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Fred and Hermione, the romance story by ducks
Chapter 1 : The actual story part, not the summary
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Fred was staring dreamily into space until a blunt object poked him hard in the stomach. He turned and saw George standing there with a smile. He had his wand out and looked ready to use it until Fred held his hands up in surrender.

“Okay, okay I give up, what have I done to deserve this?”

George smirked at his twin. Fred became almost frightened at the look, until he saw the glint in George’s eyes that was oh so often mirrored in his own. Slowly the smirk became a smile as George turned towards the door. As he was leaving he threw a comment over his shoulder.

“Oh by the way, stop day dreaming about whoever it was and get back to work. They are lined to the path.”

Fred turned towards the door and made his way from the backroom into the twin’s shop front. George was right, they were lining up as if it was the last day on earth and the only way to survive was to buy their product. Smiling he began to help people look for products. Anything to distract him from his day dreaming

As the day drew to a close the shop was emptied and an anti-thieving spell was placed upon the building. Fred left, he was a little uncertain leaving the shop unattended, but it was holiday season and Diagon Alley would be closed down. No other shop would be occupied and the alley couldn’t be accessed unless it was approved by the ministry. Despite all this, Fred was a little nervous.

George came up behind him.

“What’s the matter? Why don’t you want to go back to Mum’s for the weekend? And why have you been day dreaming for the past few weeks? Unless the thing you have been dreaming about is at Mum’s! Oh my god it’s Fleur isn’t it?!”

Fred just smiled. George was far from the truth. If only he knew. Fred couldn’t help himself. The feelings just came out of nowhere one day.

George had just packed the last thing in his trunk and was waiting impatiently for Fred to join him. He was tapping his foot as a signal to hurry up and Fred was getting annoyed.

“Alright George, I get it, you want me to hurry up!”

George stopped tapping but instead he started calling out to Fred.

“Look mate, she is getting married to our dear brother and nothing you pack to seduce her will change that! At most it will probably frighten her out of her wits! Than Bill would kill you wouldn’t he?”

Fred smirked. Oh if only he knew.
Finally, sick of waiting, George managed to drag Fred into the fireplace before flooing to the Burrow. As soon as he stepped out of the fireplace, Fred was engulfed in a hug from his mother.

“Oh it’s so good to see you Fred!”

Fred just hugged back for awhile before standing back to stare at the surroundings. George who was standing against the counter was smirking. He began to give sidelong glances towards Fleur who was sitting on Bill’s knee. Fred just shot George a look before turning to his mother.

“Hi Mum, been busy lately?”

She just gave him a look.

“Oh you don’t know the half of it. I’ve got Harry coming tonight after Arthur went to drag him away from that awful family of his! Than tomorrow or the next day Hermione is coming to stay. I don’t eve know where they are all going to fit!

From where George stood he could see the spark in Fred’s eyes as Hermione’s name was mentioned. Suddenly it all made sense. The day dreaming, the nervous behaviour, reluctant to visit the Burrow. Fred liked Hermione. He was about to pull Fred aside to confirm his thoughts when Harry and Ron walked through the door.

“Oh Harry, how good to see you alive. I hope they weren’t too brutal to you this time!”

Fred attempted to pull his mother back from Harry, but despite his best attempt, his mum broke free and engulfed Harry in a hug that seemed to knock the air out of him. Harry just smiled and patted her back whilst Ron began to flirt shamelessly with Fleur. Suddenly Fred felt a tug on his arm as George pulled him out into the hallway and up to their room.


Fred was a little stunned by George’s behaviour that he didn’t register what he was saying.


George just smiled before replying.

“It’s Hermione isn’t it?”

Fred, try as he might, couldn’t refrain from blushing at George’s accusation. George saw this and began to chuckle.

“Oh Fred, why don’t you just….hey why is there an extra bed in here?”

Fred looked startled but turned to see what George was talking about. Sure enough there was an extra bed in the room. He hadn’t noticed it before.

“Who is it for?”

