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Good-Bye by Fuego
Chapter 1 : The Wake
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Harry, Hermione, and Ron walked into the room. It was slient. The only sounds were people's weeping. Harry was one of those people. It wasn't just anyones funeral. It was Sirius'. Ron and Hermione had to push Harry to go.

They stood in line waiting to look into the coffin. Sirius' body was never found, so the the funeral workers made a replica of Sirius to bury. The line moved quickly.

"I can't do this, I can't do this," cried Harry.

"Yes you can," replied Hermione. "It'll be fine, we'll go with you."

As they neared the front of the line Ron snuck a peek at Harry. His face was pale and his eyes were red and puffy from crying. The tears rolled down his face quickly.

Ron was first in line and had to admit the body looked a lot like Sirius'. He didn't know what Harry was going to do, but he knew it involved crying. A lot of crying.

Hermione held Harry's hand and Ron stood back and grabbed his other hand. Hand in hand in hand, the trio made their way to the coffin. The tears came pouring down Harry's face faster than ever. Even Ron and Hermione were a bit teary eyed.

"I'm so sorry..." sobbed Harry. His vocie was hoarse.

They took their spot on the hard wooden pew. Next to them Lupin had tears rolling down his face. They had never seen him cry before. Harry didn't notice because he buried his face in Hermione's shoulder and cried. Ron put his arm around Harry.

"How is he?" asked Lupin.

"He'll be okay, this is really hard for him. He didn't want to go." repiled Hermione.


"We'll be with him, so don't worry too much," responed Ron.

"He's very lucky to have you two as friends."

"Yeah, he is" repiled the duo at the same time.

He finally took his face out of Hermione's shoulder. It was soaked with tears.

"Don't worry about it, you need a shoulder to cry on."

"Hey Harry."

"Hi Lupin."

He didn't say much. Just hearing the hoarse vocie told Lupin that he couldn't handle this.

"You wanna go outside and walk a little so you can calm down?" asked Ron.


"Okay let's go. Hermione you coming?"

She nodded.

"Lupin? You wanna come?"

"No thanks guys. I'll stay here, I'll be fine."

Once Hermione got up he grabbed her arm.

"Take care of him," pleaded Lupin.

"I will," promised Hermione. "Don't worry about a thing."

She saw the guys by the door and the trio walked outside. They found a patch of grass to sit on. Harry had stopped crying, but his cheeks were still tearstained. He leaned heavily on Ron.

"How are you holding up?" questioned Hermione.

"Okay, I guess. I can't get over the fact that I'm the reason he's dead."

Ron and Hermione stared at each other. They both hated when he blamed himself for Sirius dying. Right now they both silently agreed that he didn't have enough strength to argue with them, so they let it slide.

"Lupin was crying," Ron said.



That sat in silence for a while.

"You wanna go back in?" asked Ron.


They walked back in. As they sat on the pew, Lupin leaned in toward Harry.

"Hey do you mind if you could make a little speech about Sirius. I'm doing one to."


Minutes later, a vocie called, "And now Remus Lupin would like to say a few words about Sirius."

Lupin got up and made his way to the podium and cleared his throat.

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