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'Toujours' Means Always by firebreathingradishes
Chapter 3 : Bellatrix
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“And you, my dear Bellatrix, will have the task of eliminating Ted and Andromeda Tonks. They and their daughter have defied me one too many times. I trust you will be up to the task.”

Her heart had stopped when she had first heard the Dark Lord utter her sister’s name. The Death Eaters around them had begun murmuring quietly among themselves, but Bellatrix had kept her gaunt visage emotionless and only bowed her head in acknowledgement. He was testing her...

And he was with her now, standing by her side, laughing his cruel laugh and praising her as she tortured her sister. His red eyes gleamed with dangerous pleasure as he reveled in the misery of her sister. The power radiating from him was intoxicating. Bellatrix felt it wash over her and she laughed. She kept her wand resolutely pointed at Andromeda.


Andromeda’s body, already suspended in midair, writhed in pain. Her mouth opened and she screamed in agony.


An eight-year-old girl felt her younger sister’s hand tightly squeeze hers. Both were dressed in similar dresses, one in dark red and the other in deep blue, and wore meticulously- pressed ribbons in their carefully curled hair. The little girl’s bright hazel eyes were wide with curiosity. Carefully, the older girl turned the handle of the heavy oak door.

Inside the room stood their parents and their special guest, a man who sat in their father’s usual armchair. Their mother, the charming hostess, sat stiffly on the sofa conversing uncomfortably with the mysterious man. Their father stood by the drinks, pouring their finest whiskey into two glasses, one for himself and his guest.

“Ah! ‘here are m’ girls! Bellatrix and Andromeda,” he slurred. He was drunk already.

The stranger appraised them quietly. With his dark hair and strong profile, the man might have been handsome ten years ago if weren’t for the lean and hungry look that haunted his dark eyes and his deathly pale skin. He beckoned the girls over with his forefinger.

“So pretty...” he purred as he stroked Bellatrix’s hair. The older girl stayed still, hypnotized by his gaze. The man seemed to know her thoughts and feelings. She felt him shifting in her memories. Her mother flinched slightly next to her. “I was under the impression there was another daughter...?” The man looked up at their mother.

“Narcissa is with the governess.” The words were forced.

“Such a pity.” The man’s fingers moved to touch Andromeda’s shining curls as if the hair’s silky feel fascinated him.

But before he could touch her, the little uncomprehending girl shouted, “Stop!” in her little, but surprisingly firm voice.

The man recoiled, hissing like a serpent. Suddenly the change in light caused his cat-like eyes to flash blood red in anger and his spell over Bellatrix was broken.


That was the first time Andromeda had refused the Dark Lord.

Ted, Andromeda’s husband, lay in the corner of the kitchen, his body propped up against the stove. He was alive and unconscious, but just barely breathing. Bellatrix turned her focus back to her sister.

Andromeda’s now dulled hazel eyes lolled back to her brow as her body began convulsing. Her limbs were limp and blood began to drip from the corner of her mouth. This was her sister... No... She couldn’t... Bellatrix’s wand faltered slightly, but his power pushed inside her mind and Andromeda screamed again.


“You shouldn’t do that, you know.”

“Why shouldn’t I?” snarled the dark girl. Her younger sister’s large hazel eyes merely watched her.

Fourteen-year-old Bellatrix tightened her grip on the first year she had up against a wall trembled with fear. The first year had unfortunately bumped into the older girl and caused her to drop her books. Now he faced her wrath. His eyes desperately searched for an exit, while avoiding her calculating gaze. Everyone else had continued walking and ignored the boy’s squeals. No one interfered with Bellatrix Black.

Except for Andromeda.

The whole school hoped that Andromeda Black would be nearby if they ever got in a tangle with Bellatrix. She was the only one would to counter her anger.

“You really shouldn’t,” she repeated.

Bellatrix glared down imperiously through her hooded eyes at the little boy she held up against the wall and smirked. His eyes grew wider. Then, the older girl lowered the boy from the wall and released him. He scrambled off, no doubt off to tell his friends that he had survived Bellatrix Black.

“You ruined it,” Bellatrix spat.

“Ruined what?” asked her sister innocently, unnerved by Bellatrix’s anger.