George seemed annoyed by the comment as he replied.

“Do I look like Professor Trewlany?”

Fred just glared at him before moving for he door. As he got there George’s voice stopped him.

“Be careful with her mate, she’s a lot younger than you! And Ron will kill you if you hurt her!”

Fred didn’t reply but merely wondered down the staircase to the kitchen and found it empty. Outside he found them all sitting at the table eating. He sank down into an empty chair and began to eat. Minutes later George sat next to him and under his breath whispered the warning again.

The next day everyone stayed outside to either play Quidditch or tend to the garden. Fred gave up after a few hours of being pelted with the Quaffle before heading inside to get a drink. As he pulled his head out of the fridge he heard a voice calling through the house.

“Hello? Anybody here?”

Suddenly Hermione’s head appeared around the corner and he saw her smile at him.

“Oh hi Fred!”

He almost chocked on his drink as he replied.

“HI Hermione!”

She giggled before moving outside. He wondered how she knew they were outside until he heard the shouts entering the house. His family weren’t exactly quiet.

That night Fred and George sat opposite Hermione. Every now and then Fred would fell George’s elbow nudge him. Fred blushed everytime and that got weird looks from Hermione.

After tea Hermione cornered Fred.

“Okay what have you drugged mw with, tricked me with or something along those lines with?”

Fred was genuinly confused.


Hermione smirked.

“Oh come on! You’ve been giving me weird looks all night, blushing, I’ve known you far too long Fred Weasely and when you do that you have done something for your own amusement!”

Fred felt as though she had slapped him.

“If that is what you think than you don’t know me at all!”

With that Fred disappeared into his room. Hermione followed him and closed the door.

“Oh yeah, then Fred Weasley why on earth have you been blushing unless it ws because you had done something to me?”

Fred was hurt by this but frustration made him at impulsively.

“Oh I don’t know Hermione Granger, maybe this!”

With that he bent down and kissed her.

Hermione pulled back surprised.

“What is on your lips? What have you done to me?”

Fred threw his hands up in frustration.

“For merlin’s sake you just don’t get it!”

Hermione gave him a look.

“I’ve known you for seven years Fred, what am I supposed to get?”

Fred turned away from her.

“Maybe that I like you? Maybe that you mean a lot to me?”

He turned to see her but kept going out the door leaving her there alone.

Later that night Fred was settling in with Harry and George in the same room when a hand closed in his. An arm was coming through the door. Fred thought he was dreaming and was about to turn over when it tugged him and almost pulled him out of bed.

Unsure of what to do he let the mysterious arm drag him downstairs and into the darkened garden.

He was a little unsure of what to do, he couldn’t see who this was and he was a little hesitant to find out.

Finally the moon came out and shone on her Hermione.

“Did you mean it?”

Fred took her hands.

“I’ve always meant it!”

With that he kissed her.

Hermione kissed him back furiously. Fred couldn't believe what he was doing. What was he doing? Hermione wasn't supposed to kiss like this, she was supposed to be the good girl that he had to teach to kiss like this.

Hermione lent up to his ear and whispered.

"When the moon is out, watch it."

Fred was a bit nervous at this, what had Hermione planned to happen. What had happened to Hermione? The innocent girl that Hermione had been was shed to become this teasing, provactive person before him. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he liked it.

With nervous anticipation he saw clouds begin to shadow the moon. He felt Hermione's hadn run up his body to his chest and she began to kiss his neck lightly. He shook at the feeling. Hermione smirked as the backyard got darker and darker. It was like a traffic light signalling go as soon as the last part was covered and they were succumbed to darkness.

The fence once lit now fell to ebony black and Fred could feel himself being backed up against a tree. It almost hurt when the bark scraped down the length of his back.

He was a little nrvous doing this. Fred began to question why, when he felt Hermione's hand reach down past where he was used to. He groaned at the feeling.

"What's the matter?"

Fred looked at her and kissed her passionately before...

(A/N i'm sorry for the cliff hanger, keep an eye out for the sequel)

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