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I Promise Nothing Happened by Pixie_dust04220
Chapter 1 : Waking up with a snake
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A/N: I own nothing but the plot of this story, and any names you don't know. I have edited this chapter, for thoes of you who have read it please re-read it and leave me a review. This is my first fan-fic, so please be nice.

Chapter One: Waking up with a snake

The room was spinning, or was that her head? 'Where am I? Who am I laying next too?' Laying next to her, Hermione's eyes shot open wide. "Oh my God." She screamed. Her hands reached out and pushed the person off the bed, causing him to hit his head on the nightstand beside the bed.

"Oh, my head. What the hell just..." Malfoy's words were cut off as he was trying to bring the room into focus. He looked up at the girl in his bed, 'I am seeing things.' he thought, 'Granger, the Mudblood is not in my bed.' Draco told himself firmly as if trying to make it true. He blinked a few times, she was still there, damn.

"Why are you here Malfoy?" Hermione demanded. She pulled the covers up around her. They were satin green in color, had she been paying attention to this she would have guessed for herself why she was with him in the room with her.

Draco was taken back when she asked him this question, he had every right to be here after all it was his bedroom. "I would think that would be easy for you to figure out, the real question is why are you in my bed Mudblood?"

Anger flared inside of her, "Don't call me that. Ferret." She smiled when he suddenly went pale. "What do you mean your bed? OH NO!" Hermione hid her face under the green satin sheets. She now noticed the color of them, she went pale. 'What's going on, why did I wake up in bed with Malfoy?' She thought, feeling ill all of the sudden. "I swear if you so much as laid a finger on me, you'll live to regret it." She said getting out of the bed. 'Okay, so I am still fully clothed, that's a good sign.' Hermione thought.

"Oh please Granger. I can have any girl I want. Why would I stoop so low as to touch a Mud____" Her handmade contact with the side of his face. "Ouch, damnit Granger that hurt." Draco bellowed.

"I told you not to call me that again. Now think what happened last night Malfoy? I don't remember coming up to our dorm after the dance." Hermione couldn't really see anything, she walked around the bed to switch on the light. As soon as she saw Malfoy half dressed she regretted it at once. 'He looks good.' She told herself. His hair wasn't plastered to his head, instead it was falling freely in his eyes. 'Wait, I do not think he looks good.' Hermione told herself firmly.

He was sitting in a chair near his bed now. His brain was still foggy. "Well, we got our picture taken, you gave a speech of some sort. I of course didn't hear most of it." He paused.

"Of course, go on." Hermione said.

"McGonagall said we needed to opedn the dance, so we danced." He suddenly fell silent, even though his mind was clouded he remembered their dance. 'The way she felt in my arms was amazing. Her body is so soft, and it fits so well with mine.' Draco was now thinking about their dance as if he was doing it at that moment. Her hair smelled of fresh strawberries, the perfume she wore was intoixicating. Sun-kissed Plumeria, he had decided. Her hair was piled neatly on top of her head, ringletts fell around her beautiful face. He tired to remember what happened after their dance. All he could think about was holding her waist, and gliding her across the ballroom floor. She was a princess that night, and he had, for the first time in his life felt whole.

"Malfoy, as much as I love it when you're not speaking, please foucus." Hermione said a bit annoyed that he was ignoring her.

Draco shook his head, 'What am I thinking, Granger a princess? Maybe in her wildest dreams, get a grip Draco.' He argued wuth himself before speaking again. "As I said, we danced, then as I remember Potter and Weasley came and took you away to mingle." 'Which I hated.' his brain said, 'no that's a lie.' the other part of him said sternly.

"Anything eles?" Hermione couldn't even remember that much, so she had to just take his word for it and hope there was nothing she was missing.

"Well, I saw you later by the punch bowl, you were drinkiing punch that..." 'Oh my god, no.' He was now thinking about the punch.

Hermione looked horrified 'why did he stop talking? What had he seen she wondered. "What Malfoy, what do you remember?" She pleaded with him.

"Umm, you were drinking some punch that Pansy gave you. Only I remember her saying she had put some sort of potion in it" He said, not wanting to finish that sentence, if he was right and he was sure he was there was something in that punch that Hermione wouldn't like at all, and by the looks of this morning nither would Draco.

"What kind of potion Malfoy?" Hermione asked, she was trying to remain calm, but at the moment she was finding it very hard.

"I don't know the name of it. All I know is it will make the drinker want to sleep with the guy or girl they find most appealing. They won't know how to stop even if they wanted too. I honestly thought she was teasing me. But it only makes sense that's what happened." Draco looked at her, she looked very confused.

"But that doesn't even make sense, you said yourself you wouldn't touch me. And I do not find you appealing in that way or any other way for that matter. It's a potion that makes one forget what they've been doing. Thats all it is Malfoy." She wouldn't believeit was some twisted sex love potion, it just couldn't be.

"You're right, we can't remember anything, and I wouldn't touch you. But..." He remembered drinking some punch, one glass Pansy had told him to stay away from.


"I remember drinking the same punch from a glass I shouldn't have touched. I don't remember anything except bringing a girl up to my room." Draco said looking around the room, trying to find something, or so it appeared to be that way. When he didn't find what he was looking for he looked back at her. "And you're the only girl here Granger."

'Pansy? His stupid obsessed ex girlfreind with a pug face bewitched my punch?' Hermione thought this was somewhat funny. 'Then the stupid pug face bitch gave some of the same stuff to her lover boy? Whatever she's playing at isn't going to work.' She told herself. "Surely Pansy didn't want you and I to..." She couldn't finish that thought, it was to scary. Had she really slept with Draco Ferret Faced Malfoy? 'No, I would not have done that, no way in hell.' She told herself stearnly.

"Ha Granger, I hardly think that Pansy meant for this to happen. As I recall she was rather drunk, probably fire wiskey. She was pissed that I refused to take her as my date to the ball." He couldn't read Hermione's face. She looked irrate, and who wouldn't be? He thought. But hadn't she been rumored to have had close relations with someone over the Valentine's Holiday? Yes, everyone knew she had, but that didn't mean she'd bed just anyone, least of all him. They were after all enemies. He was lost in thought when he heard her speaking to him again. "What, I wasn't listening to you." Draco said as he looked at her and silently told her to repeat herself so he could listen better this time.

Hermione just rolled her eyes, but started over again, she wasn't in the mood to argue with anyone, not even Draco Malfoy. "Why would Pansy even whant to do this to me? I mean she could be expelled for this, you've told me it was her, and I am Head Girl." She felt like crying, but beings as she was in Draco Malfoys bedroom she ignored the urge to burst into tears. 'I will not show weakness to him, I will not cry about this, nothing happened.' She told herself. She looked at Draco, he was thinking again, but she couldn't really read his face. Something clicked in his head and she knew he was about to tell her what he thought happned. The only question was for Hermione now did she really want to know what he remembered?

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