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The Changes in Waiting by almost_witch
Chapter 2 : The Bogart and the return.
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Thank you to Violet! ^

Are you afraid of being alone? ‘

Cause I am; I’m lost with out you.

Blink 182

He placed his overly large feet over the arm rest on his chair. It didn’t take long for his eyes to close and for loud snores to fill the room.

Well, until a screeching red haired women would jump onto his chest cheekily.

“Ginny…” He groaned pushing her off, trying to open his eyes.

A man with black hair stood at the end of his bed throwing himself onto a chair right by the unlit fireplace.

Ron pulled himself up to a sitting position, rubbing is very tired eyes.

“McGonagall wasn’t in her office, and we guessed that you’ll be here so we came here first.” Harry said running his hand through his dark hair which already stuck up in many directions.

Ron nodded and yawned until footsteps came from the Dormitories upstairs which lead down the stairs and into the Gryffindor Common Room.

A lady reached the end. She was tall with hair pulled back into the same tight bun. “Thought you’ll be here, Ronald.” She said stepping forwards.

He winced at being called his full first name.

She said her greetings to Ginny and Harry quickly before turning to Ron again.

“I was just upstairs and I think there’s a Bogart in your old Dormitory, it’s in the cupboard to the far left. I don’t think the students would like coming back to find one on their first day.” She wasn't just imforming him, she was telling him to rid the cupboard of the shape-shifting creature.

She then sat down onto the chair next to Harry to no doubt to listen to the news in the world of being an Auror.

Grudgingly Ron set up the stairs and stepped into his old Dormitory. He smiled slightly to himself and remembered how he slept in here for the better part of many years.

He stepped a reasonable distance from old oak cupboard and he flicked his wrist and watched the old brass turn around and the cupboard door slowly creaked open to reveal an average height women with wavy brown hair. Her sharp eyes stared at him before she opened her mouth to speak.

“I’m never going to come back. Never.” She was stepping closer to him, her voice evil and cruel. “I’m getting married to Victor.” An evil smile crept across her face.

“’Mione…” He began to stumble out, It's a boggart, just a boggart, he tried to tell himself, but the feeling was still the same.

“Your useless. I need better then you.” Her face was smiling at his pain.

Then the Dormitory door swang open. “R-Ron?” said a startled voice.

He tore his eyes off the women creeping towards him and another women standing at the door.

Her hair was tied into a tight bun at the back of her head. She wore a straight black skirt which fell to her knees and a white blouse. She looked quite a bit older then when he last saw her.

The real Hermione stared back at him.


She nodded, looking fairly confussed. Her eyes darted from Ron to the Bogart-Hermione who was standing right behind him, whispering sharp things into his red ears.

“I-err-I…” He mumbled before turning to the Bogart and pointing at and shouting. ”Ridikulus!” And with a slight pop it vanished.

Hermione’s puzzled face stared at Ron when he turned back around to her.

“What are you doing here?” He demanded like a 2 year old.

“McGonnagoll was just showing me around. I was just-“ She was cut off.

“I can’t believe you.” He spat and stormed past her down the stairs and right past Harry, Ginny and McGonagall’s puzzled faces. And heard Ginny call after him but Harry grabbed her. He knew Ron didn’t need anyone at the moment.

Ron just about ran through the castle.

How dare she come back after all these years and act like nothing happened at all? How dare she make contact with McGonagall before she would even write a letter to him? How dare she stand at the door way as he watched his Bogart -his biggest fear- hurt him!

He threw the entrance doors open and marched down the stone steps. It was now bucketing down with rain.

“Great! Just great!” He mumbled to himself reaching the slightly muddy ground.

His violent red hair was drenched with the rain, but he didn’t care, he was ignoring it. He was too angry to even think about how much he will regret walking through the rain. But then he heard that voice again…

“Ron! Ron, please stop!”

He span around and she ran down the steps, her hair, which not long before was tied tightly back, was flying everywhere. The rain hit her skin and soon began to soak her. He didn’t say anything. He just watched her run through the rain over to him.

“Oh Ron!” She cried out.

“What Hermione?” He yelled at her.

“Please, let me explain-“ She begged.

“I don’t want to hear you explain. I’ve waited for you for 4 years. 4! Bloody hell Hermione, you could have told me you were going to make me wait for that long!” He yelled at the top of his lungs. “And why are you here? Probebly to announce your wedding to Victor I expect!”

