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An Off Course Bet by just another harry potter fan
Chapter 13 : Things Just Keeping Heading Downhill
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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Thanks.


Chapter Thirteen


Okay, so I missed her. That's right. I missed Lily Evans.

If I only knew why.

I mean, come on. It's not as though Lily and me have anything in common.

She's quiet. I'm not.

She's a bookworm who practically lives in the library. I'm not.

She has about three friends. I don't- What I mean to say is that I have more than three friends, a lot more. I didn't mean that I don't even have three friends- moving along.

She sticks to the rules. I don't.

She has red hair. I don't.

She's a girl. I most certainly am not.

We are total opposites.

Yet, I miss her. It's quite stupid how brains work sometimes. Really. It is.


Merlin, I wish I could push Ravendork into the lake and let the giant squid have at him. That would be wonderful.

Maybe if I could just get Lily away from the git, she'd forgive me. He's probably been brainwashing her by saying how stupid, ugly, or evil I am. Even though I'm not. Stupid, ugly, or evil, I mean.

There they are, laughing and smiling at each other. Oh, God. Let me go and chuck up my breakfast. That is just gross. I mean, they totally don't go together. I mean. . .you know, he has brown hair. . .Lily has red! And, you know, he's, uh, tall and Lily's. . .not. Lily's a human being, he's not! Oh, and Lily's a Gryffindor. Not going to work with a Ravenclaw. Believe me. I know this stuff. They're totally wrong for each other. So wrong that it's- it's, uh, lame.


And, what's this? Lily just gave Ravendork the smile she always gave me! What's up with that?

I suppose we aren't friends anymore and she needs to find some else to give that smile to, but really. Ravendork? She gives that smile to Fairyman? What about giving it to someone who's not entirely a jerk?

I don't blame Lily though. She's just blinded by his false intentions (she definitely isn't blinded by his good-looks, believe me). She's a girl. Even if she isn't your average girl, she's still a girl. Lily's just too blinded by all his lies of "You're beautiful" and "I just love your eyes" and all that crappy crap.

I hate people like that. You know, the one's that lie just to get what they want. . .and, okay, so maybe I lied quite a lot when I was trying to get Lily to go on a date to Hogsmeade with me for the bet, but that's different.

I don't want to snog or have my wicked way with Lily like Fairyman does. Yes, I know exactly what Ravendork's planning. I've been watching him very closely.

Oh, and guess what's going on now? Ravendork seems to be telling Lily a joke. And, great, she's laughing. I bet his joke is just too funny.




"Hey, Lily."

Alright. I sat down next to her at lunch.

She nodded.

And, get this, I nodded too. Yeah. Wow. I don't think I can make myself an idiot much more.

Silence (not the "normal" silence that was between when we were friends, but the uncomfortable, awkward silence).

Lily was eating mash potatoes and steak.

I was eating some sort of casserole. I don't know what kind, just that it tasted pretty damn good. Yeah. Woah, James. Down boy.

"Good steak?" I asked. Oooh. Lame.


"Good, good." Pause. "My casserole's good too."

Lily didn't say anything and she didn't nod. Not good.

"How's your potatoes?"

"Just fine."

"Good, good." Good, good, James. You're doing a terrifc job at acting like a moron. Fairyman must be rubbing off a bit on me. That's not good.

"And what about your pumpkin juice? Is that good too?"

"It's water."

"Oh. Well. Is your water good?"

Lily nodded.

Silence (still not "normal").

"Want to study in the library together?" Lily Evans would not pass on a opportunity to visit the library, whether she hated me or not.

"No thanks."


Lily Evans just passed an opportunity to visit the library. Good grief, she really must hate me.

"Oh. That's cool. I can study by myself then." Or with the Marauders. Yeah.

Lily didn't sympathetically say "sorry" or anything. She didn't even do her familiar nod. The girl just continued to chew her steak.

"What'd you get on your transfiguration exam yesterday?" Oh, no. I was resorting to asking about assignment grades. Crap.

"An O."

"Cool. Me too." How is that, whenever I'm around Lily Evans, I turn into some mute moron? I promise I'm never like this around anyone else.

Silence (still not "normal". I'm beganing to think it won't ever be "normal" again).

I watched as she took a drink of water. She was also reading, I forgot to mention that.

"What's that you're reading?"

Lily held up the book. It was entitled: 50 Magical Plants You Ought to Know About

"Oh. It looks interesting, you know."

Lily set the book down,"It is."

Okay, I was desperate enough to resort to asking about assignment grades, but one thing I most definitely was not desperate enough to resort to was asking how-

"How's Andrew doing?"

-Ravendork is. Oh. Well. I guess I was. Desperate enough, I mean.

