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Love is a Wonderful Thing by juls
Chapter 1 : Love is....
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A/N: The Potter Universe belongs to JKR
A/N: My response to Jessi_Rose's “Make me cry” challenge
A/N: A note of thanks to my SAYS/HPFF family for keeping my inspirations flowing and helping me manage those dreaded plot bunnies.
Thanks to jessi and jackie for being my betas.

The diamond in her engagement ring glittered as she twisted it in the moon light. He had finally asked her to marry him. In the middle of the bloody battle field, with the battered Death Eater bodies at their feet he had pulled it out of his pocket and blurted, “Marry me, Hermione.”

At first she had been shocked. Then elated. What had seemed the wrong time had been perfect for them. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, true love shined bright. Their friends surrounding them cheered.

But now the pre-wedding jitters hit her full force. It was the eve before the ceremony, and she stood in her parents' garden, wondering if she was ready.

A hand touched her shoulder. “Hermione? I wanted to give you something for you to wear tomorrow. I know my mom would love it if you did.” and Harry pulled a small box from his pocket and opened it. “I know muggles have the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. And I thought, just maybe this would fit in the old category. It was in my mum's family for generations.”

Inside the box, an antique white gold necklace lay in the shape of two hearts in twined. “It is beautiful. Thank you, Harry. Are you sure?” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly, tears pouring down her cheeks. He held her close for a few seconds, letting her tears wet his shoulder.

“You're beautiful, Hermione.” he whispered softly, kissing her cheek. “Tomorrow, I'll be waiting for you to walk down that isle, a proud smile plastered across my face. So, no more tears, sweetheart.” he started to disapparate.

“Wait!!” but it was too late, he was gone. She held the jewelry box tight in her hand and smiled as she breathed in the summer evening air.

Love is a wonderful thing, she thought.

Her long white dress billowed out in the gentle breeze. Her lace veil covered her face, gently tickling her nose. In her hands she carried a bouquet of lilies tied with a red ribbon. Her father stood proudly by her side, an arm threaded through hers.

“Ready, my darling daughter?” he asked. Tears quivered his voice a little. His only daughter, his only child, was marrying the man of her dreams. The day had finally arrived. No more daddy's little girl in a few short minutes, but a woman in her own right. Wasn't it just yesterday he held this young girl in his arms as she screamed from colic, gently rocking her in their first dance till she hiccuped and fell asleep? Wasn't it just yesterday she smiled as she held in her hand her first lost tooth? Wasn't it just yesterday an owl flew in with her first Hogwart's letter?

“Yes, Daddy.” she said firmly, though a tear slipped down her cheek. Reaching under her veil, Harold Granger wiped it away with his finger.

“No time for tears, Hermione. Your young man awaits you.”

Since Hermione lived in both worlds, Jane Granger had firmly insisted that the wedding would be both muggle and wizardly. She had brushed away the fact that the muggle pastor would no doubt be shocked and unnerved when Minerva McGonagall presided over the magical union part of the ceremony. But, happily another muggle born witch had been able to produce a brother who was in the ministry.

Magically, it had seemed that all had fallen into place. The sun was shining, a casual breeze kept the air from being too hot. The war was over, and for now everything seemed right in the world.

Ginny hugged her tight. And made a few adjustments to the fall of her veil. She smiled and nodded her approval.

At first, Hermione had been uncertain how her best friend would feel about all of this. “Just make me your maid of honor and I'll be happy.” she remembered Ginny's words. They both laughed, and planned and schemed to make today perfect. They both had found the perfect dresses in Diagon Alley. Antique lace for Hermione's and a pale green dress for Ginny.

“Show time, Hermione. Time for us all to shine. “ said Ginny as the music started playing. Slowly the three of them, with Ginny in the lead, walked to the music to where everyone was. Harold squeezed Hermione's arm lightly in encouragement.

A long red and gold carpet was lined on both sides with friends and family. At the end of the carpet, she could see Ron and Harry. Through her veil, she gave Harry a shaky smile and he surreptitiously gave her a thumbs up and mouthed the words. “You're beautiful.”

Following behind Ginny, she gave Ron a confident smile. But, he barely noticed as he whispered something into Harry's ear that made them both laugh silently. Then she noticed the portrait sitting in honor between the minister and Minerva. It's eyes twinkled at her, a broad smile on it's painted face. It mouthed the words to her “Lemon drops,” and she giggled. It seemed fitting that Albus Dumbledore, even as a portrait, was there to bless them.

“Who gives this woman to be married?” asked the muggle minister.

“Her mother and I do,” said Harold. Letting go of her arm, he lifted her veil and kissed her cheek before moving to sit with her mum. Hermione handed Ginny her flowers and took her lover's hand in hers.

Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry stood before the officiators. It was time.

She heard her mum crying softly.

“Hermione Jane Granger, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” asked Pastor Davies.

She looked down at their clasped hands, his now shaking and she held it firm.

She looked up into her love's eyes and with great conviction, said loud enough for all to hear, “I do.”

“Do you, Ronald Bilius Weasley take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?” asked the minister to the red headed man holding Hermione's hand.

He breathed deep, as if to fill his lungs with enough air to say the words. All it did was make the poor wizard slightly dizzy. Harry nudged Ron in the back to bring him back to reality. The portrait's eyebrow lifted slightly. “Ronald Weasley,” it said.

Ron looked around, and caught his mother's tearful gaze. She nodded.

“I... I... I DO!” he shouted. His face turned as red as his hair. Bloody Hell, he thought.

Ginny looked at Harry and giggled. His sapphire engagement ring twinkled on her finger. He mouthed the words “I love you” to her and smiled.

Yes, love is a wonderful thing.

A/N: This is continued in a differently rated/warning oneshot called "Bonds of Matrimony". Its the wizard part of the ceremony. Thanks to all who have reviewed, keep them coming. They truly inspire me. ~~juls.

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Love is a Wonderful Thing: Love is....


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