“I’m not getting married to Victor. We’re friends, just friends.” She mumbled.

“Oh! Well, that must be why you were staying with him for the last 4 years!” His temper was only at its beginning.

It was like one of their fights that they had many years ago when they were still attending school. His bitterness was coming back.

“I didn't want to be alone, Ron. He stayed with me so I wasn’t alone while I was away.” She said, afraid of what he spit at her next.

“And that makes it ok? You didn’t respond to one of my letters. You didn’t make contact with me at all. Did you even care when Victor told you that I fell off my broom and couldn’t play anymore? Or did that just slip his mind?”

“No, it doesn’t make it ok. I’m sorry, Ron, I’m so sorry.” Her bottom lip trembled. The same way it did the morning she left him.

“Don’t you dare cry! You have no idea what it’s been like since you’ve left. Every night I'd dream, that maybe, if I was good enough, that you would come for me. But you never did.” His words kept on becoming quieter and quieter, nor distant and less noticeable.

Her sobs could be heard above the rain.

“What do you want me to say Hermione? Do you want me to act like it’s all ok? Do you want me to smile and pretend with you gone everything was just so great!? Do you want me to confess my pain and say something sweet to you so you will stop crying and forgive you right here.?” His whole body shaking with rage. "I'm not going to do that, Hermione."

Her red eyes stared at him. She opened her mouth slowly to speak. “I know." She croaked.

He shook his head with disgust. His red hair stuck to his wet face. He watched as she wrapped his arms around her soaked chest. She choked slightly on her sobs and she continued to stare at the man she once left behind.

He turned his back and marched back up to the castle to the entrance door. He couldn’t believe that she would come back like this.


He threw himself down behind his desk. Rain dripped slowly off his nose, he whipped out his wand as he watched a drop fall onto a page of his textbook. He muttered a small charm and the rain vanished off his shaking body.

He slammed his fist onto his desk and scrunched up his face. He waited 4 years for this day, but never had he imagined it to be like this. She wasn't even here to see him. Did she even care?

The door slowly creaked open to reveal his sister. "Hey." She said stepping into his office.

He stared at her for a moment. He knew exactly why she was here.

"Listen, Ron. I think you've got to talk to her. You can hate her all you want after it. Just let her talk. Maybe you could even try listening."

He opened his mouth to speak but she cut in front. "Just, for once, don't be so stubborn. She's in the Prefect's bathroom cleaning up."


"Unicorn's Blood." He whispered and stepped into the prefect's bathroom. There she was. She stood over the basin, throwing water over her face, trying to wash away the tear stains.

She span around to see him. "Ron-" She began.

"I'm here, just to hear you out. That's it. I haven't forgiven you." He said quickly, making it clear that forgiving her was not his intentions.

She nodded shakily and held back her words for a moment.

"I-I needed a break, after all that happend with Voldemort, I realised it wasn't normal. My family would never understand, they didn't know the world he lived in. I was Muggleborn, most people would have to get treatment for what scars are still held in our memories." She brushed a loose strand of hair away before continuing.

"I was brought up in a muggle world, they have all sorts of problems, and when they have seen even just one of the things that we have witnessed alot of them can't cope. I still have that state of mind, I knew that none of this was normal. Victor and I have been in contact since our 4th year, he told me that if he ever needed a place to stay, he owned several different apartments." She closed her eyes, like the memory was right in front of her again.

"I wanted to leave without saying goodbye to you. I-I know it was stupid, it was wrong but I couldn't stand saying goodbye because I didn't want to say it to your face. I was a cowards. And y-you woke up so I-I freaked." She wiped away a leaking tear.

"Victor got me a job and I began to settle in. A year later Victor saw me... a-and he told me about his game. He told me about what happend to you. I wanted to write. I really did, but each time I did I would throw them away. Because I knew that if I wrote, I would have to explain why I left. I didn't want to explain because I know how stupid it would sound."

Her red eyes stared at him painfully.

"So, you stayed for another 3 years because you didn't want to explain why you left?" He spat angerily.

"Well, I tried to get it out of my head. I tierd to start a new life. But each day I would wake up, knowing I made a mistake. I wanted to come back to you but... I'm such a coward... and then I got a letter for McGonagoll, she asked for me to visit her, she wanted to place charms over the school for extra protection and wanted me to sign the papers. Well, when I got here she started to give me a tour, and that was when I walked in and saw you."

She stopped and waited for him to explode.

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