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Zink An Unfamilar Face by nazozink
Chapter 3 : Sirius first crush!
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Sirius first Crush

Dear Journal,

If this school goes up in flames soon it is not my fault! It's all
that stupid kid Sirius, he won't leave me alone! You see we started classes
this week and he is in every single one of mine! Lily is too, so I guess I
won't die too quickly. Molly sadly to say is not in any of our classes except
lunch. Lily says that I'm the envy of the school. I guess she's right
because girls have been giving me death glares constantly, it's actually pretty
creepy. They can have him I don't care, the less people that I know the
better. Oh, hold on I'm not telling you anything secret no way! If someone
was to read you I would have to kill them! So, where was I? Oh yes, that freaking
git won't leave me alone!!! I'm so glad for homework, I can go to the library
and it seems that he doesn't even know there is such a thing! But besides
when I'm in there it's like he has a map of where every one is in the school!
For example, yesterday I walked out of the girls bathroom and there he was.
Just standing there as if that's where he always would be! Won't put it past
him though, he is a freak!! Got to go here he comes now.


She pretended to keep writing in it as he sat down next to her. They were in
the Gryffindor common room. It was free period and Zink who had finished her
homework was left happily alone until he came.

"How you doin', Zinky slinky!" Zink was annoyed how many times did she have
to tell this guy not to call her that. That stupid toy was giving her more
trouble than when she was 6 years old!!

"Black I'm writing here and DON'T call me that AGAIN!" Sirius thought for a
moment this girl really did need anger management. Oh well. He was still in
love. This thought lingered in his head for a moment. WAIT A MINUTE! He was
in LOVE. What a wonderful thing to happen! His eyes twinkled as he

"What you got written Zinkinns'?" He asked casually. Zink rolled her eyes. Like
she was going to tell him.

"I just told you not to call me that."

"No," He told her simply. She nodded her head in confusion.

"Yes I did, I told you not to call me Zinky Slinky! Remember!" Sirius reached
over and grabbed the journal from her grasp and flopped down on a couch
with it beneath his back.

"I do remember it's just that I called you Zinkinns right then, so it doesn't
count." Sirius looked quite the happy camper as she walked towards him.
"Yes?" He asked as if he didn't know why her hand was open towards him.

"Give it." She commanded.

"What?" Sirius replied. He liked to play up the whole I'm not aware of
anything routine.

"My journal." She was really getting annoyed now.

"Oh, is that what this is? Man that's a lot more valuable than the textbook I
thought it was. Better up the ransom." He thought a moment as the aggravated
Zink stood there looking at him. "Okay, got it. Give me a kiss or wrestle me for
it. Your choice." He thought he was being very considerate after all he was
giving her options right? Unfortunately for our pal Padfoot she didn't take
it that way. She turned on her heel and looked like she was going to go up
to her dorm. Well, Sirius thought, at least I get to read this. Just then
Zink rapidly turned around, wand pointed.

"Accio journal!" She yelled and her journal flew into her free arm. She then
continued up the stairs and into her dormitory. When she reached her door
she flung herself in not bothering to shut the door behind her. She grabbed a
black pillow from her bed and screamed into it. This boy was going to be the
death of her.

~ Marauders POV Sirius.

Wow, could she walk up stairs, I mean really! Just as she was out of my
view my three best friends walked in. Prongs, Moony and Wormtail.( aka
James, Remus and Peter.) I got up and walked to our dorm with them. We all
sat there for a second, silent. Okay maybe Peter was rambling on about cheese,
but hey, no one was really listening, so it might as well have been silent. When
Peter paused in between the quality of pepper jack and cheddar I decided to
let my news out in the open.

"I'm in love with Zink." Okay, okay, maybe it wasn't the smoothest of revealings,
but hey, I had to get that news out some how! Every one started laughing,
actually laughing! "Huh?" I asked really confused.

"You're not in love with her.You barely even know her," James said
quoting me from a few weeks ago. Sure NOW he listens to me. Any way this
must have been different, right?

"How else do you describe this feeling I have inside?" I asked. Remus and
Peter looked at each other.

"Crush!" They yelled at the same annoying time.

