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Thinking of You by Frankie_4ever
Chapter 1 : Her answer changed Everything
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I couldn’t stop thinking about her. This amazing girl I have loved since our fourth year at Hogwarts. Hermione Granger, was the girl of my dreams. The only one that had made my heart flutter. But she belonged to another.
Harry and Ron walked through Diagon Alley waiting for Ginny to come out of one of the clothing stores.

“Ginny! We have to meet Hermione in thirty seconds!” Ron yelled not wanting to come into the store.

“Ron, do NOT rush me!” Ginny said as she came out with two bags.

“That’s what you spent all your time with?” He looked at the two small clothing bags. “You spent all your time on accessories?”

“Don’t be silly!” Ginny smiled. “In these bags are three outfits.” She threw the bags over her right shoulder. “Let’s go see Hermione.”

Ron looked at her with amazement. The three teenagers walked down the street getting closer to the bookstore. It had rained earlier that day so all of them wore warm muggle clothing consisting of jeans and sweatshirts. Harry’s glasses were fogging up from the cold and he kept cleaning them. Ron seemed nervous the closer they got. He kept playing with his hands and running his hand through his red hair.

“What’s wrong Ron?” Harry asked looking at his best friend. “You seem nervous.”

“I am not.” Ron looked at his feet. “I’m just, um, not prepared! Yeah that’s it.”

“Ron, prepared for what?”

“For what I’m about to do.” Ron’s forehead started to sweat. He was really nervous. His hands were trembling and his face was turning almost as red as his hair. Harry just shrugged his shoulders as the stood infront of the bookstore. Harry paused at the window seeing the most beautiful creature to ever grace this earth. Her hair reached a little pass her shoulders. Her brown eyes had a twinkle to them. She wore tight jeans that hugged her curves perfectly, a tight short sleeved blue shirt, and a small jean jacket. She smiled looking at books that were brand new. Harry couldn’t help but smile more at her.

“Harry, come on!” Ginny yelled at him. Harry quickly got out of his daydream and headed into the bookstore. Ginny ran towards Hermione giving her best friend a huge hug.

“I missed you!” She exclaimed almost sucking the air out of her friend.

“Um, I missed you too.” Hermione said with the air she had left before she pushed Ginny off of her. “But I still need to breathe.” She smiled making Harry’s body fill with shivers.

“Hey Herms.” Ron went up and hugged Hermione. When they separated, Ron’s face quickly went red.

“Harry, how are you?” Hermione walked up to him smiling ear to ear. She pulled him into a warm embrace. Harry’s heart was beating a million miles a minute. Hermione suddenly had goose bumps from the hug. They both quickly let go of each other and smiled out of embarrassment.

“Hermione, can I talk to you?” Ron got Hermione’s attention. She quickly looked at Harry before returning her gaze to Ron.

“Um, what about?”

“C-c-can we talk about it outside?” Ron put his hands in his pockets and looked at the floor.

“Sure.” Hermione looked at Harry and Ginny. “We’ll be right back.” She followed Ron outside feeling a little uneasy. Ron seemed serious and Hermione had never seen him this way before.
“What do you think they need to talk about?” Harry asked Ginny who was looking at a picture of Viktor Krum that hung on the wall.

“Judging by Ron’s look, I’d say he’s finally doing it.” Ginny said not taking her eyes off of the picture.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked confused.
“So, what’s up?” Hermione put her hands in the pockets of her jacket and looked at her best friend.

“W-well, you know how we’ve been friends for almost seven years?” Ron stuttered looking at his feet.

“Yeah.” Hermione found it amusing how Ron was so nervous.

“W-well, I-I-I…um….you see,” Hermione took his chin in her right hand and had him look at her.

“Don’t be nervous Ron, I’m your friend remember?” She replaced her hand back to her pocket.
“I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend.” Ron bit his bottom lip waiting for her answer. Hermione was shocked. She had never been asked that question before in her life, not including Viktor Krum in their fourth year. She looked at her feet. ‘Is it a good idea? Well, he is my friend and I do like him more than a friend…” She looked in his green eyes and smiled.


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Thinking of You: Her answer changed Everything


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