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Left Behind by scarletheartedlioness
Chapter 1 : Left Behind
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The stars that pierce the sky
He left them all behind
We’re left to wonder why
He left us all behind

The wind whipped through the trees; a silent silhouette in the night. Not a noise could be heard, not a movement could be seen. It was serene. A feeling of dread wavered through the distilled air, and all of a sudden, the wind stopped, dropping to a bare whisper below the forest.

A girl stood at the edge of the lake, her once-uncontrollable hair flopping to a standstill on her shoulders, proceeding to cascade down her back. It was a mane of fiery-red to out-glow the darkness that rested throughout the empty grounds, to go with a pair of unblinking green eyes. Brilliant green eyes that had once held emotion, but now held nothing but an expressionless stare. Hollow.

Silent tears were marking their tracks down her pale cheeks, dripping past her smooth complexion and eventually disconnecting from her face at her chin. She didn’t make to wipe them away. She just allowed them to fall – to show her weakness. He had been her weakness. And now that he was gone, she was now her own weakness.

Ginny lifted a hand to her face and pressed it against a fresh tear that had just escaped the wrath of her eye. She pulled her hand away to inspect the drop of salty liquid. She had thought she had long since run out of tears. She had not been able to cry since the night of his demise.

She looked out to the still lake and watched the reflection of the moon as it danced at the surface of the water. It was broken up where the water was uneven. It made her think of her heart – torn to pieces, but left to stay there with no meaning.

The wind picked up again, but the air remained silent. Ginny’s hair continued to whip gently around her shoulders. Her legs suddenly became jelly-like, and she sunk to the wet ground beneath her. She immediately placed her head in her hands, and openly began to cry.

“Why did you have to go?”

Her voice was a mere croak in the serene grounds. It was not aimed at anyone around her. It was not aimed at herself. It was aimed at him. He who had lost to the battle of good and evil and had left those who he loved behind. And those who loved him.

The Boy Who Lived had now become The Boy Who Left.

The Boy Who Left Everyone Behind.

Ginny stifled a sob as the wind once again retracted and withdrew. She lifted her head to gaze up at the moon in the star-dotted sky. Oh, how she wished she could just fly away to a place where misery did not exist. But she couldn’t. She was forced to remain on this God-forsaken earth. Forced to think about her last moments with the man she had so undeniably fallen for.


She could hear his heart beat as she rested her head on his chest. She breathed in his scent – the scent only he had and the scent she so desperately wanted to savour, to remember. His chest rose and fell with each input and output of air on his part, and all she could do was try to contain herself.

“You don’t need to be afraid, Ginny.” Harry whispered into her fiery-red hair as he stroked it with a pale hand.

Ginny sniffed against her will. “But I am.” She whispered back, staring at the fire healthily blazing in the fireplace opposite from where they lay together on the velvet couch.

Harry lifted his head up, causing Ginny to follow suit. “Ginny...” concern dripped like syrup from his voice. There was nothing else left to feel. Concern and worry were the two main emotions rattling through every single soul within the castle walls. It was an inevitable thing.

A tear rolled down Ginny’s cheek. “Harry, for years you have been fighting You-Know-Who off, and for years you’ve only succeeded in driving him away and making him stronger. Not once have you physically killed him. And everyone knows that tonight will be the night one of you falls,” her voice was becoming smaller with each word. “And - and I don’t want it to be you.”

Harry stared at her, and she was forced to look away before she broke down. But Harry’s fingers under her chin made her return her eyes to his. Her heart was slowly breaking, and looking at the man she loved made nothing better. But at least it held her fate off for whatever few precious minutes she had left with him.

“Ginny, I love you so much. You know I do. And I’m making a promise to you right now that I’m going to come back to you after the war – after tonight. Things are going to be back to normal,” he raised his hand and wiped the tear from her cheek. “We’ll be together.”

A figurative hope flashed through Ginny’s soul as she gazed into the genuine eyes of Harry. A flicker of a smile appeared across her lips, and for a moment she felt invincible. “Promise me?” She asked hopefully.

Harry smiled to her. “I promise.” He leaned in close to her and pressed his forehead against hers. They both knew he couldn’t guarantee his safety, but it was hope enough to hear it aloud. At least hoping could get them somewhere.

“I love you, Harry.”

Time was frozen as he pressed his lips against hers. It was as if everything played to the simultaneous beating of their hearts. She could feel nothing but his lips on hers, and the endless feeling of love pouring from his heart into hers. For now, her heart was mended. But soon... She didn’t want to think about the soon. It was just here and now, him and her.

A gong sounded throughout the common-room and Harry’s lips peeled away from hers. He glanced at the clock. It was twelve o’clock. He placed his eyes back on Ginny’s and took her face in his gentle hands.

“Stay here. Wait for me,” he whispered while planting a soft kiss on her nose. “I’ll be back.”

She sobbed as she pressed her lips against his, forcing every emotion she could muster into the passion that lingered between them. “I love you.” She repeated.

He pulled away and gazed into her eyes, before standing to his feet and making his way to the door. He looked back at her once more, before disappearing out into the corridor.

Ginny watched as the portrait hole closed behind him with a sickening thump. She was left on her own in the common-room. She was left with nothing but herself, and the promise Harry had made to keep her alive. And now all she had to do was wait.


Ginny ran across the Great Hall and into the open arms of her best friend. “Oh, Hermione.” She cried into Hermione’s shoulder, holding her tightly.

