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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 18 : "Studying"
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A/N: Hello to all!!! We must tell you - you are all fabulously wonderful reviewers! We feel so loved, it's amazing! Oh, and we're so sorry about the delay in updating - we've both been tremendously busy - Missus Moony with her job and Missus Padfoot with her excessive traveling amongst other stuff... such as her friends and her boyfriend, lol. But guess what? Missus Moony and Missus Padfoot are going to be reunited next week when they both go back to school! Woohoo! So believe us when we say that the updates will occur more frequently because we'll be together more to write more chapters! You guys are actually almost caught up to where we are in writing! Oh no! Dun dun dun! Anyways, enough ramblings from us - we hope you enjoy this chapter - especially all you Remus and Rebecca fans! This one's for you guys! :-D

Chapter 18: "Studying"

Remus sighed as he searched the shelves of the library. Professor McGonagall had assigned an essay today in class, and he was hoping to find the books he needed and finish the paper before there was a rush of students who put their papers off until the last minute.

Rubbing his neck, Remus couldn’t help but wince as his muscles twinged beneath his fingertips. He’d had a rough night the previous evening because of the approaching full moon and hadn’t slept well at all.

“You feeling alright, Remus?”

Startled at the soft voice beside him, Remus quickly turned to find Rebecca leaning against the bookcase.

“Oh, hello Rebecca! I hadn’t realized you were there!”

Rebecca merely shrugged and stepped closer to the werewolf so she could search through the same section Remus had been preoccupied with.

“Are you looking for books for our Transfiguration essay?” Remus politely inquired, slightly unsettled from the lack of response from the gothic girl. While Rebecca was normally stoic she always seemed a bit more open with Remus considering they’d been friends since first year, and one of his only friends outside the Marauders that knew how often he got sick, even if she didn’t know the reasons behind his “sickness”.


Sunlight streamed through the infirmary’s window, highlighting a small figure on a bed. The small form shifted and, groaning, slowly blinked against the harsh light.

“You alright, Remus?”

The soft voice to the right of his bedside caused the young werewolf to turn and stare at his visitor. He recognized the girl standing near his bed as one of the Potter twins, her short black hair tied into two small pigtails and dressed in her school robes.

“Er, yeah. Just got a bit sick is all. Madam Pomfrey said I’d be able to return to classes tomorrow.”

Nodding, the girl placed a stack of papers and a book on the table beside the boy’s bed. “Here’s all the homework from our classes today, though I doubt you feel up to working on it while you’re sick.”

Remus blushed and pushed himself up into a sitting position, trying not to wince from the ache in his abused muscles. His first transformation at school had taken place last night, and it had been particularly rough on him. His wolf side had felt threatened in the new environment and had spent the whole night howling and tying to escape the house.

Rebecca, noticing Remus’ wince, offered him one of the slabs of chocolate sitting on the nightstand. “Is there something wrong? You seem pretty banged up for just being sick.”

The werewolf stiffened and stared at the girl beside him.

“I- um,…” Remus lowered his head, and tried not to panic. “I-I get sick a lot, so I’ll be in here a lot this year. Please don’t ask about it.”

“Okay, I won’t.”

Remus jerked his head up to stare at Rebecca. He couldn’t believe what he heard. “What?!”

Rebecca shrugged and took a bite out of one of the extra slabs of chocolate before answering the bewildered boy. “You asked me not to pry, so I won’t. Friends shouldn’t pry if their friends don’t feel comfortable telling them something.”

Remus couldn’t help a grin from spreading across his face at the girl’s sincere answer.