Lily actually lifted her head from her book and food. "He's good." She leaned her head back down. Well. Isn't Fairyman so wonderful. Lily actually lifts her head when talking about him, but when it's me she's talking about, no. She just ignores me. What did I ever do to her?. . .Er. I did sort of try and spend time with her just for a bet. . .but that's not the point. . .

Moving on.

Anyways. I thought maybe talking about Ravendrew would get Lily to talk a bit more, but, apparently, not even Mr. I-Am-A-Arse can get Lily to talk to me.

So, we sat silently again. I was almost done with my casserole.

Then, disaster striked. Twice.

My knee brushed against hers under the table and I was so startled that my hand let go of my goblet of pumpkin juice and it went down. . .down. . .down. . .straight to my lap.

Here's where Disaster: Part Two, comes in. The pumpkin juice was quite cold (not to mention, wet), so I instantly jumped up in my seat, conveniently knocking into my almost finished casserole, making it fall all the way down the front of my pants.

I stood stiffly for a moment, quite aware of the silence around me. Apparently, I wasn't the only who noticed pumpkin juice and casserole fall in my lap.

"Er. . .are you okay?" I heard some girl ask a few seats away as snickers were starting to be heard. I still stood stiffly. The snickers were getting louder.

"Do I look okay? I have pumpkin juice and casserole all over my pants. I look like I peed in my pants."

I didn't even want to see how Lily was reacting to all this. This was embarrassing. Anger was really starting to come to me now. Why did I always act like a fool around her? It was just a simple brush of the knee, for God's sake!


I'm sitting in the common room now. It's been two days since Disasters One and Two. It's been two days since I've been anywhere near Lily. And, no matter how much I'd like to patch things up between us, I've been waiting for the Disasters to blow over some.

Of course, Sirius, who was sitting a few seats away, won't let me forget it happened. . .

"You should have seen your face, James! Oh, and when you said,'I look like I peed in my pants'. Ha-ha-ha!"

. . .Yeah, I think that memory will be with Sirius long after we leave Hogswarts. Wonderful. I've always wanted to remember the times when I make a fool of myself.

Oh. Look. There goes Lily. Do have I have a life anymore? It seems all I think about is Lily. Lily this, Lily that. Is Lily with Fairyman. Is Lily snogging Fairyman? Are Lily and Fairyman an item? Does Lily hate me? Is she going to ever forgive me?- Yeah.

I really don't think I have a life anymore. Great. Girl's suck (well, not always. Like, you know, when they're in broom cupboard's with you. They definitely don't suck there).

I'm not going to talk to Lily. I am going to finish my essay. I need to let the Disasters blow over some more-

Crap. I'm walking up to her.


Okay. My life is official over now. I thought it was over after my lunch fell in my lap, but that-. . .that was nothing compared to what just happened. Excuse me while I go get lost in a vanishing cabinet. Anyways. . .here's what happened. . .

"Hey, Lily." I said, catching up with her just as she walked out the portrait hole. I could finish my essay later, I suppose.


"Where you going?"

"The library."

"Hey, I was just heading that way too." What? I was, er, you know, needing to get a book on. . .erm, I get back to you on that later.

She didn't say anything. She gave one of her nods.

"Lily, listen," I said, abruptly grabbing her shoulder and stopping us in the deserted corridor. "I'm sorry, alright? I'm sorry for what I did."

Lily tugged out of my grip and began to walk again. "I told you to just forget about it, James. It's over now, let's just move on."

I grabbed her shoulder again,"I have moved on, Lily. You're the one who won't forgive me."

Lily just stood, staring at the ground. "I've forgiven you, James."

"No, you haven't- Will you just listen to me?" I asked as she once again began to walk off. I looked around and saw a broom closet a few meters away. Hmmm. I grabbed Lily's wrist and began to pull her over to the closet.

"What- ?" Lily asked, startled. I closed the door after us.

Well. . .

This isn't awkward. Oh, no. Not at all. This extremely comfortable. Right. If you believe a word I just said, you are one gullible person.

Yeah, so anyways, it was dark. And awkward. And quiet. And stuffy. And small. And did I mention it was awkward? Did I also mention me and Lily were in a broom closet? You know, where people snog? Where people suck other people's faces off? Did I mention that? No, I didn't. Well, anyways, we were. In a broom closet.

If it wasn't so awkward in here, I'd say it was a bit ironic that I was in a broom closet with Lily Evans.


It's quite hard to imagine, I know.

I opened my mouth to start once again where we left off when Lily all of a sudden pounced on me and we started snogging (quite passionately)- Not. No, Lily did not pounce on me. Nor did we start snogging (quite passionately). Again with the gullible thing.

What really happened was that we both moved as far from each other as possible, no matter how subtle we tried to make it look, it turned out very unsubtle, and I opened my mouth to continue our conversation. Then stop. Oh, God.

