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Memoirs of My Past by EmeraldWolfEyes
Chapter 1 : The One I Love
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and the characters associated with it do not belong to me (though you should know that). The belong to J.K. Rowling (and you should also know that). Every scene in this chapter except the first one is based on a scene from one of the books, as is the first scene in the second chapter. I do not claim the general plot of these scenes, only the content in them as they are in the view of Ginny Weasley, and not Harry Potter. The writing and words are mine. I did not use any of her quotes or sentences. After these scenes, however, the content is entirely new.  This story was written before the seventh book came out also so beware of that!

A/N: It's been requested that I put up a tissue warning, so that I have. I hope it doesn't come to that, but this is here for all of the emotional people out there. :)


“Grandma,” started the redheaded child slowly, “can you tell us another story about Grandpa Harry?”

The other children looked up from their play with interest, and then scurried over to the old rocking chair in which their grandmother was sitting.

“Oh, all right,” the old woman sighed. Her long wavy red hair, specked with gray, flowed down her back, and the lines on her face showed proof of the hard life she had led. She looked tired; she looked in need of a rest. The only thing that suggested otherwise was her eyes. Their hazel color reflected the life they still held. They danced with emotion and memory. She was still a very beautiful woman. “Your grandfather was a great man: a hero, a friend, a lover, a son. He was my everything, and I can remember everything about him, from the first time we met until the day we said goodbye…”


September 1, 1991

“Ron, please let me come with you. You can’t leave me here all alone with her!”

“With who?” he asked distractedly, as he was trying to pack.

“Mum! She’ll drive me crazy; I’ll go insane! You don’t want me to go insane, do you Ronald? Do you?”

“Ginny," he sighed.  "You’re not going to go insane. Besides, it’s just for one year. Next year you’ll have to come with us.”

“But I want to go this year!”

“No Ginny, you can’t. I’ve got to finish packing. Are you just going to stand there, or will you help?”

Ginny threw a pillow at her brother’s head before running down the stairs. She screamed as he started to chase after her, and hid behind her mother’s large form upon reaching the kitchen.

“Ronald Weasley! Get back up there right this instant! Chasing your poor sister around, you could have hurt someone! I doubt you’ve finished packing! Well, have you?” Mrs. Weasley watched as Ron shook his head, and then motioned for him to leave. “We’re leaving in ten minutes, everyone!” she shouted.

Ginny stuck her tongue out at her brother and grabbed a piece of toast.

Ten minutes later, Fred, George, Percy, Ron, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley piled into a cab that Mr. Weasley had called for them earlier that morning. During the ride to King’s Cross, nobody said much of anything. Ron was still fuming: his ears were turning a bright red color. Mrs. Weasley was busy checking everyone over, making sure they looked decent for their first day of school. Fred and George were whispering together in a corner of the cab, as Percy looked on disapprovingly. Ginny was still cross with Ron, but she knew she was still going to miss him, as she would miss them all.  This would be her first year alone in the house without a brother to play with or annoy. 

“Ron, what’s that on your nose?”

“It’s probably just a freckle, mum,” he replied.

“No, it’s not! It’s dirt! Wipe it off, Ron, dear. This is your first day, and you should try to make a good first impression.”

Fred and George sniggered, and Ginny rolled her eyes. It’s just one more year until I go to school with them, she reminded herself sadly.

When they arrived at the station, the kids unpacked their trunks and walked toward the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Percy ran through first, and then Fred and George. Naturally, they had to play a little joke on their mother first. It was expected. They found great joy and amusement in their pranks, as did almost everyone else. Eventually, however, they managed to run through the barrier, leaving Ron, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley alone. Just as Ron was about to run through after them, a boy came up to what was left of the family. He had bright green eyes and untidy black hair. He had circular glasses, but they didn’t make him any less handsome. That was the day Ginny Weasley met Harry Potter, and that was the first and last time she fell in love.

Last Week of May, 1993

Ginny had stolen the diary from Harry. How he had gotten it, she didn’t know. All that mattered now was that he would never discover that it was her who had hurt all those people, or that it was she who had opened the Chamber of Secrets. Ginny opened up the tiny book, and started to write.

Tom, you mustn’t talk to Harry! You would tell him my secrets, wouldn’t you? I tried to get rid of you, and yet you found your way back into my life. Why can’t you just leave? Leave me alone, Tom. I hate you! You made me do this!

Relax, Gin. Just relax. I promise I won’t do anything. I won’t tell Potter about your secrets- any of them. Relax.

Oddly, Ginny did find herself relaxing. Really relaxing. It was like she couldn’t control her own body anymore.

