for her leaving him wasn't even his fault afterall.

He pounded his fist into the water, which splashed him angrily back into the face. He tried to do laps, kicking his legs with all his might letting the anger stream through his veins.

Panting he held onto the side, and then he heard a click and feet walking across the tiles.


He half smiled and showed his hands which were full of bottles of Butterbeer. He threw them all into the water and they just floated across the top.

He slipped off his red t-shirt and then his jeans, in his boxers his slipped his first leg in.

Halfway through putting his second leg in he looked up at Ron and said anxiously, “ah, you are wearing something aren’t you?”

Ron laughed and nodded before splashing Harry who grinned embarrassingly, “I had to be sure.” He said seizing a bottle of Butterbeer which floated near him and opening it.

“So what are you going to do?” Harry said, sipping this drink.

“Eh?” Ron said staring at the popping colourful bubbles.

“Hermione! What you gonna do?” Harry replied.

“Oh… dunno yet.” Ron said. He didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t want to think about her.

It was as though Harry read his mind, “c’mon, a race.” He said jerking his head towards the water, knowing that it wasn't the time to talk about her.

Ron sped over to his side, and hearing Harry mutter “3, 2, 1.” Both of them pushed off the wall, speeding towards the other end, Ron reached it first. He couldn’t see Harry when he turned around, but finally beside him a black haired man rose above water and thick layer of bubbles, spluttering for air.

“Never-never had any swimming lessons.” He panted, clutching onto the side. “I think the Dursley’s hoped I would drown.”

Ron laughed at his best friend.

No less then an hour later the boys dragged there dripping bodies from the water with about 8 empty Butterbeer bottles and wrapped themselves in the fluffy warm towels.

“Ah Harry…?”Ron said turning towards Harry.


In Ron’s hands he held there clothes which were dripping with the water they had splashed out from the bath.

Harry groaned and wrapped his towel around his waist.

Only wearing a towel the two men carefully stepped out of the bathroom, glancing down the corridor they slowly tiptoed down leaving a small trail of dripping water.

Holding back laughter they set up a pair of stairs until they heard a voice…

“And what are you two doing?”

Both the boys span around to reveal a grinning red haired woman. Ginny.

Ron could feel his ears beginning to go red, and at once as though they could read each others minds they both span, and ran for it.

Finally they reached Ron’s office where they threw themselves inside, laughing and panting.

“God, didn’t that make you feel like we were kids again?” Harry said clutching his towel which was still held around his waist and running his free hand through the black hair which stuck to his face.


Harry and Ron stepped out of Ron’s office now fully dressed and dried, it didn’t take long for them to bump into Ginny once again which she said cheekily, “nice to see you both in clothes.”

“Ha ha.” Said Ron to his sister while Harry just shrugged it off.

“I’m hungry.” Said Ron patting his empty stomach after they once more escaped Ginny’s laughter and taunts.

Grinning Harry led him down to the kitchens, where they were greeted by house elves. Not as many were in there as what they were used to, but they expected that they were all cleaning the castle down because of the new school year that was soon to start.

With a large assortment of cakes clutched in their hands the house elves bowed down to say there goodbyes and they walked down the corridors once again to reach a higher level.

They reached the top of the stairs to the 2nd story when they heard two pairs of feet running towards them.

Around the corner appeared two women, both with red, flustered faces.

“Wh-“Ron started but before he could answer McGonagall gripped his arm and threw him into a nearby classroom, half a second later he saw Harry being flung in by a pink faced Ginny.

Both McGonagoll and Ginny pressed Harry and Ron into the furthest corner, with barely enough room to breathe, Ron gasped, “what’s happening?”

Ginny steadied her breathing before replying, “Death Eaters – there here.”

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