“My fun.”


Andromeda knew Bellatrix the best. She always knew exactly what to say to her.

It had been nearly two decades since Bellatrix had last seen Andromeda. And she hadn’t changed much. The same sweet face, now being tortured, only had a few signs of age, creeping lines and crinkles at the corners of her eyes. Her dark brown hair was the same with only a few grays lingering in between strands. Her gentle hands were now clenched tight in fists.

How could she cause so much pain in her own sister?


Tears ran down her face and sixteen-year-old Bellatrix hated it.

It showed weakness and she didn’t know why she was sitting alone on the edge of her bed crying with her knees drawn to her chest. Bellatrix Black was strong and she had no reason to cry.

Absolutely no reason.

But inside, she knew exactly why she was crying. Bellatrix had spotted him wrapped in the arms of another girl. She had stormed up to him and hexed him in front of the entire Common room. Then, she had retreated to her dormitory, hoping no one would follow and see her hurt.

Careful footsteps approached her bedside. How dare they, she thought furiously. She clenched her wand and pointed it at the person standing in front of her. “Go away or let me send you to Hell!” she hissed, her head still bent. Damn tears...

Arms enveloped her into a hug. Bellatrix struggled for a moment and then looked up to find Andromeda beside her. Her familiar hazel eyes watched her and Bellatrix broke down and sobbed. Andromeda rubbed her sister’s back and stroked her long dark hair.

“Hush,” she said to her weeping sister after a few moments. It pained her to see her usually fierce sister so vulnerable.

“I don’t know why he did that,” came Bellatrix’s cracking voice.


Bellatrix looked up slowly with tears still flowing from her eyes. “Why did he do that? He told me he loved me. But he was with another girl. It hurts so much...” More tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Bellatrix Black,” said Andromeda suddenly stern. She couldn’t take it seeing this anymore. “You are from the most noble and ancient house of Black and you will not let yourself be hurt by a mere boy. He is nothing. And you are something. You are worth more than the world.”

The tears stopped and Bellatrix’s eyes shone. “I am from the most noble and ancient house of Black,” she whispered to herself and her sister. “And I will not be hurt.”

She saw Andromeda smile.


But Bellatrix had been hurt. Again. This time by own her sister when she eloped with that Mudblood. Her anger and hurt spewed out. Andromeda’s body collapsed on the ground. Her master read her mind and looked pleased.

“Bravo, Bellatrix,” applauded her Master. “Unfortunately, business calls and I must leave you two alone.” He readied himself to leave. “Kill her. I want to see her body later.” The chilling words shot up Bellatrix’s spine. The Dark Lord disappeared without a trace.

The kitchen was completely still, except for the kitchen clock, whose ticking seemed to get louder and louder. Bellatrix stared at her sister’s broken body, shocked at what she had done. Had she done this? How could she? But then, she banished her thoughts and raised her wand. She had orders to follow.

She had killed the old Muggle couple on 24 Winders Lane with ease. She had killed her fellow classmates, the brothers, Gideon and Fabian Prewett, with relative ease after a slight struggle when she was only twenty-four. She had also easily helped torture Alice and Frank Longbottom sixteen years ago. And last year she had even killed Sirius, her cousin, with ease. But that had been simple. There had been a mutual hatred between the two.

“K-Kill me.”

Bellatrix looked up and saw Andromeda was conscious. She had somehow managed to pull herself up and was wincing in pain. But she watched Bellatrix with hazel eyes, once full of love, now full of contempt and hate.

“Kill me now.”

Why couldn’t she kill her sister? Such an easy kill compared to the brothers and her cousin. There were no distractions, no fighting, nothing. Yet something stopped her; a strange force that Bellatrix, after years in Azkaban and torture, was not used to.


“I can’t,” came Bellatrix’s whispered reply.

Andromeda’s face turned harsh. “Don’t be such a coward, Bellatrix. You heard your Master. Kill me.”



AN: I hope you liked it. I'm not doing the chapters in order of the sisters' age. Instead, each story will be arranged by chronological order. Just wanted to clear a few things up. Please leave a review. :]

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'Toujours' Means Always: Bellatrix


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