"No this is something more!" A flopped dramatically on the bed. I would make
a good actor you know but only a prat would be one of those. (A/N hey
actually a love actors so don't get mad at me, Sirius said it, get mad at
him!) Remus rolled his eyes.

"No Padfoot this is not love, it's just your first crush!"I crossed my arms
around my chest. I have soooo had crushes before.

" I have sooo had crushes before." I said repeating my thoughts. Was it my
fault I spoke my mind?

No," corrected Moony "You have snogged girls who had crushes on you." I
guess he was right. But no one could take me down from this high ledge.
Unless you know you pushed me. Don't though, I like it up here and it's a far
way down so I would probably get hurt. I looked at Prongs. Maybe I should
ask him for help. He has now accomplished being able to stay in the same
room as Lily. Yeah that's it, he'll give me some pointers) Sorry for the
cutesy remark there, but this is my mind so there ha.

"Hey, Prongs, can you give me a few pointers on how to get a girl? I think
they're working on Lily so I want to try them out too." I could tell he was
debating with it inside his head, but in the end he told me to stare at her.
This plan was going to work wonders tomorrow, but for now sleep. For right
now the inside of my eyelids were all I wanted to see.

I woke up the next day happy as sunshine, wait scratch that only a prat
would say that. Anyway we all (meaning the Marauders) walked down to
breakfast. Knives.... Hold on you're not to know about my thoughts on those.
Anyway, today we were eating pancakes. Guess what! They give you little
plastic forks and knives when you eat them! Yay for plastic knives!! Darn,
I guess you now know my thoughts about them. Ah well it was going to happen
eventually, you are in my head! James and I were just about to have a mime
plastic sword fight when Evans came and took them away! Hmpf, that girl was
really getting on my nerves! Speaking- or rather thinking of girls- where is
Zink? I asked Lily ( AKA the ruiner of all fun) my very observant
question. She told me that she was in Madam Pomfrey's. Oh no! What has the
evil Lily monster done to my wonder angel! Don't tell Prongs that I just
thought that Lily was a monster. I grabbed Moony by the wrist and dragged
him halfway down the hallway. Just then he realized his precious pancakes
smothered in maple syrup were now missing. Poor Moony never was the morning
person you'd expect him to be. I guess I was in such a hurry I didn't hear
all the yelling he was doing. When we finally reached the office I looked
daringly inside the room, slightly afraid of what I might see.

~Back to normal point of view.

( 4 minutes before Sirius gets there)

Zink slumped down in the bed it was really bothersome to have to come
here. Zink had an illness (I'm not going to tell you yet.) She had come to
drink a special potion to ( This shall be filled in a different chapter.) It
made her a little light headed so she talked herself into closing her eyes to
try to get some rest. Although she didn't realize it, now all caught up to
present time, a pair of Marauders were standing in the threshold of the

"Maybe she's like sleeping beauty and just needs her prince to come and kiss
her." Sirius whispered the suggested. Remus smirked thinking his friend was
only kidding. He should have known his friend better. Sirius walked to her
bedside and kneeled down beside it. Madam Pomfrey was currently in the
back room looking for something, so she could not have known what was going
on. He bent down and was about to press his lips gently to hers when Zink
jumped forward and slapped him across his face. That idiot! Their lips ,
sadly for Sirius, never meet.

"What do you think you are doing?!" She fumed at him. Sirius stammered.

"Just making sure your all right." He then quickly ran out of the room with
Remus. Oh Darn it, I forgot to stare. He thought as he rounded the corner to
his first class. Zink obviously showed up late that day for her first class.
Homework was immense that day and so right after classes she headed up to
the library. She set a pile of very tidy parchment beside her and took out
her quill. Might as well start with Defense Against. The words, Five signs
to identify a werewolf, were written neatly across the top of the paper. Just
then an unwanted voice broke her from her studies. She shrunk down in her
seat. I thought he didn't know where this place was!

Short part: OK so here's how it went down, Sirius thought he was in love but
really it's just his first crush. Zink has an unknown illness and Sirius is
going to take James advise. Oh yeah, Sirius tries to kiss her

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