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Why Not by Lili
Chapter 1 : Why Not
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Hey!!!The first oh i dont know say eight chapters are SHORT!sorry its start off really slow!

"Ginny!Ginny! Wake Up!"
Ginny groaned under her covers and then peaked over them. Hermione sat there looking at her.
"Hermione when did you get here!"Ginny cired hugging one of her best friends.
"Just a few minutes ago. The twins and Ron picked us up"she said.
"yep. Me and Harry are here now!I bet your excited about Harry huh?
"Hermione that was such a long time ago!But I bet ure happy Roon picked you up."
Hermione blushed very red. Ginny knew her friend liked her brother A LOT bu they were both so shy.
"hump!Well ginny get up everyones downstairs waiting!"
"okay okay!"
Ginny crawled out of bed and pulled on a tank top and some tight jeans. She brushed her long hair and looked at her self in the mirror. I 've grown so much she said to herself I wonder what Harry will say when he sees me. I m not a little girl anymore. Im fifteen.Ginny shook her head. Play it cool with Harry you two are friends.
Ginny went down the stairs of the burrow...


"Good Morning Ginny. dear"
"Morning mum"
Harry looked up as Ginny Weasley walked in and almost choked. This was not the Ginny he remembered. Over the summder she had grown and developed very womanly curves. Her hair was red and wavy, down to half her back
" Aren't you going to say hi to Harry, Giny?" asked George.
Ginny was not going to act like a little girl with a crush around Harry anymore.
"Hello Harry, how has you summer been?" Hermioen narrowed her eyes at Ginny.
"HI Ginny, its been as good as it-it gets at the Dursleys" he replied still shaken by how mush she had changed. Ginny smiled sweetley at him and took a seat across from him

Harry kept on staring at Ginny making her very uncomfortable but she played it cool and acted like she didn't really care about Harry.

After breakfast she went up to her room followed by Hermione.
"ginny what was that all about"aske hermione?"
"What Herms?"she said innocently.
"You were acting different around Harry"
"Herms I don't like him if that's what youre saying. im not head over heels with him?"
"He was looking at you a lot though over breakfast"
"I now"
"I think he might like you"
" well i don't like him"
Ginny started putting on her cloak. and grabbed her broom.
"ginny where are you going?"
"Oh god im sorry Herms but I promised Colin I'd go over today but I 'll be back soon.I promise besides i think you and my brother want to hang out for a while!" She called over her shoulder and Hermione turned beat red.
As she rode away on her broom she asked herself can harry potter, the-boy-who-lived actually like me. She almost kicked herself.
"your over that ginny she repeated remember what you said last year?. Right?

Sorry I think it'll get better I 'll try the other chapter tomorrow or the day after. If you want to say sumtin go ahead!

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