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The Birth Of A Hero by TyrannicFeenix
Chapter 5 : Revelations
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Chapter 5 – Revelations.

Late one night, shortly after the King had arrived, Godric found himself unable to sleep. All he could think about was Rowena. He wasn't even concentrating on his studies which had gotten him into trouble from Helga's dad.

He quietly got up and crossed the hallway to Helga's bedroom, intending to rouse her so that he could talk to her, however found her already awake chanting something. Then when he looked harder he noticed that her teddybear was no longer sitting on her bed with her but was floating in the air in front of her.

Taken by surprise Godric let out a sudden shout that caused Helga to cease chanting. Suddenly the teddybear fell onto the bed again as if nothing had happened.

"What on earth?" gasped Helga as her eyes fell upon Godric.

"What do you think you are doing in here?" said a voice behind Godric as he felt a hand grab his shoulder.

Helga merely sat in her bed with a horrified look on her face as Godric was roughly escorted from her room. As stunned as he was by what he had seen, Godric still tried valiantly to free himself from the vice-grip now latched onto his shoulder that was dragging him from his best friend, but had no success.

The hand suddenly let him go and as he turned to see who it was he noticed that he was once again back in his own bedroom. As he continued to turn the figure came into full view, and he found himself being bored into by a set of eyes that he did not recognise. Suddenly a flame burst to life on the candle in the figures hand casting her face into sharp relief. Godric gasped once more as he stared back at the face of Queen Maeve.

"Insolent Boy!" she pointed out then muttered something under her breath and Godric remembered no more.


At first when he woke Godric couldn't work out where he was. Then he heard voices debating something to his right and when he slowly turned to look he saw Queen Maeve arguing with Helga's dad.

"What in Merlin's name was that little fool doing in there?" inquired Maeve.

"Maeve they are friends. They quite often wander about together and talk to one another. I assume that something was playing on Godric's mind so he was going to talk to Helga about it. I would have thought that was obvious." Replied Max in a tone that did not at all show any respect to the woman that he had instructed Godric to always be very respectful and polite towards or face the consequences.

"The more important question I think is what exactly did he see?" Max stated.

"I was teaching Helga to control her levitating abilities when he so rudely interrupted." She retorted.

"Well I am sure that everything will be fine." Max calmly replied.

"And what makes you believe that?"

"Do you remember Lord Gryffindor at all?" he enquired.

"The name sounds familiar, why?"

"He and his wife were the only other magical family in this region; however they were killed fifteen years ago now. That boy over there is the only child of one of the most incredible wizards I have ever seen, not to mention the history of his mother's family, the Dumbledores. If I am correct in my assumptions, then that boy could well become the greatest wizard of all time, even more famous and more powerful than Merlin himself."

"You can't be serious. He has no magical aura that I can see." Scoffed Maeve.

"That's because it is very well concealed to protect him. But at times when he is focusing hard on something you can feel the energy emanating from him. Much like right now, hey Godric."

Godric felt his heart lurch in his chest and could feel two pairs of eyes staring at him. However, never one to hide in difficult situations, he got up and faced the two others in the room.

Maeve was staring at him in a very strange and menacing way, while Max was regarding him with a look of almost pure amusement.

"How long have you been awake?" demanded Maeve.

Godric held himself steady as he replied, "I am not sure your Highness."

"What did you hear?" asked Maeve as she continued to interrogate him.

"I heard you ask Lord Hufflepuff what I was doing in Helga's room at this time of night." He replied trying to remain calm while hoping that she could not hear how fast his heart was thumping inside his chest.

Max giggled "It appears that your sleeping charm may need some work Maeve if a fifteen year old with no training at all can throw it off within minutes."

She merely glared at Max before turning back to Godric. "Well then seems you are awake, what exactly where you doing in Helga's room?"

Godric hesitated slightly before answering, "I couldn't sleep and when I got up to go for a walk I saw a light coming from underneath Helga's door. So I thought that I would go and talk to her for a while." He stated, not giving away the reason for his lack of sleep.

Maeve's expression did not change but Max looked at him as though he could see straight through him right to the source of his discomfort and restlessness. Almost like he could read Godric's mind. But the look passed within moments.

"Excuse me sir but who is Merlin?" asked Godric unable to quell his curiosity even under such touchy circumstances.

At this Max simply couldn't contain his laughter any longer and began to laugh so hard that he needed to sit down in his chair. Until this moment Godric had not realised that they were in Helga's dad's office about four doors away from his own bedroom. Now he could understand why Helga's dad had been so amused by him recovering so quickly from the strange sleep he had been in.

"Now is not the time Godric." Said Max when he had recovered, "I think that you should return to bed. And this time stay there asleep or not."

"Yes sir." Replied Godric simply. He bowed and departed, heading back to his bedroom.

Once back in his bed he thought that there would be no way that he would get to sleep with all of that running through his mind but within moments of blowing out the candle, he was fast asleep.


When he woke up again, he knew that the first thing he must do is find Helga and find out what had happened last night, and was extremely startled to find both Helga and her father sitting at the end of his bed silently watching him.

"Ah you are finally awake. We were beginning to worry there." Said Max looking rather relieved.

"What do you mean finally? I have only asleep for a few hours." Said Godric completely confused by the way they were acting.

"Actually it has been more like a few days. Eight to be precise. It seems she did a good job on the charm after all." Max chuckled to himself.

Suddenly Helga was sitting next to him on the bed hugging him.

"Thank God you are alright. I was so worried." She said to him.

"Look Helga, about last ni… I mean the other night…"

At this Max cut him off. "Not just yet Godric. I promise that you will receive answers shortly but right now you need to eat. Alright?”

Godric nodded.

“And then I would like you to come to my office. We need to talk about something. Okay?"