Hermione cried with her. “I can’t believe this, Ginny. It’s really happening.” She said quietly, her voice muffled by sobs.

Ginny croaked her reply, “It’s happening.”

Hermione hugged her tighter and pulled her towards a seat near the back of the Hall. All the students were gathered, all of them anticipating what would happen. They all knew what Harry Potter was doing, but of the outcome they knew not. Everyone was left to wait; the were left to hope for the best.

Ginny was curled up in the corner, her head pressed up against Hermione’s shoulder.

“Do you think he’ll make it?” Hermione asked, despair dripping from her soft voice. Looking into her eyes, Ginny could tell she was just as scared as she was. She couldn’t believe this was happening - neither of them could.

She swallowed a non-existent object in her throat. “He promised me he would.”

At this, Hermione’s eyes darted onto hers. A single tear rolled down her freckled cheek, and for a moment, a flicker of hope could be seen in her chocolate eyes. “Do you believe him?” There was no doubt in her voice, no mockery, no criticism. Just curiosity.

Ginny raised her eyes to the high-ceilinged window at the starry sky. There was no moon. The moon was only for happy, joyous occasions. The entire time she had been with Harry, she had felt safe. He was the only one who could make her feel like herself. He was the only one that had loved her enough to show her how to love. He was the only one that had showed her what it was to believe in what nobody else did. He was her lover, the man she would die for. And he was the man that would die for her. But just not tonight.

“Yes,” she finally replied, the single word extracting all fears from inside of her and throwing them away. “Yes, I believe him.”


A figure slumped across the grounds, half-limping, half staggering. Fiery-red hair could just be made out in the distance, and the Great Hall immediately ruptured into a shouting field.

Ginny awoke from her restless slumber and gazed around her with sleepy eyes. As recognition hit her like a tidal wave, she was instantly on her feet, looking for the source of the ruckus. She found it out the window making its way up to the castle slowly but surely. Her heart turned over twice as she bounded toward the Great Hall doors and sprinted out onto the grounds.

“Ron!” she exclaimed as she reached her brother. He gave her one look before falling sideways, a drunken look in his eyes. She caught him just in time, but managed to slowly lower him to the ground, smoothing his hair back over his dirty face. She inspected his leg and saw the blood trickling like a pool of dread from an open wound. “Ron, what happened?”

Ron gazed up at her with empty olive-green eyes. “It’s over, G-Ginny,” he stuttered, his voice slurred. His face was pale due to the fact that he had lost a lot of blood, and it wasn’t doing well to his voice either. “He’s dead.”

A wave of dread overcame Ginny as she stared into Ron’s fading eyes. “Who’s dead?” She didn’t want to know the answer, so why had she asked the question. She braced herself for what was to come next.


A sudden wave of relief overcame her, turning her heart over and over again. All she could think about was Harry, and how he had kept his promise. He was alive! “Where’s Harry?” She asked anxiously.

A tear rolled down Ron’s cheek and proceeded to mix with the blood, sweat and dirt on his face. “H-he’s... he’s dead.”

Ginny was shocked. The colour slowly drained from her face, and she was left to stare into Ron’s eyes. “What? No, that can’t be,” she began to stammer. “No, Harry promised...”

“I-I’m sorry, Ginny.” Ron whispered, placing a shaking hand on her cheek.

It was as if the whole world fell away around her. She could no longer feel the threatening wind, or the heat of her loving brother’s hand on her cheek. All she could feel was the pain of her heart ripping into two, and then the wave of wails that followed.

Her distraught cries filled the tranquil grounds, and Ron immediately heaved himself up and wrapped his arms around his sister. He hushed her, but she continued to cry.

“Harry,” she called in between sobs. “Harry!”


A lonely bird soared across the moonlit sky, its wings spread wide and its eyes intent on the mountains in the distance. It signalised peace, and peace there was.

The war was over. Voldemort was dead, and everyone had gone back to how they used to be when Voldemort wasn’t a threat. Everyone was happy again, and they didn’t seem to care that the ones they loved had been lost in the battle to end it all.

But one girl did, and she lingered on in the background, wavering between the serenity and the reality of the situation.

She was waiting.

She was waiting for the promise to be fulfilled. She was waiting for the man she loved to come back, just as he said he would.

But she knew he wasn’t coming back, and that she had wasted away for nothing. Her heart had ceased to become only a figment of her mind - something she knew was there, but had no meaning.

And she would forever remain waiting for The Boy That Left Her Behind.

The stars that pierce the sky
He left them all behind
We’re left to wonder why
He left us all behind

A/N: Okay, so I was scanning through the Challenges thread at the HPFF forums and found an awesome challenge that I just had to partake in. It uses one of my favourite songs, Miss Murder by AFI. So, I ask that you have fun with this. But not too much as this may be quite sad and you don't want to be laughing while poor Ginny is moping around in misery.

Now, it may not be the best as it is my first ever Harry/Ginny, even though there was a lack of romance in it. I'm not the best at writing Ginny as I have had no experience, so please be kind when you tell me I can do better. And that does not mean for you to insult me. I have had problems with a few people before who think it's fun to put other authors down. It's not fair, and it makes me feel like I'm not good enough. So please take that into consideration.

Please leave a review. I will love it and love it some more, tuck it into bed at night and sing it lullabies if you do. :-)


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