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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 3 : Cinderella... or Something
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Lilly groggily got off her bed, and looked over at Eliza, and she had the blanket pulled her head. It was only 8:30, and no one was awake around then.

She slipped into the shower, and since it was a Sunday, and school did not start again until Monday. She slipped into a sports bra, a blue tank top, and a pair of running shorts. Over her shorts, she pulled on sweat pants. She wore a simple brown jacket over her shirt. After getting dressed, she pulled her hair into two braids. "I think I am going to go down to the quidditch field for maybe a good lap, then to read my book..." she said to herself, walking to the Great Hall. She picked up a blueberry muffin, a bagel, and a self-serve pack of cream cheese. She put the food that she snatched, and stuffed them into her oversized pockets. Dumbledore was looking and laughing at her, and she gave a small wave.

After Lilly left the Great Hall, she walked out to the quidditch field. As she checked the watch, "it was 8:45. I'll go in at 9:30..." she planned in her head.

She shed her sweatpants to reveal her thin legs, and then took off her coat to show her entirely thin body. Slowly, Lilly took off her glasses. She was naturally thin and had a cheer-leaders strong built, but also thin body.

Lilly ran. She actually ran. Not a walk, or a sissy walk/jog. She ran hard and fast. About 5 minutes into run, she noticed people looking at her. It was George, Fred, and Oliver. They didn't recognize her, but they were insistent on finding out who she was. She then sped up fast, and when they were on the other side of the jogging field. She hurriedly snatched up her clothes, put on her glasses, jacket, and stumbled into her pants. She then made a mad dash for it, and they were very far behind her. Except that they weren't tired, and she had been running for five minutes. And then, in her mind, she swore. "MY BLOODY BOOK!"

When she made a turn for the Great Hall, she jumped behind a bush, and the three ran right past her. After that, Lilly just went back and got her book. It was now safe for her to just sit and read.

When Lilly walked into the school, she walked into the first hallway and went into the girlís lavatory and cleaned up. She redid her hair, and wiped off the sweat and calmed her heart. She then strolled into the Great Hall, where everyone was now bustling.

"Where have you been! I woke up at 9, and you were gone!" Eliza exclaimed. Lilly nudged her in the stomach, in term to tell her to be quiet.

"I was probably in the shower." she replied in a hush-hush tone. Eliza smiled, and knew that she was answer truthfully in their dorm.

George and Fred looked at Lilly and sized her up. "Well, us and Oliver, our old pal here, went out at 8:50ish to go and run a little. And there was this girl there already." Fred said while buttering up his slice of bread.

"Uh-Huh! Now Fred... Did you guys find her?" Alicia replied, actually interested. There was no romancing for Oliver Wood, and they knew that if they didn't hook up both him and Lilly, there would be lots of trouble on the Hogsmeade trip.

George rolled his eyes. "Well, if we did, I think she would have pointed her out already. But anyways, she was pretty. She was a brunette, had her hair in braids, two I think, wore a blue tank, and running shorts. She had extra clothes, and she changed into them while running... Talented girl."

With a nervous chuckle, Lilly tried to change the subject. "Oh, Oliver, quidditch tryouts right?" she said, trying to be excited.

The four people on the quidditch team besides him tried to shush her but it was too late. He was pumped. "Oh yeah, we only need a Seeker. Why? You know anyone?"

Through her mind, all she could think was that she had to stop reading cheesy novels about Phillipa and her loins and had to get something on her record. "Do you think maybe I could tryout?"

Everyone at the the table burst out laughing except her. "Why are you all laughing!" she implored loudly, after George started choking on his cereal.

"Because, you know Lilly dearest," Oliver started, "But we have never know you as an athletic girl... You are sort of klutzy, and ditzy and never set foot on a broom except in our first year when Flint cast a spell on you and you went flying!"

Lilly sighed at the memories and her friendsí low-opinion of her quidditch skills. At that moment, the owls came flying in, and two owls that were connected and holding a pole like package sat down in front of Lilly. There was a note attached.


"Lilly, your name is Lillian?" Fred exclaimed loudly.

