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Evanescent by scarletheartedlioness
Chapter 1 : Our Love Goes On
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. The song is written and performed by Evanescence.

Give me a reason to believe that you’re gone

There he stood on the edge of reason, his blond hair unsmooth and disturbed in the howling wind. His electric blue-grey eyes were set out on the ocean, twenty feet from the cliff he so desperately clung to.

Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

He couldn’t handle this – being here. For years he had been locked up, and now he knew it had been for a good reason. He couldn’t handle being here.

I see your shadow so I know they’re all wrong

Draco straightened himself up and carefully stepped back onto safer grounds. Below, the waves were crashing loudly up on the rocks, reminding him he was in reality now. If he wasn’t careful, he could get killed.

The wind around him picked up and amplified itself throughout the deserted graveyard. Draco’s eyes snapped to attention.

The graveyard. The place that had haunted his nightmares for the past three years. The place he had dreaded returning to, yet the place he found himself standing in right now. The graveyard.

Moonlight on the soft brown earth

The moon above shone strongly down onto the grounds, seemingly pointed to one place.

Following his instinct, Draco trudged through the grass towards the one large beam of light. He stopped when he reached its finish, and then glanced around him.

How long had he been out here for? And how long would he have to stay?

It leads me to where you lay

He heard the crunching of a twig behind him, and swivelled around to peer into the forest. He waited until a figure emerged, gliding across the grass as if they were floating on air.

The figure wore a long white dress that hung loosely from its body and fell down to its ankles. Long, brown tendrils of hair cascaded down its back, and bright brown eyes blinked back at him.

“Hermione . . .” he breathed.

They took you away from me

“You came, Draco,” Hermione whispered, gliding forward and coming to rest before him. “After all these years.” She seemed surprised, but not in the least bit disappointed.

Draco smiled slightly and searched her over from her slender hips to her beautiful mouth. “I couldn’t stay away long. You know me.”

Hermione smiled, gazing intently into his eyes. “Where have you been?”

But now I’m taking you home

Draco sighed and pulled his jacket tighter around himself as the temperature dropped again. “Well, when you went away, I went away too.” He said, clutching onto the sides of his jacket tightly.

Hermione inclined her head sideways in question. “I never went away, Draco.”

Draco gazed into her eyes. “They told me you did.”

I will stay forever here with you

“Who is ‘they’, Draco?”

Draco diverted his eyes from her face to the ground. A struggling wind had whipped through and bristled the tops of the blades of grass. “I miss you, Hermione.” He said to deliberately avoid the question.

He felt cold fingers under his chin and his face was brought up to Hermione’s. She gazed into his eyes again and trailed her fingers up from under his chin to his cheek, where she placed her entire hand. Draco winced at the coldness, but welcomed the internal feeling of warmth her touch gave him.

The softly spoken words you gave me

“I can’t believe you’re here. It seems almost preposterous that I haven’t seen you in so long,” Draco whispered. “You look so beautiful . . . just how I remember.”

Hermione smiled as her eyes flickered over his face. “You look older . . . more mature.” She stated.

Draco nodded. “My father died. I overcame him three years ago . . . the night you disappeared. I’m no longer a Death Eater. I’m clean.” He said proudly. But he triggered something inside of himself when he said ‘the night you disappeared’. He fought back the sadness.

Even in death our love goes on

Hermione held sympathy in her brilliant brown eyes. “I’m so proud of you, Draco. I told you that you could do it. You just had to believe.” She whispered, her voice carrying through the wind.

Draco put his hand on hers, encasing her fingers in his palm and touching her for the first time in three years. “The entire time it happened, I had you in my mind.”

Hermione looked down to the ground, a smile gracing her lips. She blushed red through her extremely pale skin. “Sit with me.”

Some say I’m crazy for my love

She led him to a nearby rock and they both sat down. Draco pulled her into him to fight off the coldness of the wind. Hermione eagerly snuggled into his chest and hugged him tightly.

