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Zink An Unfamilar Face by nazozink
Chapter 2 : we have no brooms
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We have no brooms

Dear Journal,
Hello. I can't believe I am actually saying hello to a book! Any way I got on the train. I think I made two new friends. Oh well, I don't think they will annoy me too much. The 'Marauders' as they are called are proving to be more troublesome than ever. I must say that they appear that way. Lilly (oh she's my friend.) Says that if they start to get on your nerves and you show it they tend to try harder. I have fond out that Hogwarts has a good school system. Apparently they give a lot of homework. I like homework so you know that's fine with me. (A/N Hi sorry she really isn't much of a geek. really.) Books are fascinating too they also have a huge library. Sorry if I sound a little exited. Darnit now I'm apologizing to a book! I think I'm going crazy!! Oh gtg the school is coming into view.

Zink set down the book with black leather binding. She looked at her two new friends who were currently talking about the books they had read over the summer. The train stopped because they had reached their destination. There were chariots all lined up ready to take them up to the castle. The three friends all tumbled into one and were waiting for it to take off. At the last possible the door flung open and four boys had gotten into the carrier. Before any time to object they were in flight. Sirius smiled as he fond himself sitting next to Zink. She glared at him. It was now very cramped in the small space. Lilly's face now matched her hair. She was just about to yell at James when she was beaten to it.

" What do you idiots think you are doing?" Zink yelled shaking off a yet another attempt of Sirius to put his arm around her.

"Uhh... Well" Sirius started trying to think of something. Luckily James cut him off before he said his announce tactic.( A/N if you would like to now it please just leave a review.)

" We never got your name and just wanted to get it." Zink did one of those huffy hymph things. She couldn't have possibly more mad.

"Zink" She said threw clenched teeth. "Now get out!" She held the door of the flying carriage open. Peter looked terrified.

"But but were flying!" Zink scowled.

" Lilly said at least two of your were on the Quidditch team lets see your skills." Sirius was twirling his hands in circles.

"We have no brooms." He said attempting to act cute. Zink rolled her eyes.

" You should have thought about that on the ground!" Sirius leaned back in his seat.

" No, make me! oh and you wouldn't want to get expelled on you first day would you?" Zink frowned as she sat back down leaving some space between her and the idiot. He grinned but that quickly turned into a smile. The carriage stopped and everyone got out. The three girls went into the vast crowd of people and could no longer be seen my the ow so praised Marauders. The sorting to place and it was faintly zinks turn to be sorted . She sat down in the stool and the hat was placed on her head. Now I know what you are thinking Slytherin right? Wrong!!!! You must also take in the fact that besides she was evil she well didn't hate muggle borns. No she didn't and for the pure fact and that fact alone she was placed in Gryfindor. Lilly and Molly cheered as zink walked off to met them at the table.

The phrase "Strut like you mean it" followed by a wolf whistle flew from Sirius' mouth before he knew what he was saying. Zink shot him a glare that made him freeze. Then she sat down next to Lilly and Molly. It was funny both her new friends names ended with y. She had decided she hated Sirius Black and would probably Hex him the next day. Lilly looked down at her food and began to eat as did the other two.

Marauders Sirius' point of view.

"Strut like you mean it!" I couldn't believe what I was saying but as long as I have already said it might as well finish of with a whistle. My love glared at me! It was an affectionate glare I might add. I can tell she want's me. Darn't Doumbledore is giving me a not so affectionate glare now. I should have seen it coming .Oh well! I looked at James who was giving me a thumbs up from under the table. I smirked.

"Blame it on my inner dog." James laughed what I could've sworn to be a chuckle but he denied it. I looked back to Zink (by the way what a wonderful name isn't?) Who was eating a chicken wing. Oh yeah she wanted me. Anyone could tell the way she ate her food it totally screamed I LOVE SIRIUS.

Short wrap up ~ The Marauders jump into the carriage with Zink and the others. Zink is sorted into Gryfindor. Sirius whistled at her causing her to make an almost permittit dession to hate him and Sirius still thinks she likes him. Sirius is dalusional.

A/N: hi next time... Stuff will happen! Wow you didn't see that did you? Anywho classes start and wow is that a natural bug bite Zink has? Find out! O and please review depending on what you say is haw the story will come out:) Hey Dia, I'm still using the whole summery thing soy you better stay reading!!!! Sorry it's short next time really long Ok?
Catch ya lata
~ Nazozink

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Zink An Unfamilar Face: we have no brooms


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