"What did you think it was Lilly pad?" Eliza retorted sarcastically. Then, with realization, "You have a nimbus 2004?"

Lilly looked at the crowd surrounded her and nodded. "I've been flying since I was five," she started with a blush, "My father is one of the chief planners for the Quidditch World Cup."

They looked at each other, and just thought about what they said. She was actually telling the truth! "Why didn't you ever tell us?" Angelina said softly.

"Because you would laugh that Lilly the bookworm knows how to fly and play quidditch! And isn't that so embarrassing? Kind of like now!" Lilly answered angrily, grabbing her broomstick, and storming off into the common room.

Oliver looked at the two boys and whispered, "Talk about PMS!" Whereas all the girls just yelled in unison, SHUT UP! And stormed off to find Lilly.

After Lilly had ditched her broomstick in the girlís dorm, she changed into a sweat suit to return outside to the quidditch field, going to extreme painstaking detours to avoid the girls and guys.

Once she was out, many students were out as well, but none of them anywhere close to the quidditch field. Once she got there, she decided to exercise by herself, and to finish what she started earlier in the morning.

"Those. guys. Cant. hate. them. can't. love. them. either. they. are. so. stupid." she muttered while running, enunciating each word. "ESPECIALLY WOOD!" she then shouted, stopping, and jumping on some invisible thing on the ground.

"You rang love?" Wood said from the entrance of the quidditch field. "What are you doing out here? Looking for that girl we were talking about this morning?"

Lilly shook her head and threw her head in a mock laugh. "Right. Trying to clear my head. Why are you here?" she asked.

Wood pointed at her. "To find you of course! You'd think that your mates would leave you alone in your 3rd day of school, first day of desperation?" To her surprise, he laughed. "They are the bunch of wonkers most likely to do that."

She cracked a smile, and walked towards Wood. Sitting on a bleacher that they had put on the field, she stretched and smiled. "Thanks Wood."

"Why do you always call me Wood?" Oliver then asked suddenly. Lilly looked up at him and tilted her head. She took off her glasses and just stared at him as if she took off her glasses, she could look into him mind.

She then let off only soft laugh, "Well Wood. I don't know. You messed with me in my first year. I kept a grudge." And that was that.

"What did I do?" he asked. She stared at her stretched fingers.

She looked and smiled like an angel at him. "Well..."

{{Flash Back}}

There was a 10 year old Lilly standing behind a tree breathing heavily and nervously. On the bench about ten feet away from the tree sat her crush, Lee Chang (the brother of Cho Chang!) who was a Ravenclaw. He was with Oliver Wood, and the two were discussing the quidditch teams. Taking a final breath, she walked towards them.

"Um... Lee? Can I talk to you alone?" Lilly stuttered nervously.

A fellow first year Oliver laughed at her. "Whatever you want to say, you can say it in front of me!"

Lilly glared at Oliver and nearly slapped that smirk off his face. "Well... Okay then Oliver. Lee, I was wondering if maybe you could help me study for that Potions test coming up... Because you are so good at it... And um, eh..." Lilly stammered.

Lee looked at her, and nearly accepted, but then Oliver piped, "Oh Lilly, you are trying to get a date!" He looked at Lee and the two boys cracked up.

Lilly furrowed her brows, and nearly cried. "Wood. I hate you." she spat before stalking off.

{{End of Flashback}}

"Well... I was ten!" Oliver grunted, now sitting next to her.

Lilly shook her head at him with a frown on her face. "Still didn't justify all that bullshit that you put me through, the jokes and names like Dick Almond? Nice. I never got over it, and whenever I talk to him about potions, all he can talk about is that incident. You never did grow up Wood. Thatís why."

The situation wasn't fake, it was all truth. But it had been 5 years; you would think that Lilly got over it. And she did. The name Wood just stuck and she didn't want to change it. She still hated him, but just a little less after getting that drama of her chest.

To make even more theatrics, Lilly got up, and walked away from Oliver. Little did he know that she walked off with a grin on her face.

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Setting It All Up: Cinderella... or Something


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