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The Common Room by jeighsone
Chapter 1 : The Common Room
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***Author's note***

Seamus and Hermione?HARDLY!But I love the character of Seamus Finnigan and the one who played his role in the Hp movies,Devon Murray!:)

Hope you'll love this story,It's my 2nd fan fic which I wrote because of boredom(lol!)
dedicated to my good o'l DAD....I LOVE YOU,DADDY!I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!


Seamus Finnigan walked through the portrait hole not really seeing where he was walking.He sighed,glancing if he reached the potrait of the Fat Lady yet.He said the password and walked slowly to the common room and sat in one of the armchairs in the back,darkest portion of the common room.The commom room as always,was packed .Normally,he joined Dean his bestfriend and his other friends Harry Potter,Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom playing Wizard's chess or Exploding Snaps but today he's not in the mood.He saw Dean,Harry and Ron playing Gobblestones and laughing at Neville when the Gobblestones squirted something at him.He smiled weakly at the sight of them then his eyes rest at someone that always caught his breath.That always made his heart pound.....Hermione Granger. She's sitting across from him reading a large book.Her head was bent down scrolling in a piece of parchment at the same time muttering to herself.Seamus watched her as she reached out to tucked a strand of her bushy hair to her ear.Crookshanks,her cat jumped into her lap which made Hermione gasped and only laughed when she saw her cat.She hugged him and continued to write into the parchment while fondling her cat. "Oh,man"Seamus thought as he stared at Hermione."What's happening to me?"

Seamus ran down the stairs to the common room.The common room is deserted..I'm really late now,he thought.
He slept late last night due to their essay in Professor Binns.They're instructed to wite a 4 inches long essay about the Wizard's Convention in 1893.He sleep like a log totally unaware about Dean's attempts to wake him up for breakfast.He ran all the way to Transfiguration classroom when he passed Hermione carrying heavy books as usual.One of the books fell just as Seamus walked to her side.Both of them stooped down.Seamus,always a gentleman picked up the book.Next thing he knew he's staring to Hermione's eyes.She has an amber eyes with golden brown flecks framed with long eyelashes.Her nose with a few freckles sprinkled on it and her full mouth forming into a little smile.Seamus looked down and he saw his hand resting on hers ,both of them holding the book. "Oh,here's your book"he said as he stared into her eyes."Thank you"she said as she get it from Seamus,arranging her books and standing from her crouched position. Seamus stand up and cleared his throat.
"Why are you here?I thought I'm really late in Transfiguration" he said."Oh,there's no Transfifuration class today Professor Mc Gonagall had a fever.She's in the hospital wing spending the night."she said."Whew,I thought I'm late!"he smiled.Hermione smiled back at him."Hey,why do you carry that heavy books for?We have only one book in Charms our next class"he said eyeing the books."I'm returning it to the library.Ron and Harry borrowed it to me for the essay leaving me to return this lot."she staggered from the weight.
"Here,"picking the books from her."I'll help you.Just lead the way to the library."he said.

From then on,he always caught himself staring at Hermione.Once,Professor Sprout assigned him to be Hermione's partner in Herbology.They had a great time ,laughing while they worked.Seamus stomach lurched when their hands touched.He always thought Hermione's pretty.Beauty and brains is what he always wanted in a girl but today he noticed that Hermione's different.He knew that Ron Weasley,Hermione's best friend kind of liked her and he doesn't stand a chance.He loved the way her hair caught the firelight making it sparkle.He loved the way she stuck her tounge out when Ron's making fun of her and her laughter to someone's jokes.Seamus can't explain why he suddenly became sad.Maybe for the fact that she'll never notice him.
For her he's good old gentleman Seamus Finnigan,Dean's best friend,fellow Gryffindor and her classmate.

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