“I don’t want you to leave.” She whispered.

“I’m not ever leave you, Hermione.” He whispered back.

But no bonds can hold me from your side

She looked up into his eyes and smiled at him. He gazed deeply into her eyes, and before he knew it, he was kissing her like he had three years ago when he had last seen her.

It was rugged and lustful to make up for the lack of passion they had shared. They had both been locked inside themselves, and for the first time in years, they were free.

Draco ran a hand through her silky brown hair, and Hermione clasped her hands on each side of his neck.

They don’t know you can’t leave me

Draco then pulled away, breathing deeply. He smiled as his eyes remained closed. “I missed that.” He whispered.

Hermione didn’t reply.

Draco was caused to open his eyes. He found Hermione’s and saw her staring at him with such love and affection.

They don’t hear you singing to me

And then she began to sing.

He remembered her voice. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard, and he could find himself lost in it for hours. It was like a lullaby, but one that didn’t make you want to go to sleep, but one that made you want to hear more.

She sang their song. The song that had played at their graduation ball when they had showed the world their love for each other as they danced together. It was a beautiful song . . . just for them.

I will stay forever here with you

But the song was ended abruptly when shouts echoed across the vast grounds. Draco’s head snapped around, and he was shocked to find two men in white coats racing towards them.

He swivelled around to find Hermione was already gone. “Hermione?” he croaked. “Hermione?”

He was suddenly seized up by the arms and was being dragged back across the grounds. He looked up to see the two men in white coats, and he began to struggle.

The softly spoken words you gave me

But he was frozen still when images flashed through his head – ones that he hadn’t remembered until now.

Draco and Hermione kissing under the moonlight for the first time.

Graduation when they kissed in front of their fellow shocked students.

Even in death our love goes on

Buying a house together on the lakeside.

Draco proposing to an unsuspecting Hermione in the middle of a fancy restaurant.

Hermione saying yes, and then their passionate kiss.

I can’t love you anymore than I do

But then the images changed from happy to disturbing.

Lucius showing up at their house and striking Hermione with a strong spell.

Hermione flying backwards and into the wall, slumping down to the ground, unconscious.

Draco and Lucius duelling.

I will stay forever here with you

And then Draco remembered.

Draco yelling, “You killed her, and now I’m going to kill you!”

A burst of white light, and Lucius slumping to the ground, dead.

Draco clutching a dead Hermione in his arms, crying and kissing her hard.

The softly spoken words you gave me

And he slumped into the men’s arms as they dragged him away. “You shouldn’t have escaped the asylum, Draco. You’ve been a bad boy.” One of them cooed as if he were mental . . .

Draco couldn’t believe it.

It was all too much.

Even in death our love goes on

He then caught glance of a horrid sight . . . one that he knew he would never be able to shake from his mind now.

He began to cry, and the men in white coats struggled to drag him away.

And I can’t love you anymore than I do

Draco felt helpless.

But as he neared the end of the grounds, he gazed longingly into the forest. And Hermione appeared in her white dress, floating in mid-air.

“I love you, Draco.” She called out to him.

People die

“I’m not ever going to leave you, Hermione.” He called back. But then the image he had seen before flashed through his vision, and he became weaker. It then disappeared, but he was left to hollowly remember the words on the tombstone.

But real love is forever

In loving memory of Hermione Granger.

A/N: Was that hard to follow? If that was hard to follow, please let me know. I need to know if it was hard to follow so I can change it. I don't want it to be hard to follow. I just hope it wasn't hard to follow so everyone knew what was going on. So just let me know if it was hard to follow, okay? *nods*

Well, what did you think? Was it my best? My worst? My uttermost weirdest? Or just plain good? I rather like this one. Ever since I heard the song, this idea has been nagging at me, and I wasn't going to rest until I wrote it. So here I am, and I have finally had rest. Enjoy!

Give me more motive to sleep by leaving a review to appreciate my creation during insomnia. =D


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Evanescent: Our Love Goes On


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