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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 2 : Viktor the Scum
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Chapter Two
Viktor the Scum

Hermione slammed on the door of Draco’s flat. She shuddered.

“Goddammit,” she cursed and slammed her hand into the wall.

Cursing again, as her face cringed in pain shooting up her hand.

She collected herself, telling herself that she wouldn’t cry, what she had to do first was to call the divorce agency. God!

She took the elevator, where she was greeted by a chaffeur.

“Morning, ma’am,” he said curtly, and noticed at once that she was not to be messed with.

“Ground level,” she muttered, left the elevator and left the building.

Then she looked back at the tall exquisite building, stupid rich Malfoy! Then her mind hit a mental stump, remembering that for the while, she was a Malfoy.

Hermione Malfoy.

Sounded tough.

Oh, shut up Hermione, she thought to herself, it wasn’t too long until she became Hermione Granger once again.

She was heading back to the studio apartment she shared with Viktor Krum. She wasn’t talking to Viktor at the moment, but today she was going to forgive him for everything, so he could hold her tight all day.

Just last week, she had found out that Viktor, after FOUR years of her youth hood, did not wish to be committed. Hermione had stormed out of the place before anything else could be said.

They had been having a romantic dinner, and Hermione had expected to receive a proposal. But, oh ho, she was not going to get a proposal no, Viktor was going to share the wonderful news of his brother getting married.

How ironic, she had thought, this had to be some kind of joke, but no. It was real.

So she had asked him, if he had ever wanted to get married, and he had responded.

“Marriage… Unny, you knows ‘ow I feel about the marriage, I just don’t want to feel…locked up, I vould like to keep my options open, don’t you theenk?”

God, what a numskull.

So here she was, getting prepared to cuddle against the broad man.

But, Vikkie, as she liked to call him, had other things in mind.

Hermione got inside, and shut the door behind her. She wanted to surprise Viktor in bed, so she went inside their shared room, and sneaked onto the bed.

“Vic,” she heard a feminine voice say. Hermione’s eyes rounded in horror.

She suddenly got up, “I’m still tired,” the woman spoke, Hermione cleared her throat.

Viktor shot up in bed, his face looking handsome as ever.

His eyes rounded and he jumped out of bed, wrapping his naked body in the duvet.

“Hermione, it’s not vot you theenk,” he said cautiously.

“Oh, yeah, well, if your not cheating on me with this bitch,” she started, “then what the hell are you doing?”

“Ermione, I thought you had left, last night you never came home…” he said, slamming his fist into the wall.

“Vic, who is this?” the brunette still in bed asked.

“Shut up,” Hermione snapped rudely at the woman.

“It sure didn’t take you long to move on though, right Vic?” she snarled at him, her hair coming over her face as she began pulling her clothes out of her drawers, packing them all up in her bags.

“C’mon, Hermione, don’t leave me,” he pleaded, “I thought vee vor over…”

She went into the bathroom and got her accessories, and shoved them into her roll along. Hermione opened the door, she fingered him once, and left, never to return again.

Hermione had known that Viktor was a playboy type of guy before she was with him, but she thought he had changed. But clearly…he hadn’t.

Now she had nowhere to go, so she decided to go get something to eat.

Ginny and Harry were still at their honeymoon in Vegas, and Ron was probably spending the nice Saturday morning with his girlfriend, Dani.

Hermione and Ron had gone out for about six months when they were younger, but had broken it off for reasons that were unknown to both of them. Hermione remembered, that one of the reasons, was Draco, but she hadn’t told Ron at all. But now he was happy with his girlfriend, and she didn’t think she should disturb them.

She had barely any money to stay at a hotel or motel. Viktor had refused to let her have a job, saying that as long as he had money: no woman of his would have to labor.

She would go shopping in her spare time, or just make out with Viktor when he wasn’t gone for a game or a tour with the team.

She peeled her watch off her wrist, the only thing she had with her.

Handing it over to the bartender, she was allowed enough drinks to get her thorugh the morning, maybe tomorrow she could go look for a job, or maybe beg to kick it at Ron’s place.

She had barely gotten over her hangover from last night, when she was handed more hard alcohol.

Several hours later, when she was sitting on the curb with all her luggage, and not a shred of diginity, she fell unconscious on to the sidewalk.

A muggle police officer had come and searched her purse where he found some marriage documents.

From there he retrieved Draco Malfoy’s address, and he took her in his car to the Malfoy’s place.

Hermione had woken up by then, some of the alchol had been drained out, so she was a bit more conscious but not enough to know where she was headed. He led her to Draco’s floor and knocked on his door.

Draco opened the door, dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

He looked at the two, and his eyes flashed in surprise.

“Is this your wife?” the officer asked.

“Yes, sir,” and the officer left, leaving Draco to deal with the drunken corpse.

“Hey, sexy,” she bubbled, lacking the tone of her usual rude voice.

“Oh, lord,” Draco said, as he picked her up gently and led her to the spare room inside.


Author’s Note: Well, hope you liked it. DON’T FORGET TO REVIEW!!!!! PLEASE…I thrive on them!!!

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Married By Mistake: Viktor the Scum


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