"Yes sir." Godric replied dejectedly.

As Helga and Max left his room Godric got out of bed and began dressing for breakfast, whilst trying to comprehend what was going on. Unable to do so he resigned himself to going to breakfast. Unsurprisingly there was no one else there when he arrived. He sat down and ate the food that had been left on the table for him and then trudged his way up to Lord Hufflepuff's office. When he stepped inside he found Max and Helga again waiting for him.

"Please Godric sit." He said softly. "Now I believe that you have some questions that you would like to ask. I shall try to answer them to the best of my ability but some things must still remain secret for a little while longer. Do you understand?"

Godric nodded as he sat opposite the two.

“Well, fire when ready my dear boy.” Max stated quietly preparing himself for the flood of incoherent questions that were about to bombard him.

However Godric simply sat there for a moment before simply asking, “well I guess what was Helga doing the other night?"

“I believe it was a rather simple matter of levitation.” Replied Max, slightly taken aback by the young man’s calmness after what had happened.

“What is levitation sir?”

“It is a simple skill that allows you to make an object float and, even in some events, fly.”

“And why was I asleep for eight days?” inquired the child becoming emboldened enough by the answers that he was receiving to lower his usual cautiousness slightly and ask more daring questions.

“That my dear boy was an accident. I believe that in some way you lowered the effectiveness of the spell placed on you by Queen Maeve enough to wake during our… discussion. However it seems that the strain on your untrained mind left you drained so much that the simple charm ended up affecting you for eight days

before wearing off. Do you understand?”

“A little sir. But what do you mean by spell?”

“As in a magical spell silly.” Giggled Helga, which caught Godric slightly off guard as he had forgotten that she was there.

“I’m not sure I understand that part.” Godric stated. “There is no such thing as magic is there?”

“Yes Godric; there is. However it is very uncommon for a person to be magical and as such most of mankind fears magic as though it is hell itself. It seems that it is quite a family trait so far but due to the touchy nature of the subject not much is known for certain.”

“So are you magical as well then sir?” asked Godric once again feeling some of the boldness creeping back.

Max giggled slightly before answering. “Yes Godric. Both me and Helga’s mother are magical, and as I’m sure you now have guessed so is Helga.”

“And so is Queen Maeve!?” enquired Godric excitedly.

Max hesitated slightly before confirming his outburst with a simple, “Yes.”

"So does that mean that Rowena and the King are as well?” he asked.

“No.” replied Max firmly. “The King himself is in fact a muggle and has no idea that his wife is magical. And he must not find out!”

“I’m sorry sir. What is a muggle?”

“It is a non-magical human being.” Stated Helga matter-of-factly.

“And what about Rowena?”

“Her mother performed a standard test that usually reveals whether or not someone is magical but it did not show anything that would indicate she is anything more than a muggle like her father.”

Max noticed the change that passed momentarily over Godric’s face. At this he decided to draw his mind from the subject.

“There was however another pair of magical folk in this region.”

At this Godric looked back up inquisitively.

“They were quite good friends of mine until they died a few years ago.”

At this he gave Helga a sideways glance which meant it was time for her to go. She jumped up and hugged Godric before saying farewell and going off to the library where her tutor was waiting.

“You unfortunately never got to know these people for they both died the night you were born.” Max stated remorsefully.

“Why would I have known them sir?”

“Because the two that I refer to, are your parents, Xavier and Jennifer Gryffindor.”

Suddenly Godric felt his mind searching for any memory of the night of his birth. He found something. A beautiful woman holding his hand while Max held him in his arms. He could feel a strong presence from the woman but it quickly faded as she closed her eyes and lay back.

When he opened his eyes to find Max just sitting across from him waiting, he could feel the tears slowly running down his cheek. He had only known his mother for a few moments before she was taken from him.

“How did they die?” he asked defiantly refusing to let the despair he suddenly felt control him.

“Your mother died due to a… complication during the birth. And your father was…”

“Yes?” demanded Godric, Max could see the fire burning in Godric’s blue eyes as he yearned for information regarding to those whom he would never now know.

“He was murdered. By one very close to him.”

“Who!?” asked Godric firmly. Max could almost feel the coldness in the young man’s voice and knew that he could not burden him with that information just yet.

“I am truly sorry Godric but I cannot tell you that just now. Please forgive me. I promise that you will know when the time is right.”

Looking at the child before him taking the news that he would never know his own family because they were either dead, too far away to even know he exists or were part of the murderous batch that put him into this mess; it just broke Max’s heart as he began to sob out of pity.

“Don’t cry for them sir.” Said Godric plainly. “I will see them eventually. But I swear here and now that that shall not be until I have found those responsible for this horror and have punished them accordingly.”

When Max looked upon the boy in front of him, he could see the heart of a true Gryffindor looking at him through those great blue eyes. He could tell that this was not an idle threat but a solemn oath that Godric would complete not for revenge but for the good of the many obviously affected by the traitorous acts that had occurred that night.

This sudden maturity and determination faded from Godric’s face as quickly as it had come as he returned quickly into the inquisitive young child that he had been before the news.

“So does that mean that I am magical as well sir?” he asked excitedly.

“I am willing to bet my life on that Godric. But for now I think that this will have to suffice.” He said as Godric opened his mouth to ask another question.

“Too much information at once can be dangerous if one is not properly prepared for it. Now go and have some fun outside. I want you to return here tomorrow morning and we will discuss this matter a little further.”

“Yes sir. And thank you sir.”

“For what Godric?”

As Godric stood up and walked to the door he turned and said, “For honouring my mother’s wishes and raising me as your own son.”

And with that he left the room leaving Max to sink back into his chair, his mind stirring with so many thoughts that it felt it would explode.

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