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Darkness Surrounding by gothicdeathprincess
Chapter 1 : Home Sweet Hogwarts
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"Remus!!" shouted a tall boy of 17.
The victim of his screams was an average height, bookish kid who looked like someone forced to grow up too fast.
"Hello Sirius." He replied to him.
"Where've you been hiding all summer, weve missed having you around." Said Sirius.
"Ah here and there. My parents thought it would be good for me to spend some time out of the country." Said Remus vaguely.
"How far out of the country? Too far to return any owls?"asked Sirius.
"Unless your owls can brave Antarctic weather, then yes." Answered Remus.
"What would compel you to spend your summer in Antarctica?" asked Sirius incredulously.
"No full moons where they have no moons during the summer." He answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"ahhh. Recuperating aye." Said Sirius.
"Yes and it allowed me to catch up on my reading, I think im more than prepared for the coming NEWT year." Said Remus.
"yawn. Lets go find James and get a compartment before all the good ones get grabbed by the newbies." Said Sirius.
Further down the platform they found James saying goodbye to his parents accompanied by a brand new broomstick, which it seems he never put in his trunk just to show off. And to 'accidentally' hit some Slytherins.
"James!!! Over here." Called Sirius while dragging Remus through a crowd of Ravenclaws.
"Alright Sirius. Hey Remus where you been at???" he asked.
"Long Story, never mind that now." Said Remus.
"All aboard, last call to board the 'Ogwarts espress." Slurred a conductor as he walked up the platform.
"Alright, alright. Lets find some seats. Remus we shall see you after your ..euch...prefects meeting." Said Sirius.
"Your just jealous that I got the badge and you didnt." said Remus.
Separating, the group split up for opposite ends of the train.
Sirius and James headed for the back carriage.
Most of the compartments were already full of 6th and 7th years except the end one which only had one hooded figure sitting by the window.
Sirius tried the door. It was locked so he knocked.
The person in the compartment never moved, just sat staring out the window.
"Alohamora." Said James pointing at the carriage door.
His spell hit the door but then rebounded and set him flying through the door of the compartment opposite.
"Ugh, what was that?" He groaned.
"Id say whoever they are, they arent very social mate." Laughed Sirius while dragging James of the compartment floor.
"Sirius, James. Over here.w Called a voice from further up the carriage.
The two looked up to see Peter Pettigrew waving frantically at them.
They slowly walked up to him and began discussing the events of their summers. Only being interrupted once Remus joined them.
Soon the Hogwarts Express steamed into the Hogsmeade station. The students began clambering around to collect up their belongings and heaving their trunks onto the platform.
The four Marauders made their way up to the castle in a horse-less carriage that they got all to them selves after a couple of 4th year Hufflepuffs realised who they were sharing a carriage with and fled.
They joined their fellow 7th years at the Gryffindor table and started talking loudly entertaining most of the table with tales of pranks they had pulled. A few girls were positively fawning over James and Sirius. Obviously they were very popular.
They only stopped when the hall went silent to welcome the new first years who were starting to walk down the centre isle following Professor McGonagall.
They reached the head table and Professor McGonagall proceeded to read out the names. At the end of the sorting Gryffindor had 8 new students all whom were looking very glad to be seated and away from the intense gaze of the older students.
Professor Dumbledore stood up to give the usual start of term notices. Or as they thought. They noticed however that Professor McGonagall had not taken the sorting hat away from the front and she was looking expectantly at Dumbledore.
Dumbledore raised his wand and sent a silvery bird through the hall to a side chamber off to the side of the Slytherin table.
Moments later a cloaked figure exited the chamber off the hall and moved to the front beside professor Dumbledore.
"Id like to introduce to you all a new student who is transferring from Beauxbatons academy. If you would remove your cloak please you can be sorted." Said Dumbledore.
The new student unfastened their cloak and lowered their hood unwillingly.
The hall stared as standing before them was a 17 year old witch, with long black hair, streaked in places with green and a side fringe that covered her left eye. She wore a green and black long sleeved top and black combat trousers, and to cap it off some black chuck taylor converse. She was about 5"7 and had a hoop lip piecing on her bottom lip. Most of the female students were appalled by her attire and were staring at her with utter disbelief.
"Melinda Warren, welcome to Hogwarts. Now Professor McGonagall if you would have her sortedW. Said Dumbledore cheerily.
Professor McGonagall dragged the new girl by her arm and pulled her over to the stool on which the sorting hat sat.
She placed the hat on the girls head and waited patiently for the hat to announce the house in which she is best suited.
"Miss Warren would you please let the sorting hat do its job?" asked Dumbledore wearily.
"No." she replied levelly in a dangerous voice.
"Then why dont you choose which house you would prefer yourself." Stated Dumbledore.
"No." she said again.
The hall stared in shock at this girls utter disrespect for the Headmaster.
"Then you will leave me no choice but to place you myself." Said Dumbledore as if he had grown used to stubborn children over the years.
The girl glared daggers at Dumbledore.
"I shall take that as a please do, I have decided Gryffindor might be the best atmosphere you require." Said Dumbledore brightly.