“Yeah. Friends.”

~~~~End Flashback~~~~

Remus, glancing at the girl beside him, couldn’t help but notice the dark circles under her eyes, and her slumped shoulders.

“Rebecca, are you alright? You look a little under the weather!”

Rebecca gazed at the books, though Remus could tell she wasn’t really seeing what was in front of her.

“James kissed Lily last night after Quidditch practice.” Remus gave Rebecca a confused look.

“But, I thought you wanted your brother to get together with Lily?”

Still not looking up at Remus from her book, Rebecca turned a page and replied with venom, “She slapped him right afterwards.”

Remus winced in understanding. He understood the close relationship between the twins, and knew how much this had to be hurting Rebecca. "So how are you holding up?"

Rebecca shrugged listlessly and tried to ignore the fact that Remus had leaned slightly towards her in concern. 'Calm down Rebecca,' she thought to herself, 'you know Remus isn't interested in you.'

Remus, after staring at Rebecca for a moment, turned and dug in his pocket. Pulling out a bar of chocolate, he offered the sweet to the gothic girl. "Here, the solution to everything." Finally looking up at Remus, Rebecca gave him a weak smile and took the proffered chocolate.

"Chocolate." Rebecca agreed.

Nibbling on the chocolate, Rebecca glanced at Remus out of her peripheral vision as the prefect gave her one last smile and turned his attention back to the dusty tomes. The boy looked completely at home in the library, and seemed more relaxed when he was among these shelves filled with aging books rather than when he was out among the students.

The girl was pulled out of her musings from the sound of a book being placed on a table. Leaning to look past Remus, Rebecca noticed Daphne Holmes settle down at one of the tables in the middle of the library, opening a large book that she had set in front of her, apparently getting ready to study.

Rebecca noticed how Remus' attention was now drawn from the books as well and was solely focused on the Ravenclaw Prefect. The gothic girl was grateful for the fact Remus' back was towards her, as her eyes would have betrayed the hurt that she felt.

The two Gryffindors were so caught up in their own musings that they were surprised to see James approach Daphne's table and settle next to her with a nervous grin. Daphne smiled and blushed at James' presence, both completely oblivious to the attention they were receiving from the two students in the aisle.

"Hey, Daphne, I just er... wanted to thank you for yesterday." James muttered, a blush staining his cheeks. The girl in question blushed in return, and fiddled with the pages of the book in front of her nervously.

"Um, it was no problem. I enjoyed myself." The two glanced nervously around the library so as to avoid each other's gaze. After a few moments of awkward silence, James cleared his throat, bringing Daphne's attention back to the fidgeting boy.

Rebecca and Remus stared as the calm and collected James Potter started stuttering. "Uh,... w-w-will, umm.. you..."

Daphne gave James a curious glance, and leaned forward in encouragement. "Yes James, was there something you needed?"

James continued stuttering for a moment before collecting himself and blurting out what he was attempting to convey. "Would you be my girlfriend?"

Daphne blushed and nodded with delight, while Rebecca and Remus stared with their jaws hanging open in shock. James, still oblivious of the spectators, leaned over and gave the brunette girl a chaste kiss before quickly jumping out of his seat.

"Well, I'll just... er... catch you later when you’re done studying!" With a wave, James darted out of the library, leaving Daphne blushing and smiling at his retreating back.

Slumping his shoulders in defeat, Remus couldn't hold in his sigh of disappointment. Despite the fact James was ignorant of the werewolf's feelings, it still stung that James was now romantically involved with the girl he'd been enamored with since fifth year.

Rebecca saw Remus' sudden sour mood, and scowled in anger. This week was turning out to be wonderful!! First Lily slapped her brother, causing her to snap at Lily, and now her brother had gone and asked that…that scarlet woman out! To top it all off, Rebecca knew how disappointed Remus was that Daphne was still oblivious of his feelings, despite the fact that Rebecca felt his intentions had been very clear. After all, if Rebecca had noticed, she felt that Daphne should have noticed as well.

It pissed Rebecca off to no end how selfish Daphne was being. "It's bad enough she'll be taking all of my brother's time away from me, but she has to be totally inconsiderate of Remus' feelings!!" She thought angrily to herself, not noticing how the chocolate bar in her hand was now melted and disfigured from its original shape because of how hard she had been clutching the sweet.

Growling, Rebecca dropped the chocolate, and swiftly skirted around Remus. "I've got to go study."

Remus stared at Rebecca as she stormed out of the library, noticing the dirty look she threw towards the Ravenclaw Prefect.

"What on earth is going on?" muttered Remus to himself. Shaking his head as he stepped towards the shelves to retrieve a book for his Transfiguration essay, Remus felt something underneath his shoe. Glancing down, Remus was surprised to find the chocolate bar he'd given to Rebecca on the floor, warped and melted.

A/N: Now do your part and please review! Oh my goodness what's going to happen next? Heehee, that's for us to know and you to find out! Oh, and yes we know that its a little more dramatic than humorous at the present moment, but hey, it's necessary for the time being. Oh, and yes we know that the subject of the prank war hasn't come up yet, but trust us when we say, "It's coming soon!" Don't worry! We haven't forgotten about it and neither have the Marauders and Lily and her friends... but it's not really quite on the top of their lists right now with all this fighting and drama going on... Anyways, review please!!!!

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Scream My Lungs Out: "Studying"


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