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Cookies triumph over Fear by dragonpen
Chapter 1 : Cookies Triumph over Fear
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The glistening sun shone down on a head of white blonde hair belonging to a smiling boy at the adorable age of four. His big blue eyes looked up staring at the very tall man next to him whose hand at the moment was being tugged on by the little boy's own small hand. As the little boy quickened his steps to keep up with the man's strides they turned onto a walk. The man's gaze was staring straight ahead his face showing no expression. His long hair the exact color of the little boy's was pulled into a tight ponytail at the nape of his neck and his features were sharp. He was dressed in all black with a cloak billowing behind him looking dignified and important in every way. The little boy staring admirely at the man was dressed similar in a long sleeved blue turtleneck with black pants and his own little cloak billowing behind him.

Suddenly the man stopped and the little boy tore his gaze from his father and looked straight ahead where he saw a front door staring back at him. The little boy looked curiously up at his father but his father merely knocked on the door.

A man not quite as tall as the boy's father answered the door, but this man was much stockier and brutish looking. The little boy bit his lip in fright and tightened his grip on his father's fingers.

"Ah Lucius, pleasure as always." The stockier man said trying to seem calm despite the nervousness in his eyes, completely disregarding the young boy hanging on his father's fingers. Just then a boy came barreling past taking clumsy steps as he attempted to run in the process knocking over a vase. For a five year old he wasn't very fast and defiantly wasn't dignified.

However the boy was stocky like the man who answered the door and was taller than the little blonde boy. His appearance scared the little blonde boy even more and his grip tightened even more around his father's fingers.

The man at the door noticed both of his guests had seen his son and while one had an amused expression on his face the other looked frightened.

"Ah yes I see you've seen my son Gregory. Cute little tike isn't he." The man asked but soon became self conscious when the older man was still looking amused and suddenly felt the need to defend his son's behavior. "Ah he doesn't usually run around like that, umm probably just excited to eat some of the cookies I just....I mean my wife just made." He answered feeling like a fool in front of the tall blonde man.

The cookies had perked up the little blonde boy's ears though and forgetting his previous fears about the new people walked briskly into the kitchen inviting himself in.

Lucius looked at the man named Goyle amused before walking over to the kitchen curious to see what his son Draco would do, followed by Goyle afraid of what his son Gregory would do in front of Lucius.

As the men made it into the doorway of the kitchen, Lucius kept his amused expression on while Goyle winced.
By the table where the cookies were Gregory was keeping his gaze on the cookies as he stuffed multiple ones into his mouth and chewed with his mouth wide open a waterfall of crumbs tumbling to the floor, and a dazed grin coming over his face.

A foot behind him Draco has his little arms crossed over his chest a look of disgust overcoming his face. Both boys remained oblivious to their fathers who were standing silently watching.

"You habt no manners." Draco stated haughtily. "That is absublupty the most disgusting thing I've eber seen."

At that Gregory turned around a blank expression on his face his mouth still full of cookie. Draco stared at him expectantly and then realizing he wasn't going to do anything sighed and "Well aren't you going to offer me a cookie!" he snapped.

Gregory scrunched up his face and blinked very confused. His head was swarming with questions but he didn't talk much..ever and so he remained silent thinking ‘who is he? Why should he get my cookies?'

The strange boy sighed and brushed past him and plucked a single cookie off the plate and then rounded on him his cloak smacking Gregory's face in the process. Gregory scowled. ‘This was HIS house! And that is HIS cookie!'

"This is how you eat a cookie." the little blond stated moving the cookie towards his moth and took a tiny bit of the end and started chewing.

Gregory decided he didn't like this boy and........ gosh darn it! THAT was HIS cookie!

As the blonde swallowed a fist came up and.......Pow.

The blonde dropped to the ground a huge look of disbelief crossed his face the cookie long forgotten.

Back at the door Goyle winced and got ready to yell at his son for hitting a Malfoy when a hand gripped his shoulder holding him back.

"No. I want to see what he does." The cold voice of Lucius answered while thinking to himself ‘come on Draco, you're a Malfoy, now prove it."

As soon as the shock wore off he pushed himself up thunder in his eyes. "You need to learn how to respect your superiors." he said icily and before Gregory could comprehend what was said he felt his hair being pulled back and with a final yank his head was smashed into a cabinet, and purple smoke was circling his feet as the blonde boy threw a odd black stone with inscription on it on the floor. Soon Gregory felt suffocated and the smoke was burning him.


His cries echoed behind him as he ran around aimlessly trying to outrun the smoke. And as the other boy watched he couldn't help thinking this boy was quite dim, didn't he realize the smoke was circling him and moving with him and he couldn't outrun it?

Then suddenly it disappeared as the tall blonde man flicked his wand and glanced at the blonde boy.

Gregory decided to try not and fight him ever again and next time to just let him have the cookie. Oddly Draco was thinking the same thing. That punch hurt and he didn't want to fight him again. He decided not to take things from the boy without his permission again.

In the mean time Lucius scolded his son not happy with his son's tactics. "You are a Malfoy. Remember that and Malfoy's use words and wands only! We do not resort to common muggle violence, let your new friend do that for you, he's low enough to do it" he sneered at the stocky stupid boy.

Goyle reddened but dare not speak out against Lucius. Meanwhile Goyle's son was simply staring at the tall blond man thinking ‘friend?' Not at all insulted by being called low.

Draco squinted his eyes in confusion lost in his father's words. "But why would I make friends with someone who is low?" he asked but never thinking his father was wrong or made a mistake or anything- his father was always right of course- no he just was confused.

Lucius sighed and explained. "He is low but is a pureblood, therefore he is still not as low as halfbloods or muggle-borns, so still acceptable as a friend."

Draco's little mouth formed a silent oh and picked up his stone and stuffed his father's present back into his cloak. As soon as the stone was stored he spun around with his hand out and said calmly "Draco Malfoy".

Gregory stared stupidly at him and Draco sighed. "That's my name. Now what is yours?"

Gregory's face lit up in understanding and said "Gregory!"

The blonde boy made a face of disgust and stated "Too long. Last name?"


"Hmm. It will do. Your name's Goyle now."

Gregory simply nodded and as Draco started walking to the living room away from the adults Gregory followed him. Passing an end table Draco saw a shiny galleon. He started reaching for it but stopping to remember the punch looked back and asked the boy "Is this yours?"

As Gregory shook his head Draco picked it up and dropped it into his pocket and Gregory simply stood there.

Gregory decided that the other boy could be fun to stay with if his new friend got others as mad as he was once the boy took his cookie. He could beat them up once they tried to punch uh. .what was his name? Oh yeah! Draco, and then be rewarded by his new friend for beating up his enemies. He smiled thinking about getting to punch others and not to mention maybe getting to steal their cookies too without getting in trouble. That last thought put a grin on his face as he trotted up behind the blonde boy.

How lucky was he? He got a new friend that would let him punch others and keep his stomach happy. What else could the boy ask for? ‘Nothing!' he thought happily until his ingenious brain remembered what. That's right......more cookies!


(A/N- for anyone who is asking the point of the story....well at first there wasn't one but as I wrote I came across a great point. In the second movie Draco asks Crabbe and Goyle if something is theirs before he takes it....well this story tells you why he bothered asking- yup- he didn't want to get punched again for taking something of Goyle's. Now I know it was in the movie and not the book and the books are more important than the movie but oh well. This story could also point out why Goyle is happy being Malfoy's friend. Now thanks for reading and reviewing- you are reviewing right- right! Ok well that's all I have to say.)

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