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just another dream story.......or is it????????? by 010steph_rox_ur_sox010
Chapter 2 : They got what they deserved.....
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“I can’t do this anymore, I just can’t!” he said to tom on the fourth night.

This dream he hadn’t woken up screaming but he felt as though tom was waiting for this moment.
He had made sure he wouldn’t wake up just before he had the chance to threaten him a bit more. Ron was finding it harder and harder not to scream every time the dreams were over. This dream had been another painful one.

* Mr. Weasly was on the ground unconscious. Mrs. Weasly was cowering over the dead bodies that were Fred and George. Hermione was strapped to a chair.

"Ron please dont, please ron, please..."started hermione.

"oh shutup you, can't you see this is a famile argument?"said ron as he gaged hermione.

“Ron I beg of you, don’t kill your father! And why in the world would you kill your brothers over Hermione! I mean, I mean, I mean….. No wait Ron please I beg you don’t kill him!” splattered Mrs. Weasly.

“All right I won’t kill him. I'll kill you both! But you must tell me mother, why do you hate Hermione so much? Has it ever crossed your stupid selfish mind that we were in love? Or is it just too much for you, you stupid fat ugly cow?” came this out of Ron’s mouth even though he wasn’t saying it. He was horrified the moment he heard it.

“RON! I DON'T LOVE YOU ANY MORE! WE WENT OUT ON ONE DATE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!” screamed Hermione behind her gag.

“Be quite! Can’t you see I’m trying to talk to my dear mother? Now as I was saying, mother, couldn’t you be happy for us? But no you can’t. this is exactly what happened to fleur and bill. You hated fleur just like you hate me. You would rather harry for Hermione then, wouldn't you?Well, WOULDN'T YOU? STOP SHAKING YOUR HEAD!” screamed Ron into Mrs. Weasly’s face.

"why would i rather him then you ron? your my son and i love you! but you have to understand, hermione doesn't love you!" said mrs weasly.

"ro-na-ld, leave your mother out of this, it's between you and me now isn't it? i'll tell you what we'll hav a duel and best man-" started mr weasly.

"Oh god, now this old croaker is alive. Why can't you be like fred and george and just go burn in hell, or do you want me to send you there?" snapped ron.

"Now ron. we nead to..."started mr weasly but at that pesice moment----

"or better yet i could just do this, avada kedrava!" screamed ron to his father, and with that mr weasly feel to the ground

"Ron, please, i don't love you! please just let me-" hermione started.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" screamed ron as he turned to her. "maybe i should shut you up for good, and you can watch it dear mother. thats sounds good actually. here we go." said ron.

"no ron don't ple-"started mrs weasly.

"RON!PLEASE DO-" started hermione but then-

"avada kedavra!" ron said pointing his wand at hermione, who felt the rush off life leave her body.
hermione fell limp and silent as mrs weasly watched in horrer.*

"so how was that dream ronald?" asked tom.

"my name is ron." spat ron into toms face.

"well thats not very nice, now is it Mr.Weasly? So how did you like killing the only girl you've ever really loved?" said tom.

"what do you mean 'the only girl i've ever loved'? i've loved heaps of girls. done most of them to mind you, buts thats not the subject! do you like to read other peoples minds tom?" asked ron.

"as a matter of fact i do like ready other peoples minds. it finds there weeknesses and who there loved ones are and such. Now ron, down to bussiness. If you just give me har-" started tom.

"NEVER!! dont you read books tom? No matter what you do to me tom you will never get harry. i would never in my whole life give up my best friend. never. NEVER!" yelled ron now smilling.

"And the end of you life may come sooner then you think ronald weasly. Until tomorrow night. Good night."

when ron woke up, he lay in his bed thinking about what tom had said. 'dont worry about it.' he said to himself, 'what will come, will come. and when it does, i will be ready.'. he then started to think about the other dream. He didn't feel sorry for himself at all. For some reason he felt as though he enjoyed it. That they had got what they deserved...

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just another dream story.......or is it?????????: They got what they deserved.....


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