I was all pumped up outside, in the corridor and now, now I can't say anything. My nerves are all screwed up. I can't think. That's when the thought of Lily and me in the broom closet really came in clear. Believe me, it couldn't get any clearer.

"Lily-" I stopped.

"James, let me out. Please. I told you to forget it." She said tiredly, reaching around for the doorknob. I quickly grabbed the doorknob and held it tightly.

"Lily, listen. I know, I shouldn't have done that to you. It was just some stupid bet Sirius made up. It really was just a bet, at first. But, after a while, I started to realize-. . .realize that you were a good person to be around. I-" No, I wasn't getting all choked up because my speech was just that beautiful (even though it was quite good). I had gone a bit blank, just like I always do around Lily.

"Can you just forgive me, Lily?" I asked, holding the door tighter as Lily tried to pry my hand off. "I don't want you to be mad at me."

Lily slowly moved from the door and stood in front of me. My hand let go of the doorknob.

"James, why do you want me to forgive you so much? You never wanted my friendship, it was just a bet. Why are you so anxious to get my approval now? Is it another bet?"

"What?" I sputtered. "No! I just, you-. . . I like being around- you. Around you, Lily."

Lily stood in front of me, eyebrows furrowed. She began to move past me, towards the door. "James, no. I thought you were a good person. I thought I wanted to be friends with you. . .I was wrong. Please, just, please forget-"

"Lily- I like you!-. . ."

Well. That's news not only to Lily, but to me also. . .

Things really are starting to go way downhill.

Before Lily could even open her mouth to respond, I leaned down and kissed her. Yep. Kissed her smack dab on the lips. Just when I thought things couldn't be going even farther down hill too. . .


There you are. There you have it. My account on how things went downhill and also how my life ended. No, I didn't actually die, but, you know, it sure seemed like it.

You know, you'd think after what just happened, it'd be Lily who ran out of the broom closet. But, it wasn't. It was me. I ran out of the broom closet (I didn't actually run, it was more of a speed jog- besides, it was a manly speed jog).

What else was I suppose to do? Kiss her some more? Oh, yeah. That would work. She probably thinks I'm an insane stalker boy who pulls innocent girls into broom closet and kiss them.

Of course, I am not Lily Evans' stalker. If anyone's her stalker, it's Ravendork.

Yeah, so anyways. . .

. . .what was up with me saying I fancied Lily? I mean, I don't like Lily that way. It may seem like that's true considering what's been happening around here lately (kissing her, saying that I like her, pulling her into broom closets), but really, it's not true.

Sure, during the bet, my opinion of her changed. I found her to be a good person to be around. A good friend. A good friend who's smart, nice, likes to laugh, has nice smiles (God, here we go again), and even her eyes are quite nice. Lily just happens to be a good friend who also is all of that and more.

No, I don't fancy Lily. That's ridiculous. I mean sure, I think she's attractive and smart and great and- OH MY GOD. I FANCY LILY! I FANCY LILY! I FANCY LILY! OH, GREAT GILLYWIG'S! I FANCY LILY!


Cool it, James. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. . .



I shoved him in the shoulder.

He grunted in his sleep.


He grunted again.

"Wake up!" I hissed in his ear before shoving him again.

I was having another life crisis now. And he had better not tell me to talk to Peter.

He abruptly sat up,"What- Oh. James."

He needn't sound so angry. It's only 12:30 (AM).

"Remus, I need to ask you another question, okay? Okay. Good. See, remember my friend? Hypothetical John?"

"Oh, yes, yes. How is he these days? Did he lose that hypothetical bet of his?" Remus asked quite dryly.

"Er, yes, hypothetically speaking, he did. He lost the bet and he lost the girl. Because, you know, he er, sort of, hypothetically fancies Hypothetical Jill. And, well, you see, Hypothetical Jill sort of hates Hypothetical John now because she, hypothetically speaking, found out about the bet. What's Hypothetical John suppose to do, Remus?"

Remus fell back on his pillow and let out a deep breath. "Hypothetical John, hypothetically speaking, fancies Hypothetical Jill, does he?. . .Well. . .I'd say that Hypothetical John should apologize to Hypothetical Jill-"

"I already- He's already tried."

"Well, tell him to try again. That's all I can say, James. He's just going to have apologize again and hope she'll hypothetically forgive him."

Either Remus' hypothetical speechs aren't that interesting or maybe I just wait until it's way too late at night, but I fell asleep again.


A/N: Woah. Lots happened in this chapter. Wow. But, our beloved characters still aren't feeling the love yet (well, James is, I guess). What's poor James going to do get his lovely Lily?


Just Another Harry Potter Fan

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