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Avada Kedavra by Kristen59
Chapter 1 : Avada Kedavra
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Avada Kedavra

There was a dark look in her eyes. Dark and scary. Never in their lives had they seen eyes so black, so evil, especially not hers. She was a kind and smart girl, never would she turn against them. She loved them both, they were her best friends. Or so they thought. She abandoned them, left them to die. They never thought something possible from such a loving girl. But that was it. The love that used to be in her eyes was now gone, replaced with a hatred that no one could surpass. She despised them, her former best friends, and no one knew why. Not even she herself knew.

Ever since their first year they would do anything for each other. They would look out for each other, protect each other. Now she would do nothing, they were on opposite sides of the battlefield, now they had to protect themselves from her. They of course, still believed in their best friend. They thought they could bring her back to the light, the good. They were sadly mistaken. The Hermione Granger they knew was gone. Their best friend for 6 years was gone. In her place was a new girl, a girl who scared everyone. A girl whom everyone looked up to, a powerful, smart, yet very dark girl. This girl was pure evil, while the first no longer existent girl was pure good.

They stared into her cold eyes as she stood on the side of the dark. The final battle was a mere few minutes away. The leader of the dark side, Voldemort was to her right, then Lucius to his. Draco Malfoy albeit reluctantly on her opposite side. He was even scared of her. She had killed many and she had no remorse. She loved to torture the helpless, to hear the screams, to see the blood. It kept her going; it was her strength, her power, her passion. At this moment, though, there wasn’t fear in his eyes. He had a brilliant façade, which he wouldn’t allow the light side to see through.

There she was next to the Dark Lord, the dark mark burning black on her arm. She was his right hand man, second rank. Wand in her opposite hand, she was ready to strike. Her first target would be Ron; Draco’s would be Ginny. They were all to leave Harry for The Dark Lord himself. The many death eaters behind them were waiting for the signal to attack, as were the many Aurors behind Harry.

Then with barely a flick of her wrist, it didn’t take much for her to kill anymore, she spoke the two words Harry dreaded to hear from their once good friend. The words he didn’t believe would ever be spoken by her mouth. The words that made him forget his belief in her. That confirmed she would never return to them. Those dreaded words, that wouldn’t even cause her to flinch, killed his two best friends of six years that night. And soon after he himself would be facing those two words.

“Avada Kedavra!”

A/N: I was in a dark mood when I wrote this. It started out with they eyes. I wrote it awhile ago. I had to revise it to make it longer than 500 words, which it is now. I fixed a few things that didn't seem right and it lengthed, but not too much. I hope you like it. It doesn't state why she joined the dark side. It says she doesn't even know herself why she hated her ex-best friends, so it's up to imagination. I'm a Draco/Hermione shipper so that could be reason in one. That is why I included him there next to her with his thoughts on the subject. Review please! ;D

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Avada Kedavra: Avada Kedavra


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