What are you doing to me? Stop! Stop or I’ll

But she couldn’t write anymore. Her hand fell limply by her side. She couldn’t move it. She fell into a dreamlike glide. The diary was in her arms, and Tom was still writing.

This is it Ginny Weasley. I will finally be restored to my body, and Harry Potter will be nothing more than a memory. Ironic, isn’t it? Memory? That's all I was until you came along.  You’ve helped me to kill the Boy-Who-Lived.

That was all she could read before her mind was completely taken over by the memory of Tom Riddle.


Ginny woke a while later, her body tired and hurting. She had seen Tom Riddle come out of the diary before she had fallen completely unconscious, but now he was nowhere to be seen. Harry was though. He ran over to her. Ginny gasped when she saw the dead basilisk, the blood on Harry’s robes, and the diary in his arms. What had happened? She tried to explain everything. She tried to tell him that she had done it, that she had helped petrify those people, that she had killed the chickens, and that she had written those messages on the wall. She had done it all.

He tried to soothe her, and it kind of worked. She settled down enough for him to pick her up and help her towards the chamber entrance. She sobbed, thinking of everything that had happened. She felt positive that she would be expelled, and that her family would disown her.

It wasn’t long before they heard shifting rock up ahead. Her time alone with Harry had ended, and now he thought her a lunatic. She was sure of it.

But she was wrong.

June, 1996

Ginny had given up on her childish crush for more than a few years. A lot had happened over those years. Ginny had never truly gotten over Harry, but she had certainly tried moved on. She had started dating other people, though none of them had seemed quite right for her. She had gotten pretty close to Michael Corner, but he too had been a disappointment.

Outside of her love life, many other changes had taken place. The biggest of these was the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Although his rebirth was not accepted by the world, Ginny knew it to be true. She had seen the look in Harry’s eyes the few times he had mentioned it: there was no way he was lying. When he returned that night he was more distant and serious than ever before. He had grown up over Cedric’s death and You-Know-Who’s return. It was as if he had taken on a great burden; a great responsibility.

When it seemed like it could get no worse for him, he had been attacked over the summer, forced to attend a disciplinary hearing, forced to endure an evil teacher who tried to vilify his every word, and forced to experience dreams of a weird nature which made his sanity come under question. In short, Harry had had a rough year. He still had his friends though, and he was the leader of a secret Defense Against the Dark Arts group. Ginny and he were also now closer than they had ever been. Once she had gotten over her crush, she had finally been able to talk to him. She even felt comfortable yelling at him when the occasion called for it.

Now it was nearing the end of her fourth year, and Harry and the other fifth years were busy taking their O.W.L’s. She too had exams, though hers were not as rigorous as those her friends were taking.

Things were different at the school now too. Dumbledore and Hagrid were both on the run, Professor McGonagall was injured and unable to work, and the Ministry was running Hogwarts. Her older brothers, Fred and George Weasley, had also left, leaving the school in absolute mayhem. Did anyone expect anything less of them?

It was a warm spring day and Ginny had just finished her Transfiguration test. She had been walking down the hall with Luna following close behind her when they heard shouting coming from a supposedly empty classroom. Luna broke off of her tirade on used schoolbooks and the creatures that lurked between their pages as Ginny started walking briskly toward the room.

Harry had been yelling at Hermione and Ron. Although she did not understand what was going on, she knew something important was happening, and she was willing to help. After a few minutes of confused conversation, Hermione had ordered her to stand watch outside of the corridor leading to Professor Umbridge’s room. This she did, though she was still trying to understand the seriousness of what was going on.

It was not long before she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around quickly, but it was too late. A rather large girl, whom she recognized as a Slytherin 6th or 7th year, was standing right in front of her. Just as Ginny was about to open her mouth to scream a warning to Harry and Hermione, who were in Umbridge’s office, the girl clamped her large hand over Ginny’s much smaller mouth.

She struggled against her captor, kicking and elbowing the girl with all of her might.

“Hey! Hey, what are you doing?”

Ginny looked up to see Neville Longbottom running towards them. “No! Neville, please! Go back! Run and get help!” she managed to say before the hand was back over her mouth.

He didn’t listen and instead ran right up to her, trying to pull her away from the other girl’s clutches.

“Neville! Behind you!” Again, she was too late in her warning. Some of the other members of Umbridge’s Inquisitorial Squad had entered the hallway, dragging Ron and Luna with them. With a nod from the Slytherin Chaser, Warrington, Vincent Crabbe grabbed Neville.

“Let go of him, you foul-” Ginny was once again cut off by the Slytherin’s hand.

“Here, take this,” ordered Warrington. He handed a rag to the girl holding her, and then one to Crabbe. Ginny gagged as the material was roughly pushed into her mouth. She could see that Ron and Luna had also been silenced.