"Whatever." Mumbled Melinda and she got off the stool dumping the hat at her feet as she walked.
She had to walk to the end of the table to find a seat, which meant walking the complete length of the hall giving everyone the chance to stare at her.
As she reached the 7th years, she tripped over her own feet and fell on top of the students at the table beside her. She righted herself and sat down in the empty seat facing the other three house tables. Really the worst seat for Melinda who really hated the houses staring at her.
The Headmaster continued with the start of term notices whilst the 7th years tuned him out.
Suddenly the food appeared to the cheers of James and Sirius.
The students around them all started piling food onto their plates as they stared over at the new girl.
"So, new girl, how you liking here so far?" asked Sirius while piling food onto his plate.
She looked at him for a moment before returning to pushing her food round her plate.
"How rude!" said James.
"Shut it Potter, didnt you hear the Headmaster. Shes from Beauxbatons. She probably speaks French." Scolded Lily.
"Melinda Warren. Dont sound like a French name to me." Laughed Sirius.
"um, Tu tappelle comment?" ventured Lily to the girl.
She continued to mess with her food, completely ignoring the girl.
"Hey maybe shes deaf." Said a girl from Lilys other side.
"Deaf, dumb and stupid by the looks of it. And got bad fashion sense." Said James while Sirius and him rolled round in their seats laughing.
"Your one to talk. You look like someone dragged you backwards through a bog and then removed your brain." Snapped Melinda finally speaking with no hint of a French accent.
"She speaks." Said Remus.
"She insults James. I like her already." Said Lily.
"Ouch Evans, that cut me deep." Said James acting offended just as the puddings arrived.
"Screw this."Said Melinda getting up and exiting the hall through the door closest to her.
"Wait the feast isnt over." Called Lily after her.
"What a bitch." Said James.
"Awh man she dissed you baaad." Laughed Sirius.
"Well wasn't she a little ray of sunshine. Why do you suppose she transferred now? I mean shes 7th year, not much time left." said Remus.
"I suppose because of the whole Voldemort thing, parents are getting a little on edge and her parents probably thought she'd be safe around Dumbledore." said Lily.
"Hey lils, will you go out with me?" asked James randomly.
"No Potter, when are you going to stop asking me?" asked Lily exasperatedly.
"When you say yes i suppose." said James.
"Neverrrrrr going to happen Potter." said Lily coolly.
'When will they learn they are perfect for each other?!' thought Sirius furiously.
"Give it up Potter, Lily doesn't like you." snapped Lilys friend Mara.
"We'll see, she'll come around eventually." said James confidently.
"Well points for confidence and perserverence anyway." laughed Mara.
"I always get my man." said James in a military like voice.
"Yeah theres the problem...Lily's a girl, your used to guys." said Remus.
"You know what i mean, so shut up." said James sulkily.
All around the seventh years younger kids were lazily dragging themselves up to go their dormitories.
"Hey Sirius man, want to introduce the first years?" asked James emphasizing the formally hoping Sirius would take the hint.
"Wouldn't have it any other way James." said Sirius.
They walked up to the 5th year prefects who were attempting to get the 1st years to follow them.
"Hey guys we'll take these guys if its okay with you." said James to the prefects.
"Okay dude. Be a relief to me." said the guy.
"I dont know, we're supposed to do it." said the girl.
"Oh come on Christy, must you follow the rules. Sometimes its fun to break them. I would REALLY appreciate this you know." said Sirius taking her hand.
The girl blushed.
"okay Sirius." she muttered meekly.
The 2 hurried away.
"Wow Sirius, you really know how to play on a girls affections don't you." said James.
"You saying I used her?" asked Sirius offendedly.
"Yeap, thats exactly it." said James.
"She'll get paid back for it....i'll make sure of that." said Sirius silkily.
"Dude shes like 15, what are you gonna.....actually i dont want to know." said James, obviously ashammed at Sirius' antics.
"Never mind that now," said Sirius turning to the first years assembled round them, " Welcome to Hogwarts kiddies, I'm Sirius Black and this is James Potter. FOllow us."
James and Sirius led the way out of the hall purposely taking the kids round the longest way they knew off and wrongly informing them of directions to certain classes.
"At Hogwarts we are quite well known, and as 7th years I suspect we are the best in the school and most revered." said James cockily.
"Don't listen to anything bad people say about us. Jealousy is an ugly thing after all." said Sirius.
The first years all looked terrified of them already.
After about an hour they reached the fat lady portrait.
"Password?" asked the portrait.
"Pelican Monkey." stated Sirius and the portrait swung open.
James stepped in first only to meet the angry face of Lily.
"Where did you take those first years??" asked Lily.
James started stuttering out random things as Lilys face was right in front of his.
"Jeez...relax Evans we were just showing the firsties the castle, helping them getting their way around you know." said Sirius cooly.
"That had better be all, if i found out you did anything to them i'll hex you into oblivion. NOW GO TO BED!!" she shouted.
James and Sirius along with the first year boys ran up to their dormitorys.
"Dude, tell me why do you like her again?" asked Sirius.

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