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Lied to the Angels! by gothicdeathprincess
Chapter 2 : Welcoming Comittee
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"Quite a show, dear. I don't think Voldemort himself would even have thought that Lucius Malfoy would be defeated by a 16 year old witch. It does appear that looks can be decieving." laughed Dumbledore walking to his chair in his office.
"Thank you, sir. Although i must admit, it was quite a challenge. He almost had me a few times. I was just lucky." admitted Suzanne.
"Ah a great dueler and modest. Something most people with your skill wouldn't be." said Dumbledore.
"I havent great skill, you haven't witnessed my other duels, which haven't had quite as good results." said Suzanne sadly.
"If you say so my dear. But we must be getting on, it is rather late after all. Now to your sorting." said Dumbledore rising from his seat and taking a tattered old hat from its place on a shelf.
He placed the hat on Suzanne's head.
"Let me see, ah yes, courage yes, lots of that, and a rather interesting mind. Very clever indeed, rather like your father and mother. Yes i sorted them too. Anyway, theres a deep yearning for freedom and adventure. Also a great loyalty to those you trust. WHat's this, a hidden secret. No don't worry my dear i wont tell anybody, after all I'm only a hat. But where to put you. I see your mind is set, you don't wish to be in Ravenclaw. Well i can't force you into something you don't want. I should wager, in Gryffindor you will find what you seek." at the end of the rather long period the hat sat silent.
"Well Suzanne, where did the sorting hat place you?" asked Dumbledore.
"I dunno, but it said, In gryffindor you will find what you seek? That hat is one messed up dude." said Suzanne confusedly.
"Well its clear the hat wishes you to be in Gryffindor. And Suzanne, don't be so quick to judge the hat, it connects with the mind of the student whose head its on, and so the way it spoke and the riddles it said where just a mirror of your mind." said Dumbledore.
At that moment there was a knock at the door and a crowd of adults entered.
"Ah just on time, everyone I'd like you to meet a new student of ours. Winifred Warren." said Dumbledore gesturing to Suzanne.
Suzanne narrowed her eyes at Dumbledore when he spoke her alias.
"She has been sorted into Gryffindor, and as we speak some House elves are bringing her things, including her new school robes and books to her Dormitory.
Miss Warren, Professor McGonagall will be your head of house and she will try her best to help you find your way. These are your other teachers, professors: Hagrid, Flitwick, Sprout, Lupin and Snape." said Dumbledore gesturing to each teacher as he called their name.
"err....hi." said Suzanne (henceforward called Winifred or fred for short.)
Some of the teachers tried to smile kindly at her in support.
"Miss Warren will be joining the 6th years and will be remaining here for the rest of her school days. Now as it is getting late i would ask Professor McGonagall to show her to her Dormitory and help get her settled in. Goodnight." said Dumbledore getting up and opening the door for them to exit through.

They descended the staircase from Dumbledores office and began walking through the corridors, McGonagall pointing out various things that would help Winifred remember the route and not get lost.
"The school rules are as follows, No late night wanderings unless they are condoned by a member of staff or you have a good reason for instance needing assistance from the infirmary. Duels are not allowed outside of classes. School robes must be worn to all classes. I do believe the rest of the rules were the same as your previous school as they are all the same in every European institution. Also I would like to tell you that your facial piercing will not be permitted in any class as it is a hazard." rambled McGonagall.
They had reached a painting of a fat woman dressed in a pink ball gown and carried herself with great dignity.
"Password." the portrait stated.
"mellon." said McGonagall.
"Ma'am is that not the ancient rune for friend?" asked Fred.
"I do believe it is, you are the first student to ask me that." said McGonagall leading the way through the portrait hole into a somewhat crowded common room.
The noisy chatter died down when McGonagall entered as she never usually entered the common room unless she had something dire to announce.
"Don't look so grave, I don't bring bad tidings....for once." said McGonagall and some of the students laughed. Many returned to their homework and conversations.
McGonagall walked over to were most of the 6th years were seated or else in the vacinity.
"I would like to introduce you to a new student, Winifred Warren. Miss Granger would you be so kind as to help her settle in and show her round please. I will leave you now to get aquainted." said McGonagall leaving through the portrait hole.
Hermione turned to Winifred and gave her a warm smile.
"Hello Im Hermione Granger and these are my friends Ron Weasley and Harry Potter." Said Hermione indicating to each of them in turn.
"Ah hey guys im Winifred Warren but if you call me Winifred i will hex you, call me fred." said fred while waving.
"My brothers called Fred." said Ron.
"so...its just a name and id rather have a guys name than be called winifred or worse...wini. God if that started by the end of the day people would be calling me winnie the pooh." rambled fred.
"Maybe we had better get you up to the dormitory. Its getting late and there are classes tomorow." said Hermione waving to the two boys and dragging Fred up the stairs.

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Lied to the Angels!: Welcoming Comittee


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