“This way,” Warrington instructed. He led them towards Umbridge’s office. Ginny’s heart sunk. They had failed. They had failed Harry and they had failed Sirius.

They struggled through the doorway, each of them still fighting their captor. That is, each of them but Luna, who was once again in her dreamy state.

Ginny didn’t pay attention to much of what went on for the next fifteen minutes or so. She recognized that Umbridge, Harry and Draco Malfoy were already standing in the room, and that Millicent Bulstrode had already seized Hermione. She vaguely noticed that Snape also entered and left the room. She was struggling too hard to really pay attention to what was happening. It was Umbridge’s cold anger after Snape’s departure that snapped her out of her daze, and though she continued to struggle, she now kept close tabs on what was taking place.

Umbridge had started talking to herself. It was as though she was making up a story, and trying to strengthen it by speaking it out loud. She was planning on torturing Harry to make him talk about what he was doing in her office. Ginny felt sick as she realized that Umbridge was dead serious.

She looked on numbly as Hermione, who had not been gagged, began to beg and plead, and then as Hermione finally broke. Ginny was disgusted by how easily Hermione had given in, but also understood where she was coming from. They all cared for Harry, after all.

Ron tried to shout at Hermione and Neville was staring at her as though she had gone quite mad. Ginny had noticed the odd look on Harry’s face though and kept quiet. Hermione started to tell an elaborate tale about speaking to Dumbledore, Ministry resistance, and weapons. She had to have been making it up as she told it. Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna and Harry had fallen still, though surprisingly their new immobility went unnoticed.

Hermione’s crafty but insane tale seemed plausible to Umbridge, who ordered to be taken to the weapon immediately. Hermione even managed to convince her that taking the Slytherins was not safe, much to Draco Malfoy’s disappointment. She, Harry and Umbridge left the office together. Soon only Ron, Ginny, Luna, Neville and the Slytherins remained.

Ginny had started struggling again. Her mind raced wildly as she tried to think up a plan. She looked over at Ron, who was now in Goyle’s clutches; at Neville, who was still attempting to fight Crabbe; at Luna, whose gaze was still directed on a tree outside the window; and then at Malfoy, who had resumed his game of throwing Harry’s wand up into the air and catching it. She stared at the wand. No one had taken her own wand from her. It was still in her pocket. If only she could get her arms loose, they might be able to escape.

In a sudden rush of adrenaline, Ginny magnified her struggling. Seeing her, Neville and Ron also fought harder. Soon she had one arm free. Using it, she grabbed her wand and shot a stunning spell behind her. She was instantly released.

Ron and Neville had also stunned their captors.

“Impedimenta!” Neville shouted, his arm pointed at a few of the Slytherins, causing them to freeze. Ron disarmed Malfoy, grabbing Harry’s wand and pocketing it.

“Nice one, Neville!” Ron shouted.  He and Neville continued to stun the remaining Slytherins, until the only one who wasn’t frozen or unconscious was Malfoy. Ginny walked right up to him and hit him with a Bat-Bogey hex. They left the office together, leaving Malfoy wailing and swatting at the bogies around his head.

“Where now?” asked Ron quietly. “Good work guys, by the way. But how do we find Harry and Hermione? She didn’t say where they were going!”

“They’re in the forest,” said a wistful voice behind them. “I watched through the window.”

“Luna! Are you sure?”

“Yes, Ronald. I am sure. Unless they were lanatias who had taken Harry, Hermione, and the toad lady’s body shape. That’s very possible too, of course.”


“Now isn’t the time,” Ginny cut in sharply. “We’re going to the forest.”

“Why does it always have to be the forest?” whined Ron beside her.

They made their way to the Forbidden Forest. They walked for a while, but it wasn't too long before they heard voices. Ginny’s group reunited with Harry and Hermione and from there they went to the Department of Mysteries, hoping to rescue Sirius.

Ginny got her first real glimpse at Harry’s life and future on that night. The Death Eaters and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had set a trap for him. They had wanted to kill Harry and they didn’t care who was hurt in the process. Ginny herself had almost been tortured that night, and she had broken her ankle. Yet, she had not been scared. She had complete confidence in Harry.

The danger in his life would have turned most girls away, but Ginny was not like most girls. Somehow, she was attracted to it. She didn’t care that his life led to life threatening situations because she felt safe with him.

That night, Harry lost a great friend and father figure. Later on that night, he exited Dumbledore’s office after having a serious conversation with the Headmaster. Harry had returned to them, but he never returned as the same person he had been before that evening. He now carried some new trouble, and Ginny found herself wishing desperately that she could help him shoulder it.

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