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The Marauders And Lauren by Miss_Haley
Chapter 5 : Cuddly
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When I awoke, I felt extremely comfortable. Perhaps it was my lovely new fluffy mattress. Oh, how I love my new mattress. I yawned and started smoothing the fur back on my cat's head, when I realized...

...I don't have a cat...

My eyes flew open in shock, and I found myself unable to breathe.

I screamed to find Sirius cuddled up against me, a look of contentment on his pretty blond head...(Yes, his hair was still quite blond. It must not wear off easily)

"What the bleeding hell are you doing here?!" I shouted, my face growing quite hot.

He lazily opened one eye and said, (rather calmly I might add, for someone who had woken up to a screaming girl), "Well you see, it started about fourteen years ago..."

"Eew! Not that! Why-" I took a deep breath, then started again, "I mean, why Sirius, are you in my bed?"

He pouted and opened his other eye. "I had a bad dream. Can't a guy put a Silencing Charm on one of his girl mate's bed-"

No wonder everyone was still asleep.

"-and then crawl inconspicuously into bed with her?"

I sighed, and told him slowly like a mother does to an upset toddler, "No, love. It is true, that although I love you like and over-active brother, that is quite unacceptable."

Sirius frowned and retorted, "Well Remus and James said I couldn't sleep in their beds! What was I to do, suffer?!"

"No, but why didn't you ask Peter or the other girls?"

Or perhaps ask ME before you lied down...

"Well, firstly-"

"Firstly isn't a word."

"Is too!"

"No, it isn't. But I shall agree that it does and save us some trouble."

"Fair enough." he continued, "Peter drools and snores, second the other girls would hit me very, very hard, and last you are rather cuddly."


"Yes... but... well... wait, how did you get here." I paused, "In the girl's dorms, I mean. James told me that non of you blokes-"

"Uh-uh. That is a secret, m'dear."

"I don't like secrets..." I said as sweetly as I could.

"You'll get over it." He then looked at me thoughtfully.


'So' what?

"...are you still mad at me?"

I sighed. It was impossible to be mad at him... I mean look at that face! Even as a blond... besides... he is cuddly.

I gave him another 'look', then said, "No, I guess not, but for future reference... please... ask me next time you decide to sneak into my bed..."

He sighed then rolled his eyes. Then his entire face lit up.

Oh, no...

"So you mean to say, that, as long as I ask first, I can sleep in bed with you?"

Ugh. Pervert.

"Only if you have one hell of a good reason." His head dropped down again.

"Now, if you don't mind, I would like to get dressed."

His head shot up. "Do you need any h-"

"No. Out."

After taking a quick shower (in which I managed to get almost half of a bottle of shampoo in my eyes), and applying my make-up, I remembered the note Remus gave to me. I reached under my pillow and pulled it out. It read,

Miss Lauren,

We, (Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs), cordially invite you to a formal dinner at the Come-and-Go room. We would like to discuss some serious matters with you. (No, not 'Sirius') Ask Moony for directions. Dinner is at eight-o-clock sharp. (So do try not to get hurt...)


The Marauders MWPP

P.S: We apologize in advance for Mr. Padfoot's downright atrocious, (awful, bad, barbaric, beastly, disturbing, gross, rotten, shocking, etc.) table manners.

We also apologize for Moony's need for those to be in alphabetical order.

I was giggling at the last few lines when I heard an ear-piercing shriek. It sounded like a first year girl that had just encountered a boggart that took the appearance of me. Yes, I had taken some time to think that out. I grabbed my book-bag and sprinted out the door.

When I reached the common room, I saw that Sirius was sitting in the middle of the room on the floor. He was sobbing hysterically and clutching his hair.

"My hair! My gorgeous raven locks! Who hath done this to thee?!"

James coughed. Sirius slowly turned his head to face him.

"You...", he hissed.

"Thou hath done this to thee! Thy shalst FEEL THY WRATH!" Sirius conjured a pillow and began beating James over thee- er... the head.

Through the laughter and random insults, I noticed that Moony kept shooting me looks. He looked quite upset about something. I slowly inched away from the battle, (James conjured another pillow) and muttered so nobody else could hear,

"You alright?" He looked over at me.

"Sure. Right. It's all... right." I turned to look at him fully. He averted his eyes to watch as Rachel and Haley snapped pictures and handed them to random people in the crowd.

"Remus, you are a terrible liar!" I grabbed his sleeve and dragged him into the hall outside the common room. "What is wrong?"

Remus stared at the wall behind me. "Nothing... well... erm... how did you... er... sleep last night?"

How did I-? Wait... oh no...

"You don't think that I-"

"No, really, it's okay, you don't have to explain. It's your life." He turned to walk into the common room, so I grabbed his sleeve again.

"Look, he had a 'nightmare' apparently and crawled into bed with me. Nothing happened. Honest. I can't believe you think I would do something like that!" I looked at him thoughtfully. "Why do you care, anyway?"

His face turned bright red and he muttered something that I could not hear. Before I had a chance to stop him, he rushed back into the common room. About two seconds later, Sirius appeared through the door with a triumphant look on his face.

"Look! It's back to normal! My beautiful hair!"

I let out a sigh. Today will be a long, painful day.

A/N: The author has nothing against blonds. In fact, said author used to be blond until said author dyed it red. After mentioned author dyed it red, said author proceded to dye hair black. Mentioned author is considering green highlights.

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